Best Jeep Bumpers to Buy in 2022

A jeep after installing EAG front jeep bumper

If there is a drawback to owning a Jeep and going on off-road adventures it is the fact that the bumpers of these vehicles take a lot of punishment. The standard bumper that comes from the factory is simply not strong enough to do all of the pulling and take all of the punishment that off-road drivers dish out.

I got to thinking about this the other day and I went to the body and repair shops in town and asked the pros what made the Jeep bumpers. I received several recommendations and a lot of tips on how to select the bumper for my vehicle.

If you’re looking for a Jeep bumper with winch, hitch, tire carrier, led lights, and light bar, we pick the best jeep bumper on the market right now. We mostly select those bumpers which are cheaper but last longer. With our selected products your off-roading will be smoother.

Jeep Wrangler Bumpers Comparison Table

  • Bulb Type: ‎LED
  • Vehicle:‎Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2008
  • Dimensions: ‎62.99 x 12.6 x 17.32
Check Price
  • Dimensions: ‎71.65 x 16.93 x 12.2
  • Vehicle: ‎‎07-18 Wrangler JK
  • Position: Front
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  • Position: ‎Rear
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 107 Pounds
Check Price
  • Weight: 37 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 69 x 14 x 20
  • Position: Rear
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  • Dimensions: ‎4.6 x 36.3 x 20
  • Position: Front
  • Vehicle: ‎Jeep Gladiator JT
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Top 10 Jeep Bumper Reviews for Wrangler, JL, JK & TJ

1. LEDKINGDOMUS Front Jk Bumper

LEDKINGDOMUS front Jk bumper

This is a front rock crawler bumper. It protects your vehicle and stops many things from being able to damage your radiator or puncture your radiator. That is important if you play around in areas where you might come into contact with big rocks or small trees during your day of play.

To add a little style to this bumper the manufacturer added LED accent lighting. At night the two extra LED lights improve your vision and make it possible for you to see more and go farther. During the day the extra lights just add a great look to the bumper.

Made of a combination of 5/32” steel plates and 2” x .120” steel tubing this bumper has the strength of a rhino and is durable. It will not bend or give easily, so use it to pull your friends out, use it to winch your own vehicle out of bad situations, drive where others fear to tread. Your bumper will protect you and give you the ability to climb the higher mountains, forge the streams, and navigate the winding or non-existent trails and paths.

Easy installation is one of the great features of this bumper. It has complete mounting instructions and all of the hardware you need to put in place. It is a perfect fit for Jeep Wrangler JK and the JK Unlimited vehicles manufactured between 2007 and 2018.

2. EAG Front Jeep Bumper with Winch Plate and Fog Light

EAG front bumper with winch plate and fog light

The front bumper of a vehicle taken on off-road adventures is the most abused and used. You normally mount the winch in the front of the vehicle and the bumper needs to be strong to handle the winch and the pressure that using the winch places on it. This bumper comes with a winch plate already designed into it that gives it a little extra strength and stability to handle the winch you are going to use. Go ahead and mount that 12,000-pound winch on the front of your Jeep this bumper can handle it.

The d-rings on this bumper are designed to withstand a pull of 9,500 pounds. The tube that comes up and helps protect your radiator and the front of the vehicle is aggressive in appearance and in action.

If you ever drive at night or drive over areas where fog can be dense early in the morning then you are going to appreciate the fog light housing designed into the bumper. You can mount your fog lights and increase your visual clarity with the extra low light support. The bumper protects the lights from being damaged.

The bolt-on installation of this bumper is super easy to do. The unit is designed to fit the Jeep Wrangler JK line of vehicles manufactured between 2007 and 2018. It also fits the Jeep Wrangler Gladiator and the JT and JL manufactured from 2018 to 2020.

3. EAG Steel Front Bumper for Wrangler TJ with Winch Plate 

EAG steel front bumper with winch plate

This off-road jeep bumper is given incredible strength through the welded design that is used to create one solid piece of protective covering for the front of your vehicle.

Designed to mount a winch on and has a winch plate that can withstand the installation of a 12,000-pound winch. To accompany your winch the D-rings on each side of the winch plate can pull a maximum of 4.75 tons each. The mounts for the D-rings are welded onto the bumper so they are stronger and less likely to give during a pull. To make them even stouter the D-rings are welded from the inside of the bumper and then again from the outside.

The hoop of steel tubing that rises in the front of the vehicle will give you added protection when you are driving in rough terrain. It also protects your vehicle when you are pulling something because it stops things from coming into contact with the front of your vehicle.

Installation is a snap because you do not need to do any cutting or drilling. This is a bolt-on style bumper and it is perfect for the 1987 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ and YJ vehicles.

4. WARN Jeep JL OE Rubicon Front Bumper

WARN jeep jl oe rubicon front bumper

Your bumper is a strong section of your vehicle and the only way to really improve upon the front bumper is to install a grill guard tube that will stop the radiator and front of the vehicle damages. This is a 2” tube that is going to stop the majority of accidental damages from occurring to your Jeep Wrangler JL, and Rubicon.

This tubing is made of steel that is powder-coated. The powder coating makes the tubing more aesthetically pleasing and it stops rust and corrosion from damaging the materials over time. It is weather-resistant and ready to work.

Each Jeep owner has a preference in the height and aggressiveness of their stinger tubes. You have a choice of low height, medium height, or tall when you order this item.

This piece is easy to install using a Torx T45 screwdriver. If you want you can cover the black screws with a thin piece of cloth so you do not scratch or mar the surface of the screw heads. The entire installation will take you less than thirty minutes and that includes the clean-up time.

5. Restyling Factory Front Jeep Wrangler Bumper

restyling factory front jeep wrangler bumper

This bumper is aggressive in appearance. This bumper is strong and resilient. This bumper is highly protective and beneficial to all Jeep owners, but especially for the Jeep owners who like to leave the road behind and go to places that are rarely seen by other men.

This is a heavy-duty steel bumper that bolts in place so you do not have to alter your vehicle or the bumper during the installation. You will probably be able to complete the entire bumper change over in less than two hours.

The built-in winch plate accommodates a 12,000-pound winch and the D-rings on either side of the winch are capable of pulling 4.75 tons without giving. You will have the power you need to get out of almost every tough situation.

The placement of fog lights will be easy because the bumper has pre-installed holes for the purpose of fog light installation. The bumper will improve your pulling ability and improve your lighting as well.

6. Smittybilt Textured Black Rear Bumper

smittybilt textured black rear bumper

The front bumper gets a lot of attention because that is where the winch is mounted, and the fog lights are placed. The front bumper sees the first signs of danger, but the rear bumper is just as important. This is the place where you connect your trailers and many of the things you plan to pull. With this bumper, you can make that connection easily because the receiver hitch and the D-ring mounts are fabricated as part of the bumper.

This bumper works perfectly on both two and four-door vehicles. It is a black powder coat finish so it is attractive and will resist corrosion and rust. It has a class III tow-rated receiver hitch so you can pull the trailer, pull your bike, or tie onto something and yank it free from the mud.

This is a welded bumper so it is strong and is not going to come apart when you put a little pressure on it. It is easy to install and it is sturdy enough to prevent many damages that might be caused by a rear-end collision.

7. Crash Parts Plus Textured Front Bumper

crash parts plus textured front bumper

If you are looking for a replacement bumper for your Jeep Wrangler manufactured between 2007 and 2015 then you have found the ideal replacement. It is an affordable and reliable alternative to an OE bumper replacement.

The installation is easy because all of the holes needed are pre-drilled. You simply bolt this bumper in place where the other bumper was. It fits like a glove and looks just as good as the original bumper looked when you first got your car.

If you are looking for a bumper designed to hold a winch and be used while you are doing off-road adventures then you might want to consider a different one. This bumper is great for everyday driving and passenger car use. It is not designed for rough and rugged off-road adventures.

It is high quality and will resist rust and corrosion. It looks excellent on your vehicle, and it provides the needed protection the front section of your car needs.

8. Nilight Rock Crawler Jeep Bumper with Hitch Receiver

Nilight rock crawler jeep bumper with Hitch Receiver

Beautiful is one of the first descriptive words that come to mind when you see this bumper. It is hard to imagine a beautiful bumper but this one is. It has 40W LED lights designed into it to help you see at the back of the vehicle. It also has D-rings on each side that allows you to secure the load you are pulling, or connect to a load you need to pull. They are perfectly positioned beside those lights so you can make connections in the dark that are sturdy.

The receiver hitch is designed onto this bumper so you get a stronger connection than you do from hitches that are added after the bumper is installed. You can tow a heavier load with more confidence because this bumper is tow-ready.

The textured black surface of the bumper is attractive and weather resistant. You do not have to worry about rust or corrosion. Your bumper is ready to face all climates and all-weather conditions with strength and durability.

Installs by simply bolting it in place so no drilling or special installation skills are needed. In less than two hours you can make the new replacement and be ready to head to the woods for your next off-road excursion.

9. Restyling Factory Rock Crawler Front Bumper

Restyling factory rock crawler front bumper

Perfect fitment for the Jeep Wrangler JK manufactured between 2007 and 2018. It is made from heavy-duty materials that can take the punishment of off-road adventures, the weight of heavy pulls, and the possible bumps and collisions Jeeps sometimes experience.

If you want to install fog lights you will have that choice because there is a placement for fog lights already designed into the bumper. The fog lights improve your vision when the lighting is low or the weather is treacherous. They also increase the curb appeal of your vehicle because they accent the look of the bumper.

The D-rings are welded from the inside and from the exterior to provide you with more strength. When you connect to these d-rings you will not have to give a thought to whether or not they will be able to hold the pressure because they can each pull 4.75 tons. Together they can pull more than 10 tens without distorting.

The winch plate allows for a 12,000-pound winch to be properly mounted. The grill protector bar is rough and ready to stop any potential collision dangers. This is a bumper that will actually increase the aggressive style of your ride.

10. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Rear Bumper & Spare Tire Rack

Hooke road wrangler JK rear bumper & spare tire rack

At the back of the Jeep, the rear bumper prepares you to be able to pull and tow things like trailers, and boats. They protect your vehicle from minor collision damage. They give you the ability to go more places with fewer concerns.

At the back of the Jeep if you have a spare tire mount that is above the rear bumper you always have your spare tire within easy reach. If you mount the tire under the vehicle it reduces the ground clearance you have and when you need your spare the most it is very likely to be covered in mud or impossible to reach. This bumper gives you the spare tire mount you need.

What else do you need from a good rear bumper? A place to install a receiver hitch, well, this one comes with the receiver hitch so you won’t need that. A couple of strong D-rings to attach your load to for security is great on a rear bumper and the manufacturer included two of those. A couple of lights that will help you check a load in the dark or retrieve the spare in the dark is nice. This bumper has those extra lights.

Types of Jeep Bumpers You May Meet on The Road

Off road vehicle with Nilight rock crawler jeep bumper  in a desert

Bumpers come in different types and styles. The type of bumper that is best for you depends on the vehicle that you drive and your driving preferences. 

Standard Bumpers

The standard bumper is the one that you see in the majority of all passenger cars. They are factory-installed bumpers. They do not have bumper hitches and they do not have steps that help you get into the back of the vehicle. They are generally coated in a plastic covering and then painted to match the vehicle.

These bumpers bend easily when they are struck or when pressure is applied to them.

Step Bumpers

Step bumpers are pretty much self-explanatory. These bumpers are usually on the back of a truck. Just below the license plate of the vehicle, there will be a section shaped like a step that you can use to go from the ground to the bed of the truck. Most of the time these bumpers have holes already drilled into them for the connection of a trailer hitch.

Cowboy Bumpers

Flashy, tall, usually chrome-plated, and definitely sturdy. These bumpers were once all the rage, but now they are more frequently seen on older vehicles or on vehicles owned by rodeo enthusiasts. They can pull a trailer and withstand small hits like you might expect out in the field putting up fences or working with cows.

Tube Bumpers

Strong as they come tube bumpers are made of heavy-duty steel tubing. In the event of a collision, the bumper protects the vehicle because it does not give any, and you get less damage. Most of the time these are placed on lifted trucks or on Jeeps. You can connect a line to these bumpers and pull a buddy out of the mud without doing any damage to your bumper or vehicle.

The majority of tube bumpers are painted black to protect them from rust and corrosion. They do make a vehicle appear more aggressive, and they allow you to go through the woods without worrying that bumping into a small sapling is going to bend your bumper or damage your vehicle.

Beginners Buying Guide for Jeep Bumpers

white and black jeep wrangler with Smittybilt rear bumper

If you are wanting to upgrade from the factory-installed bumper to increase the appearance or the abilities of your Jeep you need to consider the benefits the different bumpers can offer. Make a list of the things that will benefit you the most, like a built-in winch plate or extra illumination. Then compare the bumpers you like to that list to see which ones are best suited for you.

Compare prices because we all have a budget limiting exactly how much we can spend. Do not judge your bumper just by price because some of these items have so many features over the other similar items that it is rather like comparing apples to oranges. They are both fruit, but they are nothing alike.


The first thing you have to decide is whether you are wanting a front or a rear bumper. There is a huge difference in the design of these two items.

You also have to keep in mind the vehicle that you drive so you can make sure the bumper you are buying is suitable for that vehicle. If the bumper is specifically designed to fit your vehicle then you will find the bolts and all connections to be properly spaced. If the bumper is not specifically designed to fit your vehicle you might have to make alterations or drill holes to make it work on your Jeep.


The materials the bumper is made of are going to make a big difference in the strength of the unit. If you do a lot of off-road traveling or you pull heavy loads then you want to make sure the bumper you are buying is a steel design that is powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion.

If you simply drive around town you may want the plastic bumpers that are colored to match the paint on the vehicle. These bumpers are perfect for city driving but they cannot handle winches, towing, or the impact of rough roads.

Grill Guards

Many of the front bumpers offer a steel tubing that extends above the bumper and stops items from causing damage to the grill and radiator of the vehicle. These grill guards are especially nice for people who play in rough areas, or who may be pulling or tugging on items.

Winch Plates

If you are going to want a winch on the front of your Jeep then a bumper that has a pre-designed winch plate will be your best bet. The winch plates are designed into the unit so the bumper can accommodate heavier winches that have more pulling power.

Fog Light Compatible

Mot off-road travelers have discovered how handy fog lights are when the weather is lousy. The bumpers that have specific placement areas for fog lights allow you to have these lights without altering the bumper to install them.

Receiver Hitch

If you get a rear bumper you should choose one that has a built-in receiver hitch. Then when you want to haul a load or pull a trailer you already have the receiver hitch and it is part of the bumper so it is stronger.


D-rings in the rear provide you a place to fasten off security lines and chains to the trailer you are pulling. They also give you a place to connect ropes and chains to when you are tugging on a friends’ vehicle or pulling something out of your way.

The D-rings on the front bumpers serve basically the same function. They give you a place to secure and fasten lines and chains to. If they are a welded portion of the bumper then the rings can withstand greater pressure without buckling or giving.

Spare Tire Racks

You want to get a spare tire holder that hangs above the rear bumper. If you can get a rear bumper that incorporates the spare tire holder into the design then you have a winning combination. The tire will be easy to access, and it will provide a little extra protection for the rear of your vehicle. Besides you can read our reviews on the roof rack products.

How to Install Jeep Wrangler Front and Rear Bumper

The installation of Jeep bumpers is basically very easy. Most manufacturers make the bumpers in a fashion that allows them to simply bolt into a place where the original factory-installed car part was mounted. The holes for the bolts are already drilled into the bumper and they are spaced perfectly for specific vehicles.

Before the installation process begins you must select the right bumper for your vehicle. If you cannot find a suggested listing for your Jeep measure the bumper length on your vehicle. Then measure the distance between the bolts that hold the bumper in place. You can use these measurements to ascertain whether a new bumper is going to bolt in place easily or not.

You need common hand tools like pliers, sockets, wrenches, and a rubber hammer to make your installation. The rubber hammer allows you to bump the bumper and make sure it is properly in place before you begin to bolt it in place.

I suggest you have a friend help you with this job because I find it difficult to hold the bumper in position and start the bolts going into their holes with the other hand. There are plenty of body repair experts that do not need any help to install a bumper so this is just a personal preference. I may be a 90-pound weakling.

Clean the area where you are about to install the bumper so no dirt or build-up will stop the item from sitting flush.

Start all of the bolts in the bumper before you tighten any bolt tight. This allows you a little wiggle and fitment room to make sure the bumper is in position before the bolts are tightened securely.

FAQs of Jeep Wrangler Bumpers

Do All of These Bumpers Come Equipped with a Winch?

Winch plates are often a part of the bumper design but the actual winch will be a separate purchase that you have to make.

Will I get the Equipment and Tools When I Buy the Bumper?

The mounting hardware such as the bolts may be included with the bumper but the tools you need for installation will have to be purchased separately.

Can I Install the Bumpers by Myself?

Bumpers usually just bolt into position using the existing bolt holes in your vehicle so there is no reason why most people cannot install a bumper without taking the vehicle to a body and repair shop.

Do I Have to Get Rid of My Front Parking Sensors When I Install a New Bumper?

This is going to depend on the bumper you buy and the location of the parking sensors on your vehicle. You should check manufacturer recommendations to make sure you get a compatible bumper.


My best jeep bumper from this list is the Hooke Road Wrangler JK Off-road rear Bumper and Spare tire arm. I love all of the features like the spare tire arm that has the open-door style of closing. The lights illuminate the D-rings and hitch at night so I can make better connections. The black powder finish, and the D-ring mounts that come with D-rings.

This is simply the greatest rear bumper I have come across. It has everything including strength and durability. It looks good and it functions even better.

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