Is It Safe for Babies to Ride in Topless Jeeps?

One of the things that Jeep enthusiasts love is going topless. Driving a Jeep topless is like having an upgraded convertible. The wind rushes through your hair, You get fresh air that smells infinitely better than stale car air.

A lot of people enjoy the topless freedom before they become parents, and then when the baby comes they start to wonder if they can still enjoy their Jeep in the same way. We love our children. We want to protect them from every possible danger. We also want to share the things we enjoy with them.

The presence of a baby brings up questions like is it safe to drive the vehicle without the top? Is it safe to remove the doors? Will the wind hurt the baby? Will the noise in the rear seat be increased because the top of the doors has been removed?

Is it safe to ride with a baby and no top? Only when the child is old enough to not have a rear-facing safety seat, and only when all safety precautions are used.

The following guide addresses these questions and more.

Can a Baby Ride in a Jeep With The Top Off?

a boy driving a jeep with the top off

Yes, an infant can ride in a Jeep with the top removed. You do want to take precautions when going topless with a child under the age of three.

Make sure that the infant is secured in an infant seat. Make sure the infant seat is properly installed into the vehicle. If you are uncertain as to how to properly secure the seat your local law enforcement agency will help you install the seat with the right buckles and safety attachments. 

Make certain the outside temperature is warm enough so the infant does not get chilled. If the temperature is on the cool side, then make sure the infant is wearing warm clothing. You should put a hat or cap on the baby because the majority of your body heat that is lost is lost through your head.

Consider using a bikini or half-top rather than going topless. The soft top can provide some shade for the baby and prevent things like sunburn or windburn.

Drive at lower speeds and avoid long road trips without the protection of the top.

Will The Wind Hurt The Baby?

When you take the top off of a vehicle there is a lot more wind passing through it. In the rear section of the vehicle, the amount of wind is three times what it would be if the top was on the automobile.

The wind will not necessarily harm the baby in the rear seat but it can be uncomfortable or irritating to the child. Reduce the possibility of irritation by only going topless in places where you will drive under 30 mph. At faster speeds, the wind is increased at greater amounts.

Are There Laws Prohibiting Infants from Riding in Topless Jeeps?

There are no laws forbidding this type of activity. They are safety precautions that must be addressed, but you have the legal right to ride in this manner.

If you are unsure about the legal aspect of driving with a baby and the top off then talk to local law enforcement officers in your city or state.

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Will The Noise Levels Be Increased By Having The Top Off Hurt An Infant?

A school boy driving topless jeep

Yes. The amount of noise in the rear seat will be increased by the increased wind tunneling through the rear of the vehicle. The increased noise is often irritating to very small children and may make the child uncomfortable.

When driving with children 6 years and younger without the top on the automobile it is suggested that you put noise-canceling earphones on the child. This will reduce the noise and protect their sensitive ears from the wind blowing on them.

Excessive wind can be painful to some people. If you see the child pulling at their ears or attempting to cover their ears you should take precautions to block the wind.

Other Precautions to Take When Driving Topless With a Baby in The Car

  • Make certain to put sunblock ointment on the infant. Their skin is delicate and will burn faster than adult skin
  • Make sure their clothing is adequate for the temperature. The increased wind will make them cooler so keep a light jacket on hand.
  • Cover their ears and protect their heads with earphones, ear muffs, or hats.
  • Drive at slower speeds so less wind, sand, and debris are blown across them.


Will Driving My Jeep Topless Injure My Infant?

Driving with the top off can cause an infant to become chilled or the excess wind noise may hurt their ears.

Will I Get a Ticket for Having A Baby In The Jeep When The Top is Off?

 You will not be ticketed unless the officer thinks the baby is in danger.

Will a Bikini Top Make My Baby Safer?

The bikini top will reduce sun exposure and some wind exposure. So the answer is yes.

Final Thoughts

Driving along the beach with the top off of a Jeep is one of the fastest-growing trends in America. You enjoy the freedom, the fresh air, and the extra sun exposure. If you have an infant with you take the necessary steps to make sure the baby is secured properly and covered adequately.

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