Best Jeep Spare Tire Covers in 2022


Spare tire covers are something most people rarely think about. I had never given much thought to the spare tire cover at the back of my Jeep. To be honest it was on the tire when I bought the vehicle. 

A few weeks ago, someone asked me why I had a spare tire cover. That got me thinking about these accessories, and I started to ask Jeep owners around town which ones they liked, and what they liked about the covers. I can tell you right now that I learned a lot from their responses.

I got advice on how to choose the Jeep spare tire covers, and recommendations for some of the most popular, and most beneficial covers.

Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Covers Comparison Table

  • Size: 30-33″
  • Weight:‎1.52 Pounds
  • Type: RV, Jeep, SUV, Truck, Trailer
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  • Size: ‎31-33″
  • Material: ‎‎PU Leather
  • Speciality: Waterproof
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  • Size: ‎30-32″
  • Type: Universal
  • Material: PU Leather
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  • Material: ‎‎Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Size: 30- 31″
  • Type: Universal
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  • Size: ‎26- 28″
  • Material: Fabric
  • Made In: ‎China
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Top 7 Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Cover Reviews

1. Explore Land Spare Tire Cover for 30–33 Inch Wheels

Explore Land Spare Tire Cover for 30 – 33 Inch Wheels

This is a soft cover that is solid black. Being solid black allows the cover to totally block the dangerous ultraviolet rays that the sun shines down. That means your tire will be slower to crack, split, or experience the drying effects of the sun and aging.

Super simple to install. This cover slips over the outer portion of the tire so that the elastic portion of the cover is behind the actual tire and close to the vehicle windows. There are multiple locking systems on the cover so it stays in place, and thieves cannot remove it without stopping to think about how it is secured. Whenever you want to remove the cover you can pull it off as quickly as you put it on. 

When the tire cover gets dirty it is simple to wash and clean. It is a water resistant fabric so you can spray the cover with the spray wand at the car wash when you are washing the vehicle. It will air dry and not be damaged by the water.

This is a versatile tire cover that fits over a 30 to 33” wheel It can be used on any SUV, truck, Jeep or vehicle that has that size tire on the back of it.

2. BCP Black Color PU Leather Spare Tire Cover (Fit 31-33 inches)

BCP Black Color PU Leather Spare Tire Cover (Fit 31-33 inches)

A cloth spare tire cover is nice, and it protects your tire to a degree, but this PU leather spare tire cover will stop the sun’s rays from making any penetration. It is thicker than the common cloth tire cover, and it is more protective than the common tire cover.

The fitment of this cover is perfect for tires and wheels that measure between 31” and 33”. I found that it fit the 31” to 32” inch wheels easier and had to be stretched pretty tight to go over the 33” wheel. If your tires are wider than average order your tire cover a size larger than your wheel size requires to accommodate the extra width.

If you want to decorate your spare tire cover with custom decals then you are going to love this cover. It is an unlined cover and the decals will adhere perfectly allowing you to have one-of-a-kind covers for your vehicle.

This is a very affordable cover that will protect your investment and keep your tire clean and ready to use. It is water-resistant and will not fade due to the effects of the sun. It can handle any climate and is kept outside of the garage.

3. Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover for (30– 32) Inch Rims

Moonet Leather Spare Tire Cover for 30– 32 Inch Wheels

This is a unique leather spare tire cover crafted from PVC thickening leather material. The material expands and thickens when it is stretched over the tire so it provides the ultimate protection from the harmful elements that Mother Nature has prepared for vehicles that are no inside garages.

Don’t worry about your spare tire cover getting muddy and dirty. When you wash the vehicle, you can spray off the tire cover and it will look as good as new again. The leather surface is ideal for people who want to paint custom designs or add custom decals to their covers. You get a black surface that is primed and ready for your creative touches.

This cover has a back hem that is elasticized so it easily slips over the tire and then it stays in position. The air will not lift it, rough-riding on rough roads will not move it, and the climate, the heat, and the cold will simply not phase it.

The leather fabric does not easily scratch so you can drive through the woods and not worry about scratching or damaging your cover. It resists common damages like scratches, peeling, and cracking.

4. AmFor Spare Tire Cover for (30– 31) Wheels

AmFor Spare Tire Cover for 30– 31 Wheels

This simple spare tire cover in basic black adds a finishing touch to the back of your Jeep, truck, or SUV. It completes a look by covering the spare tire like icing completes a cake by sealing the exterior.

This tire cover is made from soft and supple materials that are weather-resistant, durable, and strong. It covers the tire and protects the tire from the ravages of the sun, blowing rain, and sand beating against it. The cover takes the punishment that off-road excursions can throw at your raised spare and keeps your tire investment protected and ready to get you out of a tight spot.

This cover uses elastic to create a secure placement around the tire that will not turn loo no matter how fast you drive, how cold it gets, how much water it is exposed to, or how long it sits in place. It stays where you put it until you need it and then you remove it without any extra tools or fuss.

If you want to decorate this cover to make it personal to just your vehicle go ahead. It is like having a blank canvas on the back of your vehicle waiting for your personal touch. Maybe the most budget-friendly option, and you can even decorate several covers to coordinate with the holidays and time of the year.

5. Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover for 26– 28 Rims

Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover for 26– 28 Rims

Fitment of this tire cover is perfect for smaller tires of 26” to 28” diameter. It is a universal cover of basic black so you can use it on any vehicle with a tire that it encompasses. It is not vehicle specific.

Your tire will be fully protected from the damages commonly caused by exposure to the sun, dirt, and road debris. The cover is water-resistant vinyl that covers completely and does not allow sunlight to penetrate.

Cleaning this cover is as simple as spraying the dirt away with a hose. If you feel the need to wash it with a mild detergent that is perfectly acceptable. This is a supple material that is soft and able to withstand mild detergents. It is designed to resist scratches and damage caused by road debris hitting it or contact with limbs and other obstacles.

The coverslips over the tire and is held in position using elastic. It is very quick to put on and take off. Unfortunately, it does not deter theft like some hardcovers but you can get a lock for your space that will deter the theft and allow you to use this attractive and easy-to-apply item.

6. CAREMO Waterproof Vinyl Tire Cover for 30 to 33 Inch Rims

CAREMO Waterproof Vinyl Tire Cover for 30 to 33 Inch Rims

This is an affordable spare tire cover that covers all of your basic tire cover needs. It protects from the sun and road debris. It helps keep the tire clean and ready to use. It slows down the theft of the tire because thieves do not like to take the time to remove the cover. They want to be able to grab and go with as little effort as possible.

The elastic around the open edge of the cover stretches to make the cover reach over the tire. Then the elastic holds the cover in place without the need for ties or latches. You can drive as fast as you want, and the cover will remain tightly in place. When you first put this cover on it will be pretty tight. If you put the cover on when the day is warm then it will be easier to stretch into position.

This cover is affordable and it has a three-year warranty. That makes it worth the investment because we all know that an item is going to last at least as long as the warranty covers it.

7. Boomerang – 32 Inch Soft JL Tire Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

Boomerang - 32 Inch Soft JL Tire Cover for Jeep Wrangler JL

The Jeep Logo on the outer section of this cover is adorably cute. It is written with the letters J and P and for thee, the design used large cat paw prints. The cover is black and the wording is in white so you get an attractive and attention-grabbing cover.

The fitment of this cover is perfect for the 245/75R17, the 255/70R18, and the 255/75R17 tires if you get the 32” size. If you get the 33” size the fitment is perfect for a 285/70R17 like you will find on the Jeep Rubicon. 

This cover is made in the USA. It is perfectly designed to be used on the rear tire of the Jeep JL that has a rear backup camera in place. The cover will not interfere with your ability to use your backup camera.

The cover is durable and you will not notice the screen-printing peeling or degrading quickly. People have had these covers for more than a year with constant exposure to climate changes and the sun and the screen printing still looks excellent.

This cover is very easy to install and has plenty of safety and security connections to keep it from being easily yanked off of the tire. It does protect your tire from sun exposure and it is weather-resistant and water-resistant.

Benefits of a Jeep Wrangler Spare Tire Cover 

If you are like I was you really do not know the benefits of having a spare tire cover. Like I said when I bought my Jeep the cover was in place. I never really thought about exactly what that cover was doing for me.

Soft covers are thought to be simply decorative but they keep the tire clean and protect if from the damaging rays of the sun. Hardcovers are more protective and they deter theft.

Theft Reduction

If your spare tire is located under your vehicle most thieves are not going to take the time and effort to crawl beneath the vehicle and steal your tire. If your tire is mounted on the back of the vehicle where it is easy to see that you have a great tire then thieves are going to be tempted to remove that tire for you.

A hardcover spare tire cover with a lock-in place system is going to keep the thief from seeing how good your spare is, and they are going to at the very least, slow the thief down so stealing your tire becomes too hard and too risky.

Custom Look

Spare tire covers can be decorative and can add to the appearance of your Jeep. If you have a custom color or custom design tire cover then you are adding a personal touch to your ride.

Tire Protection

Did you know that the rays from the sun can cause the tire to crack, split, and dry-rot? The sun’s UV rays can be devastating to your spare tire. Most of the time when the sun has damaged the tire the owner of the Jeep does not notice the damage until they need the spare.

Covering your spare can increase the storage life of that item by twice the length. That is a money-saving and frustration-saving benefit.

Adds the Finishing Touch

When you put a spare tire cover over the tire at the back of your vehicle it is just like putting the trim on a house. The vehicle looked good before the tire cover was in place. After the tire cover is in place the vehicle will simply look complete. All trimmed out, and ready to ride.

Different Types of Spare Tire Covers for Jeep Wrangler

a jeep with spare tire waiting for traffic

Spare tire covers are decorative and protective items that keep your spare tire from being damaged by the sun or stolen, and add a custom look to your vehicle. They come in two basic types.


Hard-shell covers are generally crafted from stainless steel or hard plastic. They may be a combination of both of these materials. Stainless steel is a great metal that will not rust or corrode and the sun will not cause it to crack or split over time.

Hard-shell covers can be locked over the tire so people cannot easily remove the tire while you are in a store or away from the vehicle. The hard-shell covers also stop the rays of the sun from reaching the tire so they make your spare last longer.

Soft Covers

The majority of soft covers are made from vinyl or leather-like fabric. These fabrics are thick enough to stop the rays of the sun from penetrating, and they are capable of being weather-resistant and waterproof.

Soft covers usually have elastic on them to hold them in place around the tire. They are lightweight and easy to clean. They offer very little in the way of protection from theft, but they do add a custom look to your vehicle.

Tips for Using a Spare Tire Cover 

spare tire cover in front of a SUV

To effectively use a spare tire cover you must keep the cover over the tire whenever you are not needing to access the tire. These covers are designed to be especially beneficial in areas that get a lot of sunlight like in desert regions or in Florida or Texas. The sun can do devastating things to the rubber of a tire and covering the tire stops or at least slows down this damage.

If you keep your tire cover rinsed and washed it is easier for you to see if it is in any way compromised. Check your cover for cracks, splits, or tears. If you notice that the elastic is starting to stretch out and allowing the cover to sag or droop immediately change the cover because a loose cover could blow off of the tire while you are driving and cause an accident.

Use your spare tire cover as a blank personalization canvas. Use decals or paint to put sayings or personal favorites on your cover. This will make your vehicle a one-of-a-kind item. You can do seasonal tire covers or do one for every month of the year.

Jeep Spare Tire Covers Buying Guide

sand dune with jeep and spare tire

If you’re looking for a jeep wrangler spare bike rack too you can read our other article.

Spare tire covers are designed to help you protect your tire. With the high cost of tires today more and more people are investing in this type of protection. Before you buy a cover consider what you want the cover to do, what you want the cover to look like, and how easy you want the cover to be to remove. Then compare several covers and consider the price and durability of each item before making a final decision.

UV Weather Protection

The sun is the most damaging component of Mother Nature. UV rays cause the rubber of tires to age rapidly and start to crack, split or dry-rot. When you put a tire that has been damaged by the sun on your car it will not hold air properly and might cause you to have a flat while you are driving down the road.

Get a cover that guarantees you UV protection. Hardcovers give the most UV protection, followed by vinyl and leather material covers, and cloth covers provide the least UV protection.


If your vehicle is often parked where vandals or thieves could have easy access to it consider getting a spare tire cover that offers theft protection. The soft covers offer no theft protection because the cover comes off so easily that they do not deter the thief.

For theft protection, you need a hard-shell cover that locks in place. Even if the lock is a simple cable lock the thief is not going to want to risk being caught cutting the lock or taking the extra time to remove the lock. They will look for an easier tire to boost.


Some materials that make up spare tire covers will allow you to paint them or place custom decals on them. This allows your vehicle to be unique.


You need to buy a spare tire cover that is designed for the wheel size that you have. It is important that people who drive on wide tires get a wheel cover that is larger than their wheel size to compensate for the extra girth the tire has.

Measure your wheel to see the dimensions so you can choose the right cover. 


The fabric and soft covers are much less expensive than the hardcovers. The hardcovers offer more theft protection and they generally last a lot longer than the cloth or soft covers do. When you consider the cost of the item you must consider how long the item is supposed to last and take that into consideration. 

Another issue about cost comes for the people who like to customize their covers and make them personal. If you want to change your cover to change the look pretty often then choose the less expensive cloth covers.


How to Measure for Spare Tire Cover?

Use a measuring tape and measure your tire from the edge of the tire to the center of the rim.

Can I Paint My Spare Tire Cover?

Some leather and vinyl spare tire covers will allow paint to adhere to them. I would try to place the pain on in the least noticeable location to see if it works before I painted in the most obvious section.

What is the Best RV Tire Covers?

The best RV tire cover is the one that fits your tire perfectly and costs an amount that you consider to be affordable.

Final Verdicts

Spare tire covers are unique and protective, and they can do a lot for you. If you are looking for an affordable tire cover that you can easily customize consider the BCP Leather Spare Tire Cover. It is great for applying decals.

If you are looking for a spare tire cover that fits smaller wheels consider the Classic Accessories Spare Tire Cover for 26” – 28” Wheels. It is basic black and uses elastic to hold it in place.

No matter what spare tire cover you select you will be lengthening the life of your spare. In a moment of crisis when you have a flat on the highway that spare is your saving grace. Protect it as much as you can.

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