A Cost Assessment for Adding Lockers to a Jeep

Jeep Wranglers are not all created equal when it comes to driving through various sorts of difficult terrain. Jeep locks come in very handy in situations like these. It is essential to equip the Jeep with lockers as well as a reliable variable speed gearbox in order to be able to tackle any obstacles that stand in the way. A jeep locker must only be installed on jeeps that will be utilized for intense off-roading or drag racing, according to the manufacturer.

If you aren’t intending to be traveling through mud or across bumpy, difficult terrain, you should consider holding off on purchasing lockers for the jeep. It could be quite unsafe to go off-roading in the Jeep Wrangler without locks. If you want to go off-roading, there must be no reason why the Jeep Wrangler isn’t built with the right lockers, so make sure the jeep is.

How Much Does It Cost to Add Lockers to a Jeep?

Jeep in the Mud after installing locker

Usually, a four-high locker bay will cost between $250 and $400. Gearboxes cost between $1350 and $1550 in components and service, according to our estimates. The ARB will cost $850, with an additional $150 or so for drilling and hooking up the air pipe. They are already putting up a gear, so installing the lockers would not be a significant additional expense.

A maximum of approximately $2500-$3200 would be you’re at this point, excluding the cost of a front sling or vault. The price of locks might vary based on the kind of locker you need and where you live. Standard Jeep lockers range in price from $450 to $650, depending on the model.

When it comes to lockers, there are numerous deals that arise online where you can get them at a great bargain. It’ll need new wheel axles, a new limited slide system, new bearings, and new covers, among other things. Installing all new components in the differential shell would charge you around $1650 in total, including supplies and effort, and can be completed within one or two days.

The price of lockers will vary based on the substance used, the kind of locker, the length of the locker, the characteristics, the quantity required, and the firm responsible for manufacturing them. According to industry standards, lockers may cost anything from $75 to up to $850 each month. In most cases, lockers would not feature only one lock.

How Hard Is It to Install Lockers on a Jeep?

putting lockers on the Jeep Wrangler

If you’re interested in putting lockers on the Jeep Wrangler, it’s not that difficult to do it. You can simply acquire installation kits available. There are a few procedures that must be developed for any of them to be correctly installed on the Jeep.

  • Wheels, valves, axles, and shafts should be removed in compliance with the company’s maintenance handbook for the jeep. Pour off the lubricant and then eliminate the carrier from the system. In addition, you must inspect the joints and wipe the whole chassis.
  • Reinstall the axles and threaded inserts in terms of service instructions provided by the manufacturer. Please note that not all installation sets will contain all of the necessary components, including such bushings and threaded inserts.
  • Evaluate the design in line with the service instructions provided by the supplier. A qualified technician should be enlisted to do the gearbox installation. You should read this article if you’re interested in learning how much more it charges to re-gear a Jeep. 
  • Tighten the bearing covers to a torque of 40 ft-lbs. Install the hubs, discs, pads, and wheels on the jeep. Please ensure that they are installed in line with the instructions in the handbook.
  • Make note that perhaps the wire is equipped with both a regular as well as an extended adapter. The small fitting is placed within the covering.
  • Add a short connection into the lid to complete the installation. Push the wire rod in first, and afterward the fitting, if necessary, until it is secure.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Locking Differential?

When installing a locking differential, it is assumed that you will be doing the majority of the work, with the exception of the gearing set-up, on your own. It will take around one day of labor to lower the new member, set up the differential, rebuild the wheel, and attach the blower motors and controls, so plan on spending approximately $850 to $1,500 in labor.

It should cost under $450, and even if you have had to purchase the wiring from a local mechanic, the total cost will be far under $900 if you do it yourself. Instead, then purchasing unknown components, get the manufacturer’s e-locker.

Should I Put Lockers on My Jeep?

To conduct any off-roading, it is recommended that you add Jeep lockers. If you add lockers that can be operated from the interior of the jeep, you may utilize them in scenarios like the ones mentioned above. With the Jeep Lockers, getting out of difficult conditions like mountain climbing or off-roading may be made easier by straightening up the vehicle. While driving on a path with automatic Jeep lockers fitted, you would switch them on to avoid getting trapped.


Is There A Locker in All Jeeps?

No. Locking differentials are not standard on Jeeps. The rear and front axles of all 4×4 Jeeps relinquish power when the 4-wheel driving system is needed.

Is A Locker Really Necessary?

As a result of its ability to spin both tires, lockers make a tremendous impact in the off-road environment. The second tire will remain stationary if you suspend a wheel in the air with just an open differential. Having a locking differential ensures that both wheels turn at the very same pace, no matter what the circumstances.

What Do Jeep Wrangler Lockers Do?

All of the power is sent to both wheels on each axle, thanks to the use of Jeep lockers (also known as locking dissimilarities). Whenever you need to pull the jeep out of mud or even other soft ground, these are the tools you need.

ARB Locker Installation Costs How Much?

An arb back valve locker replacement will set you back around $1,500 in components and, based on your location, an additional $200 or more in service.

Final Note

Adding Jeep lockers requires a number of different procedures, but if simply read the steps included in the installation kit for each step, you must have them up and running in no time. However, if you really are experiencing difficulties, it is preferable to take the Jeep to a repair shop so that an expert can install the components for you.

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