Jeep JK Subwoofer Upgrade Tips

If you are particular about the sounds coming out of your speakers, you may consider upgrading your 8” subwoofer that came stock in your Jeep JK.

You can upgrade to several other sizes, which you can probably do without taking the vehicle to a shop.

How to Upgrade Subwoofer on Jeep JK

Subwoofer on Jeep JK

The subwoofer is intended to boost the lowest audio sound frequency. They make the bass jump out at you and highlight parts of the music that you usually do not hear.

If you are unhappy with the 8” subwoofer installed in your Jeep JK, you can change it out and install a bigger one that will deepen that bass and resonate with the sound.


What you Need

A T 20 Torx driver

What to do

6 Torx fasteners are holding the grill of the subwoofer in place. It would help if you used the T 20 Torx driver to remove these fasteners.

Be sure that you do not lose those fasteners you need to replace the grill when you are finished.

There are two electrical connections fastened to the subwoofer.

Find those connectors and disconnect them.

Slide the subwoofer out of place.

If you are using another 8” subwoofer, you just put the subwoofer in position and then make a connection with the two electrical connectors.

Once that is done, you will put the grill in place and put the 6 Torx fasteners back so they hold the grill in place.

A Press Fit Subwoofer

Sub Woofer System Compatible with Jeep Wranglers

If you want to increase the size of your 8” subwoofer with a 10” subwoofer, I would highly recommend a pre-loaded subwoofer that is sealed.

These are known as press-in subwoofers.

You have to remove the grill for the 8” subwoofer that you have now and then disconnect the electrical lines.

Pull the old subwoofer out and press the new one in place.

The sealed subwoofers are covered with a water-resistant coating so you can take your Jeep anywhere you want to go and not have to worry about your sound system being damaged. Drive along the beach with the top off and relish in the solid gold sound you are hearing.

Tips that May make Installation Easier

  • Whenever you can choose low-pass filters. These filters block the high notes and ensure that the low messages are emitted cleanly.
  • A subwoofer requires a lot of power
  • The enclosure around the subwoofer makes the difference between the bass’s sounds. If you want the tight and accurate bass sounds, you want the section to be sealed. You want the subwoofer to be paneled if you like an extra-loud booming bass.
  • You may not have enough room for the giant subwoofer, but that does not mean your sound will not be improved and exceptional A subwoofer as small as the factory-installed 8” that comes in the Jeep JK can produce and deliver high-quality bass sounds.

The Good and the Bad Concerning the Big Subwoofers

The Good

  • A giant subwoofer will likely be able to produce more SPL
  • The bass from a larger subwoofer is deeper

The Bad

  • Distortion is a crucial problem with the larger subwoofers
  • A more significant subwoofer driver is more difficult to control
  • There is no guarantee that your SPL will be increased when you upgrade to a giant subwoofer
  • There is no guarantee that you will get deeper bass with a big subwoofer

What Would It Cost to Get A Larger Subwoofer for a Jeep JK?

If you have been considering the subwoofer change, you likely wonder what cost is associated with the process.

The subwoofer you decide to buy will play a large part in your pay price. For the most part, you can get a high-quality subwoofer to upgrade your system for $300 to 400 dollars.

You can spend a lot more, but quality items are available in this price range.

You can spend a lot less but remember that you get what you pay for. Do not be surprised if the sounds are cheap, distorted, muffled, or irritating if you buy cheap.

DIY or Professional Install?

Most people do their subwoofer changeover for themselves. The items are simple plug-and-play items that do not require a lot of tools or experience to install.

If you are upgrading to a subwoofer that is large enough that it will not easily fit in the location the original item was in, you need to speak to a mechanic or a sound specialist.

They were having a professional make the installation will probably cost you about 130 dollars, but the item will look good and sound good when they are finished installing it.

Did you know?

  • The first acoustic suspension woofer was invented in 1954? It was the invention of Edgar Wilchur and debuted at the New York Audio Fair.
  • You can arrange the subwoofer in a different configuration? A single is one subwoofer placed in one place. Multiple subwoofers move a greater exp0anse of air, and they are typically used on home systems to be positioned near a wall.
  • A subwoofer is a type of loudspeaker
  • Subwoofers can be installed in speakers in vehicles, in homes, and more
  • Sitting children and babies next to loudspeakers can damage their hearing? When seated close to speakers, children should have earphones on to protect their hearing
  • Getting a giant subwoofer is not guaranteed that the bass you hear will be deepened. You may also have to make some stereo upgrades if the subwoofer upgrade does not deliver your desired sound.
  • When you are driving down the road and have big subwoofers, people outside of your vehicle can hear the thumping of the bass even if they cannot hear the music or discern what you are playing.


What Size is The Subwoofer in The Jeep JK?

The subwoofer in the Jeep JK is an eight-inch.

What Size Are The Jeep JK Speakers?

The stock speakers in the Jeep JK are 6.5″.

What Brand of A Speaker is In The Jeep JK?

The speakers that are put in during the manufacture of the Jeep JK are Mopar.

Final Thoughts

If you like to hear the resonating thump of the bass while your favorite songs are playing, you may be interested in increasing the size of your sub-woofer in your Jeep JK. The factory-installed subwoofer is an 8,”, and for many people, that is plenty large enough to bring the bass sounds they want to hear to life. If you’re going to go up to a 10” or 12”, you can surely do that.

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