Best Jeep Grab Handle Reviews in 2022

a men holding rugged ridge jeep grab handle

The grab handle in the Jeep is much more beneficial than you realize. I did not realize just how much I would need the best Jeep grab handles until I installed a lift kit and needed the handles to help me pull myself into the vehicle.

After I decided to install better holds in my Jeep, I decided to ask a group of Jeep enthusiasts to try out different grab handles and review them. After I got their feedback, I created a list of the most highly recommended handles, and a detailed guide on how to choose the right handles for your ride.

Top 8 Jeep Wrangler Grab Handles Comparison

  • Dimensions: ‎10.16 x 5.31 x 2.01
  • Weight:‎‎9.6 Ounces
  • Vehicle: 1987-2021 Models
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  • Material: ‎Nylon
  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 14
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
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  • Handle Type: ‎Pull Handle
  • Dimensions: 9.75 x 6
  • Material: Nylon
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  • Size: ‎4 Pcs
  • Dimensions: ‎6.73 x 4.49 x 2.68
  • Weight: 1.06 Ounces
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  • Handle Type: Pull Handle
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated
  • Metal Type: ‎Aluminum
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Top 8 Jeep Wrangler Grab Handle Reviews

1. Moveland 2 Pack Jeep Grab Handle Set

moveland 2 pack jeep grab handle set

This is a pair of grab handles designed to put in place on the roll-bar of the Jeep. These handles are effective and can be positioned exactly where you need them so the passengers of the vehicle have easy access to them.

The handles buckle in place so they are very easy to install. They require no alteration of the vehicle, no tools, and they remove just as easily. You do not have to leave these handles in place all of the time.

They fit perfectly over roll-bars that have a diameter of 3” or less. They can be installed on either padded or unpadded bars with equal ease. These handles are not just practical but they also look good. They have ample amounts of Velcro to hold them in position and they do not slip or slide easily.

They are effective and very durable. They give your passengers a method of feeling secure when you are traveling over rough terrain or without doors. They are easy to grip and provide a lot of stability stopping you from bouncing as much when the vehicle crosses rough areas.

2. Rugged Ridge Ultimate Heavy Duty Grab Handle

rugged ridge ultimate heavy duty grab handle

This kit helps you to install grab handles on your roll bar. Take the top off the Jeep, remove the doors, install the grab handles, and ride with no worries. The handles wrap around the roll bar and then strap in place so you can ride the rough terrain and remain safely in the Jeep.

These are great-looking bars that add to the aggressive look of your vehicle. They secure in position just above the vehicle passengers so they are super easy to reach and hold onto while the vehicle is in motion. Your passenger is safer and feels more stable while you are playing in the sand, water, or climbing the mountain.

These handles attach in just a few seconds. When you are finished playing you can remove the handles just as easily. You do not need any wrenches or tools to install these and they do not alter your vehicle in any shape, form or fashion.

These handles aver very affordably and the manufacturer provides a generous warranty on the materials and craftsmanship. Just about every Jeep owner will appreciate having a set of these handles ready for their next excursion. They make excellent gifts for the Jeep enthusiasts.

3. OxGord Roll Bar Grab Handle Grips for Jeep Wrangler

oxgord roll bar grab handle grips for jeep wrangler

Accessible and comfortable to hold with the molded ergonomic grip designed into these handle grips from the OxGord Store. They fit perfectly over roll bars measuring between 1 ½” and 3” in diameter. You get one handle for the right and one handle for the left side of the vehicle.

These handles are basic black. The strap over the bar using Velcro fasteners to hold them securely against the bar. They have three Velcro hooks and loops one on each end and one in the middle. You install them without tools and when you want to remove them, they unfasten and store in just a few minutes.

The nylon the grab handles are crafted from is weather resistant. You do not have to worry about the heat, sunlight, or water damaging them. They are water-resistant and fade-resistant.

They provide a handle for people to hold onto when they are trying to get in or out of your vehicle. They also provide a method of stabilizing yourself when you are making a sharp turn or driving over rough terrain.

4. Danti Roll Bar Grip Handle for Jeep Wrangler

danti roll bar grip handle for jeep wrangler

When you ride in your Jeep the only thing that improves the ride is having friends along with you. That is why the manufacturer sells their roll bar grip handles in a four-pack instead of singly. You get four grips so you and all of your passengers ride safer, feel more secure, and have an easier time climbing in and out of your vehicle.

These handles fasten onto the roll bar with Velcro straps. The straps will fit around the majority of all roll bars in almost every make and model of Jeep. You do not need tools to install these and you do not have to leave them in place. Put them on when you are about to go on an adventure and take them off when you are back at home.

These units are weather resistant and fade resistant. You can use them in all climates and all riding styles. They secure tightly and provide an effective means of stabilization for your riders when you drive over rough terrain.

5. XSprite Front & Rear Steel Grab Handle Kit

XSprite front & rear steel grab handle kit

Steel grab bars are secured to the vehicle with bolts. They do not move, they do not slip, and they stay tightly in position. They are at least twice as effective as the strap-on grab handles that simply attach to the roll bar using Velcro straps.

These bars are made from an aluminum alloy. They resist rust and corrosion and they are sturdy and durable. They can withstand any weather condition or climate with no resistance or stress. These grab bars are designed for off-road enthusiasts who travel the roughest terrain and want the most security for their passengers while they do so.

All of the hardware you need to install these bars is included in the purchase. They are easy to install because they bold into existing OEM holes and you do not have to do any drilling or alteration of the vehicle.

They are a specific fit for the Jeep Wrangler JK 2-door manufactured between 2007 and 2018. They also fit the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-door Sport, Sahara, Freedom & Rubicon manufactured between 2007 and 2018.

They are powder-coated and attractive. They have rubber grips that are easy to hold and comfortable in your hand. 

6. Alien Sunshade Jeep TJ Grab Handles

alien sunshade jeep tj grab handles

Easy to install with Velcro fasteners that strap these attractive handles to the roll bar of your Jeep. Each item has three straps to secure it in place and one ergonomic handle that is easy to grip and hold. The handle is made from paracord so it is super strong and weather resistant.

These handles fit the majority of all Jeep roll bars including the Jeep Wrangler JT, JK, JL, JLU, TJ, YJ, and LJ. They fit on both 2-door and 4-door models of these vehicles and are not specific for certain year models. You can place them over unpadded roll bars or over padded roll bars.

You might find that the length of these straps is better suited for installation in the front section of the Jeep than in the rear section. In the rear many people find the strap to be not long enough to give easy access to the rear passengers.

7. Movieland 4 x Grab Handles

moveland grab handles

Compatible with Jeep models manufactured between 1987 and 2020. These black handles strap around the roll bar and buckle securely into position using two buckles for each grab handle. The strap snugs up tight against the roll bar and then the handle droops down to make it easier to get your fingers wrapped around it.

Tools are not required for the installation and the handles can be in place in less than two minutes per unit. Four handles come in this set so your front seat riders and rear passengers will all have something to hold onto while you are playing in the sand, driving up steep hills, and bouncing across rough surface areas.

These handles look very nice and you may want to leave them in place instead of removing them after a ride. They fit neatly into your hand and do not cause any pain or discomfort while being held.

They are very strong and durable. You can rely on them to withstand the pressure applied by people of different heights and weight classes. They can help people get in and out of the vehicle and they can help keep you supported when you are turning sharply. They are even made in the USA.

8. JeCar Roll Bar Grab Handles Grip Handle for Jeep Wrangler

JeCar Roll Bar Grab Handles Grip Handle for Jeep Wrangler

The JeCar Roll Bar grab handles are made from nonslip nylon. The nylon is weather resistant and fade resistant. It does not stretch out of shape when pressure is applied to it and it does not rust or corrode so it cannot damage your vehicle.

These are strap-on handles that have three buckles that hold them securely around the roll bar with the aide of Velcro fasteners. The buckles are high-quality plastic that is not easily broken or damaged. The position of the buckles is at each end and in the middle so the handle does not have a tendency to sag or droop.

The material and design of these handles can specifically withstand the pressure and pull of a person that weighs as much as 200 kg (440 pounds). They are designed to be effective on round or square roll bars. They can be applied on padded or unpadded bars.

The set includes four devices so the front and rear passengers are all protected. Inside the handle section of the strap is a hard piece that allows the hand-hold to hang down and leaves room for the fingers to encompass when it is being held.

How to Pick the Right Jeep Entry Guards and Grab Handles

A hand holding tight a

If you want to grab handles in your Jeep to help support you and your passengers when you are playing on off-road terrain then consider the characteristics of these items before you start to buy them. You want to think about whether you want to permanently install the bars or just have handles that strap over the roll bars. You also need to decide what your spending budget is, and how often you might need the bars.

If you have a lift kit that makes the vehicle taller than normal you will want to consider installing bars that stay in place all of the time.


The sturdiness of the handle makes a great difference in which item you choose. You want a handle made of materials tough enough that they will not tear, bend, or be distorted when you apply pressure and hang onto them.

Rust Resistance

If you are getting nylon grips then they will not rust. If you get metal grips or handles you want to be certain that they are made from a material that does not rust or corrode. Some jeep metal grab handles are powder coated to help them resist rust and corrosion. Aluminum alloys and stainless-steel items will naturally resist rust and corrosion.

The Right fit 

The grab handle is not effective if it does not fit in your vehicle like it is supposed to. It must either be long enough to strap around the roll bar you have or if it bolts in place it must be the right length to fit the bolt placement in your vehicle.

Check the recommendations for what vehicles the bar is designed to be used in. You can also measure your roll bars or the spacing between your bolts on your upper windshield and the roll bar to make sure the bolt in place will fit perfectly.

Benefits of Jeep Grab Handles

a men is holding a alien sunshade jeep grab handle

Most grab handles have the same benefits. They allow the passengers of the vehicle to have something to stabilize themselves with when the vehicle is making sharp turns, going up steep inclines, being driven with the doors removed, or traveling over rough surfaces that cause the passenger to bounce inside the vehicle.

Some bars, like the bolt-in-place bars, are sturdier and more people rely on them when they have vehicles that have been lifted and they need assistance climbing into those vehicles.

Types of Jeep Grab Handles

Bolt-in place handles are normally made of metal and they secure permanently to the vehicle using existing bolt holes near the windshield and on the roll bar. These are sturdy handles that do not easily give and they do not move when you are relying on them to support your weight getting in and out of the vehicle.

Strap or buckle in place grab handles attach around the roll bar and secure with a simple buckle or with a Velcro fastener. They are easy to remove and easy to install. They are secure but they can move or slip and they cannot support the same amount of pressure that the bolt in place varieties can. The beauty of the strap-in-place handles is that they do not have to stay in the vehicle and they cost far less than the other style.

How to Install Jeep Grab Handles

danti roll bar grip handle is visible in a jeep wrangler

The installation of the grab handle is going to be determined by the design and manufacturer of the handle. Each handle has a specific method of installation that allows them to be secure and durable.

If you have purchased buckle-in-place grab bars, they install on the top roll bars of the Jeep. You should position the buckles of the new handles so they face outside of the vehicle. Then you simply buckle the straps together and tighten them to hold them in position.

If you have purchased bolt-on grab bars then you want to secure them using bolt placement that exists in the vehicle. Look at the upper corner of the windshield frame and use the bolts that you find there. When you are loosening this bolt fold a piece of paper towel and place it at the bottom section of the bolt so it cannot slip and go behind the plastic housing.

The other end of the bolt-on grab bar attaches to the roll bar.

People Also Ask about Grab Handle

What are The Different Types of Jeep Grab Handles?

There are basically two different types of grab handles to be concerned with. The strap-on grab handle is usually made of nylon and it attaches over the roll bar using Velcro fasteners or buckles to secure it in position. The bolt-on variety bolts onto the vehicle using bolt positions near the windshield and on the roll bar of the vehicle. These handles are normally made of aluminum alloy or other metals.

Why do I need Jeep Grab Handle/Grab Bar?

The grab bar or grab handle provides you with something to steady yourself with when you are driving up steep inclines, taking sharp turns, or riding over rough and rocky terrain. They also give you something to hold onto when you are climbing in and out of a vehicle that has been lifted.

Can I Just Buy a Pair of Grab Handles for the Front of My Jeep?

You can buy grab handles for just the front of your Jeep. Many manufacturers make a simple pair of grab handles available for this purpose. You can get either the bolt-on or the strap and buckle varieties that fit the front of most Jeep vehicles.

Our Top Pick for the Jeep Grab Handle

When you want to grab handles that are going to provide the ultimate amount of stability and security for your passengers then you want to get bolt-on bars. The Xprite Front & rear Steel Grab Handle Kit is one of the best bolt-on kits available and we choose this as our Jeep grab handle.

These bars are ¾” thick and made of an aluminum alloy that does not rust, does not corrode, and has great strength and durability. Hang on tight to these bars as the vehicle bounces and jostles across rough terrain and up steep inclines. The bar will not move, will not turn loose, and will give you the security you need.

All of the hardware you need to install these bars is included in the kit. They fit into existing holes so you do not have to alter your vehicle and you do not have to hire a professional to make the installation. In less than 2 hours you should have these bars in place and ready to take on a ride.

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