Best Adjustable Control Arms for Jeep JK in 2022

a jeep after installing off road adjustable control arms

I have to admit that I am not a suspension expert. A lot of readers asked me to recommend the best adjustable control arms for Jeep JK so I had to reach out to suspension experts for help. During my research discussions with these experts, I learned a lot about the suspension system of my Jeep.

The products listed below are in random order. I have also included advice from the suspension mechanics to help you choose the right control arm based on your vehicle make and driving style.

Adjustable Control Arms for Jeep JK Comparison

  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Dimensions:‎25 x 14 x 15
  • Fits: Specific Models
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  • Fits: Specific Models
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Dimensions: ‎24 x 6 x 16
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  • Position: ‎Front
  • Material: Steel
  • Fits: Specific Models
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  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Fits: JK Wrangler
  • Dimensions: ‎6 x 5 x 24
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The 6 Best Adjustable Control Arm for JK Reviews

1. Detroit Axle 4WD Front Upper Control Arm

detroit axle 4WD front upper control arm

The fitment of these adjustable control arms is perfect for the 4WD Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra manufactured between 1999 and 2007. Cadillac Escalades 4WD manufactured between 2002 and 2006. There are a lot of other vehicles makes and models that this item is an exact replacement for. Check with the manufacturer for a complete list.

This is a four-groove pitman arm. It is a 6-lug item and you need to verify that your vehicle has a 6-lug pitman in place before ordering this item. The product measures 25” x 14” x 15” and weighs 37 pounds.

This kit includes 2 upper control arms, 2 outer tie-rod ends, 2 inner tie-rod ends, 2 front sway bar links, 1 pitman arm, 1 idler arm, 1 idler arm bracket assembly.

This is an affordable control arm replacement kit. It is made of good materials that are tested for strength and durability. This kit is better suited to street road driving over off-road travel. It is tested to make sure it holds up when driven but it is not tested for driving on terrain that is very rocky, very sandy or very steep. It is a good value for the amount of money that it cost.

This set is pretty easy to install and if you have any mechanical abilities you should be able to install it at home without taking it to a suspension shop.

2. Detroit Axle 8 Lug Front Upper Adjustable Control Arm

detroit axle 8 lug front upper adjustable control arm

Replacement for 8-lug pitman arms with three grooves. This is a complete kit and not a single control arm. It will fit a large list of vehicle makes and models including the Chevy Avalanche 2500 built from 2001 to 20007. Chevy GMC Silverado Sierra 1500HD was built between 2001 to 2008. Designed primarily as replacement parts for Chevy and GMC vehicles.

The kit contains 2 front upper control arms, 2 upper ball joints, 2 front lower ball joints, 1 pitman arm with 3 grooves, 1 front idler arm, 2 front outer tie-rod ends, 2 front inner tie-rod ends. Caution: This kit is only usable with 8-lug pitman arms.

The parts in this kit are the perfect thickness for normal driving. This kit is not specifically designed to support 0ff-road driving. The components are a good value according to the price but they may not be the most appropriate for race driving or heavy off-road use.

The ball joints in this kit are not designed so you can grease them after installation. They may not be as durable as some other ball joints manufactured to be maintained and greased.

3. Rough Country Lower Fixed Control Arms

rough country lower fixed control arms

The first thing you notice about these adjustable aftermarket control arms is they have a lifetime warranty from the Rough Country Store. Lifetime warranties make you feel more confident that the part is a sturdy and durable one.

These control arms are designed for use on vehicles that travel off the beaten path and down the rough terrain that off-road travel provides. They have the ability to work great on standard height vehicles and on vehicles that have lift kits between 3 and 4.5”.

They are perfect fit replacements for the Jeep Wrangler TJ which was manufactured from 1984 until 2001 and the Cherokee XJ MJ. They are a little shorter than the stock arms that came on the vehicles but they still provide excellent control.

The center-to-center length of these adjustable control arms is 16.25”. This is a pair and is thick enough to resist bending and buckling when you drive over potholes, rocks, or other rough roads.

You do not have to take your vehicle to the shop to have these installed. The installation is relatively simple and most people with basic mechanical skills can complete the process in less than two hours of time.

4. Freedom Off road Adjustable Front Control Arms

freedom off road adjustable front control arms

Heavy-duty materials have been used in the creation of these adjustable control arm pieces. You can fit them onto a vehicle that has no lift and is the standard height. You can also fit them onto a vehicle that has up to a 4.5” lift. So, they fit a 0 to 4.5” lift with precision.

These are not the cheapest control arms on the market. They are high-quality, durable, and designed to perfectly fit the JK Wrangler series. You also get a lifetime warranty on the components so their price may seem initially higher than some other control arms, the length of time they will last is insured and secured so that in the end they cost less than arms designed to provide no more than 10 years of service.

These parts are made to take the sharp turn pressures and the possible impact of rough terrain. They are rust and corrosion resistant and reliable in all climate zones.

5. Detroit Axle 4X4 Only Front Suspension Kit

detroit axle 4X4 only front suspension kit

Fitment designed and approved for 4×4 vehicles only. Specially designed to fit Ford vehicles including the Ford Expedition manufactured between 1997 and 2002, The Ford F150 manufactured in 2004, the Ford F150 Heritage manufactured in 1997, the Lincoln Navigator manufactured between 1998 and 2002, and the Lincoln Blackwood manufactured in 2002.

This kit contains the 2 front control arms and the 2 front ball joints as well as the 2 back ball joints. These are affordable parts that are mainly designed for use on-street driving. They are not recommended for rough roads or off-road travel.

These control arms weigh 16 pounds and measure 17” x 5” x 13”. They are easy to install but you are going to need a ball joint press. You can usually rent a ball joint press from local auto parts dealers. The complete job can be done in about three hours from start to clean-up.

Key Features of Jeep Adjustable Control Arms

  • Easy installation with a direct bolt-on fitment
  • Improved suspension that reduces bumper steer
  • Easy to install by anyone or professional installation recommended
  • Designed for street driving
  • Designed for race cars and track driving
  • Designed for off-road driving

The features of the arms will be specific to the style of driving that you do.

What to Consider Before Buying Adjustable Control Arms for Jeep Wrangler

a red jeep wrangler after installing adjustable control arms

When you go to replace the control arms on your vehicle you do have options to consider. These items are made from different materials, and although each material offers a specific benefit for the driver, each one also offers a specific negative drawback as well. Consider your driving style, the climate you live in, and the vehicle that you drive when choosing these parts for your car.

Control Arm Material

You are going to find these items made from cast aluminum, cast iron, and stamped steel. Each material is specifically better for some things than the other materials are.

Cast Aluminum

The control arms made of cast aluminum are lighter than the other varieties. They are also rust-resistant and will not corrode due to exposure to wet or humid conditions. They work well in all climates.

If you drive off-road or over rough streets that have a lot of potholes the cast aluminum variety of control arms may buckle or become distorted due to the rough terrain.

Cast Iron

Cast-iron control arms are normally shaped like a wishbone. They have more strength than the cast aluminum, and they can endure rough road terrain without buckling.

Stamped Steel 

Stamped steel control arms are the least expensive of all of the control arms. Stamped steel control arms are often found on older model vehicles. They have a tendency to rust and corrode so they are not as durable as the cast iron or the cast aluminum varieties. They are not as easy to damage or buckle when driven over rough terrain.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Adjustable Control Arm

OEM is the original equipment that the manufacture-installed on your vehicle. When you choose OEM parts then you know you are getting parts that are designed to fit the vehicle perfectly with no alterations needed.

OEM parts are designed to provide you with everything your vehicle actually needs. When you choose these parts, you are replacing your broken item with an exact replica of the part the manufacturer thought was best for the make and model of car that you have.

Aftermarket control arms can fit exactly like the OEM but you have to get all of the exact measurements and make sure that the aftermarket part is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Aftermarket parts can give you a smoother ride or allow you to do things like replacing the shocks with absorbers that would not fit with the OEM parts.

Aftermarket control arms may be better suited to driving off-road and over rough terrain.

Choosing OEM or aftermarket is basically a personal preference. You have to decide what each part may do for your vehicle, and if one of them offers more benefits than the other.

Single Control or Full Kit

Sometimes you need to replace a single control arm, and sometimes you want to redo the entire suspension and replace everything with new equipment.

Before you can compare the price of a control arm you have to ascertain whether you are looking at a single item or a complete kit with multiple pieces.

There are a lot of different features designed for these suspension pieces. Some of the most common features are:

Adjustable Control Arm FAQ

How Long Does It Take to Install Control Arms?

Replacing the control arms will take an experienced mechanic between one and two hours. If you are inexperienced it could take you a lot longer. This change over is fairly difficult, say an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Can I Install My Control Arms on My Own?

Yes, you can do this job for yourself if you have the right tools. Give yourself ample time to do the job and make sure you have assembled all of the tools needed before you begin. If you do not own a ball-join separator you can often rent these tools from local auto supply stores.

Should I Buy Aftermarket Control Arm Set?

After-market control arms are often lighter than the original factory control arms the vehicle had. The changing of these components can also allow you to use replacement shocks that are more advanced than the traditional shocks installed at the manufacture of the vehicle.

What Is A Caster Angle?

The caster angle is actually an imaginary line that runs between the upper and lower pivotal steering points on the suspension of your vehicle. The slope of that line is commonly referred to as the caster angle.

What Tools Do I Need for Control Arm Installation?

You will need a jack to lift the vehicle, a jack stands to support the vehicle, and wheel chocks to keep it from rolling off of the jacks. Then you will need a ball-joint separator, a hammer, a ratchet and sockets, and open-end wrenches that have the box end on the opposite end. You may need a breaker bar as well.


This article covers the recommendations for the best adjustable control arms for a JK. I researched a lot of different control arms before writing this article. I also sought the advice and instruction of suspension experts near me.

The control arm is an important part of your suspension. It basically connects the front wheels of your car so that when you turn the steering wheel the front wheels respond to your command. I recommend choosing these items carefully because they determine how much control you have over the vehicle.

Control arms are made in specific lengths and their fitment must be precise. The Freedom Offroad adjustable control arm allows it to fit a larger number of vehicles. 

When selecting the perfect control arm think less about price and more about the durability and precision of the suspension component.

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