Is It Possible to Convert a Manual Jeep to An Automatic?

There are times when you have a Jeep with a manual transmission and really wish you had an automatic transmission. Is it possible to replace the manual version with an automatic version?

Yes, you can make this changeover.

Changing transmissions can be quite an undertaking. If you have been considering doing this the following facts and tips on transmissions could help you to make your final decision.

Pros and Cons of Manual Transmissions

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There are several reasons why having a manual transmission is beneficial to the driver. There are also reasons why a manual transmission can be a hindrance.


  • The cost of a manual transmission is far less than the cost of a vehicle with an automatic tranny. You can save close to one thousand dollars on your initial purchase price.
  • It costs less to maintain a manual transmission. 
  • The manual transmission is easier on the brake system of the vehicle.
  • The driver actually has better control and can have greater traction on slick roads, in snow, and in mud.
  • Manual transmissions in vehicles make the vehicle use less fuel.
  • Manual transmissions are simply fun to drive. Shifting and using the clutch is more exciting and exhilarating than simply applying the gas.
  • They are better suited for off-road driving


  • It is more difficult to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission
  • When in heavy traffic situations the manual transmission can be frustrating
  • There are fewer new cars available with a manual transmission

Pros and Cons of Automatic Transmissions


  • Vehicles with automatic transmissions are said to be safer to drive.
  • Automatic transmissions are easier to operate than vehicles with manual tranny‚Äôs
  • When driving on steep hills you do not have to worry about shifting gears
  • In heavy traffic, your vehicle does not die
  • You can accelerate quicker
  • The vehicle will have more power than a vehicle with a manual version


  • Automatic transmissions require a greater amount of maintenance.
  • Vehicles with automatic transmissions cost more than vehicles with manual ones.
  • These vehicles use more fuel. It has been said that cars with automatic transmissions use as much as 10% more fuel than cars with manual ones.
  • The torque capacity is limited
  • Not ideal for adventure driving
  • It takes longer for the vehicle to change gears
  • Will likely need major repairs or replacement in as few as 7 years

If you still have any questions regarding manual and auto transmission you can watch this wonderful video by Ronny Dahl

What Do You Need to Change a Manual Transmission Over to an Automatic?

Just because something is possible to do does not mean that you should do it, or that you can afford to do it. Changing a manual transmission over for an automatic one is both expensive and labor-intensive.

You MUST know a lot about transmissions before you attempt to undertake this kind of work. It is highly recommended that you only have this kind of work done by a licensed transmission service professional.

Parts That May Be Required for The Changeover Include; But Are Not Limited To

  • Valve body
  • Electric wiring
  • An E.C.U. or electric control system
  • A gear lever torque converter
  • A new gearbox
  • A flywheel
  • Linkage gearbox console
  • Driveshafts
  • A large assortment of tools
  • Transmission fluid
  • A garage or covered area to work in

Changing over your manual transmission to an automatic version will require a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and a lot of skill.

If you undertake this swap your car may be out of commission for a week or more. If you rely on the car for everyday driving purposes think about how you will get around while the work takes place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Change Manual to Automatic?

On the high end, this conversion may cost you as much as $3000.

Is A Manual or Automatic Jeep Better?

This depends on the type of driving you do but an automatic is considered safer and easier to operate.

Does An Automatic Transmission Give You More Power?

Yes, your engine will have greater power if you have an automatic vehicle.

Final Thoughts

An automatic is easier to operate and you do not have to switch gears or work three pedals. A manual transmission can increase the miles per gallon you get and increase the control you have when doing adventure driving. The main difference between manual and automatic is a personal preference. If you use the vehicle for everyday travels consider an automatic. If you use the vehicle for adventure driving through mud and sticky situations consider a manual.

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