Is It Possible to Use Jeep Rims and Wheels on a Chevy?

I often hear people wanting to exchange the rims and wheels off of a Jeep and use them on their Chevy. Or vice versa. 

You can exchange the rims and wheels of a Jeep and a Chevy ONLY if the size, wheel offset, and bolt pattern required for each vehicle are identical.

Let’s discuss this a little more so you will be certain the exchange you want to make it safe and possible.

The Truth About Wheel Sizes

35 inch tire

When you purchase a new vehicle the wheel size it requires has been established. The manufacturer has put perfect size wheels on the vehicle. Size is determined by the vehicle suspension, body style, and gear ratio.

Of course, you can change the size if you want to. Some of the common reasons to change wheel sizes are to make the vehicle look more aggressive and give it greater amounts of lift. Off-road driving enthusiasts are found of using taller or bigger rims on their vehicles so they get greater clearance and can ford deeper waters, or drive over larger pieces of road debris.

The Rim Size Your Vehicle Needs is Written on The Tire

There are letters and numbers written on the side of the tire. Each of these letters and numbers tells you something about your rims and vehicle requirements.

  • The first letter tells you the type of tire it is
  • The first group of numbers, usually written as 215 or similar tells you the width of the tire. If the number is 215 then the tire measures 215mm.
  • The second group of numbers details the aspect ratio.
  • The second letter explains the construction type.
  • The third set of numbers indicates the wheel diameter translated in inches.
  • The last group of numbers explains the load index
  • The final letter on the tire details the speed rating of the tire.

You cannot change the tire size without changing the rim and wheel size. If you want to use higher-profile tires then you will have to install a lift kit on the vehicle as well as change the rim and wheel sizes.

What is Off-Set?

off set tire

A vehicle is designed with either a positive or negative offset. The offset is the amount of space that the outward or inward mounting surface is positioned in relation to the very center of the wheel itself.

The wheel is divided into two equal parts and if the mounting surface sits in front of the center spot on the wheel, then your rims are pulled inward and you have a positive offset.

If the center spot on the wheel is behind the centermost portion of the wheel, then your offset is negative.

You can identify the offset by seeing whether the tires on the vehicle stick out from under the body or if they are completely under the body. If you have a negative offset the tires and rim will stick out from under the body. If you have a positive offset the tires and rims will be positioned totally under the vehicle body.

A positive offset is the most common when a vehicle comes straight from the factory.

Understanding The Bolt Pattern

Automechanic Changing Tire in Garage

The bolt pattern is written as two numbers. You do not simply need five lugs, four lugs, or such. The pattern indicates the number of holes on the wheel and the diameter of the circle formed by the bolts.

On the wheel, you may see 5-5 or 5-100/114.3. The two numbers indicate the number of bolts, the first number tells you that. The second number tells you the diameter of that imaginary circle.

It stands to reason that larger vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, require more bolts than smaller cars do.


When you are changing out rims the manufacturer of the rims is less important than the actual size, offset, and bolt pattern. You cannot randomly change over rims from one type of car to another. This is true of changing the rims between a Jeep and a Chevy, or 2 different body styles of Jeep.

You need exact measurements so you can determine if the rim you want to use is going to be compatible with the vehicle. If you are uncertain you can always talk to a tire specialist at a tire store or a body shop and they can help you decide.


Will Jeep Rims Fit a Chevy Blazer?

They will fit if the wheel offset, bolt pattern, and size are identical.

What Bolt Pattern Are Jeep wheels?

Most Jeeps have a five-lug pattern, but this is not true of ALL Jeep makes and models.

Do Chrysler and Chevy Have The Same Bolt Pattern?

The bolt patterns of these vehicles change according to the make and model of each vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Changing the rims or wheels of your vehicle is a way to create a unique look, increase your lift, and more. People interchange and exchange rims and wheels all of the time, but make sure your bolt pattern, wheel and rim size, and wheel offset are compatible before you commit to the change.

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