Can You Put Jeep Wheels on a Toyota?

A friend recently found an amazing deal on some Jeep wheels and asked me if he could put them on his Toyota Tacoma.

Yes, You can put Jeep wheels on a Toyota if the two wheels are the same size, same offset, and have the same bolt pattern.

How Do I Know My Tire Offset?

It is fairly easy to determine the offset of a wheel on your vehicle by simply looking at the tires. Offsets are said to be positive or negative.

Positive offsets are the most common on all vehicles. With a positive offset, the tires on the vehicle will be positioned so the body of the car extends slightly further than the tire. All of the tires will be positioned under the car’s body. 

The negative offset is easy to recognize because the tires stick out from under the body of the vehicle. The offset of the two vehicles must be identical to ensure fitment and reliability.

If the offset is wrong your steering control will be changed. The wear and tear on the tires will also be changed and cause the tires to possibly wear more on one side than the other.

How Do I Know My Bolt Pattern?

Automechanic with Electric Screwdriver Changing Tire in Garage

A large number of people assume that the bolt pattern is simply the number of bolts that hold the rim onto the wheel. This is an incorrect assumption.

If you do not know the bolt pattern you can measure the distance between certain holes.

  • On a vehicle with 4 bolts pick two holes that are direct across from one another and measure from the center of one to the center of the other
  • For a five-bolt you need to measure from the back of one hole to the center of the hole that is directly opposite it
  • For a 6-bolt pattern measure from the center of one hole to the center of the hole directly opposite it

The bolt pattern is created by the number of bolts on the wheel that would be the first number and the diameter of the circle that would encompass all of the bolts. The common 5×5 bolt pattern you hear of has 5 bolts and that imaginary circle measures 127mm.

How Do I Know My Wheel Size?

an all season jeep tire

The wheel size is easy to find on the tires that originally came on the vehicle. You can also locate the wheel size on the sticker placed on the frame inside the driver’s door.

When you look at the numbers stamped into the side of the tire you will notice the first set of numbers will be a series of three followed by a slash and then two more numbers. The first set of numbers gives you the millimeters of the tire from sidewall to sidewall. The numbers directly after the slash tell you that the height tire has a height that is equal to 60% of the width.

After those numbers, you will see something like R16. The r tells you that the tire is a radial tire and the 16 tells you that the wheel of the vehicle has a diameter of 16”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jeep Wheels 5×5?

This depends on the make and model of the Jeep. Many Jeeps do have the 5x pattern.

Are Dodge and Jeep wheels Interchangeable?

This depends on the sizes of the wheels the manufacturer placed on the vehicles.

What Do Jeep Rims Fit?

A Jeep rim fits any make or model of vehicle that requires the same size, dimension, height, and bolt pattern rim.

Final Thoughts

If you like to customize your vehicle by doing things like swapping rims then the best thing you can do is educate yourself on your vehicle. Learn the bolt pattern your vehicle has, learn whether you have a positive or negative offset, and learn about the height and diameter of tires your rims can accommodate. With this knowledge, you can make educated decisions about your vehicle.

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