Jeep Antenna Replacement: How To Get The Best Deal

Antenna length and movement are essential on Jeep Wranglers for most drivers. It’s hard to drive around without wondering if the Jeep’s antenna has managed to pick up anything. Anyone can change these antennas, regardless of their level of expertise.

Based on the concept, a new Jeep antenna costs around $155 and $170. 

We’ll tell you whatever you need to learn in this article about replacement prices.

Jeep Antenna Replacement Cost

a dirt jeep wrangler with a cb antenna

Before you decide whether to replace the Jeep antenna, you need to know how much it will cost. Next, we’ll describe and clear things up about every part of this replacement project.

A Jeep antenna can pick up and send signals from more than one source by creating a bigger command center. The purpose is to make a design that works well. And combine it with other Jeeps so that the driver doesn’t notice the antenna.

Unfortunately, as the Jeep antenna starts to break down, signals get harder to transmit or receive. So some drivers will notice a missing signal message. In addition, they will hear a lot of noise on FM/AM networks that are close to the signal sources. 

A broken Jeep antenna might be fixed by the driver. However, if you consider taking it to a workshop, it’ll charge somewhere around $25 and $65 for the work to figure out what’s wrong.

Garages in big cities will charge the most. In contrast, local workshops in rural areas will charge the least.

The antenna’s look and the labor costs are the two main factors that affect how much it costs to replace an antenna. The lowest price for labor is $60, and the highest is $80. Most of the time, components cost around $100. 

Any part of a jeep that needs to be replaced will be costly. But the antenna can be bought at a significantly lower price. A few antennas cost $20, whereas others cost as much as $50.

When Should You Change the Antenna on a Jeep?

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The Jeep Wrangler antenna may be damaged or worn out, but there are other reasons it might have to be changed. Most drivers find Jeep Wrangler’s tall, swinging antenna annoying.

When you’re driving, it’s hard not to think that the antenna has managed to pick up something. A faulty antenna causes radio signals to rebound over a vehicle, leading to decreased transmissions. Orbital transmissions and GPS technologies use the same concept.

You don’t need any professional skills to change these antennas. But it’s still a smart idea to hire an expert for the antenna replacement.

When a Jeep antenna will show symptoms of being worn out, drive to a garage. An expert will test the antenna circuit to confirm the diagnosis. The expert will check the signal cable and cable harness if a short connection is found.

Jeep Antenna Replacement Guideline (Step By Step)

Jeep Antenna Replacement Guideline

It is a simple task to remove the old one and install the new antenna. In certain situations, simply the antenna circuit can be changed. Whereas in some cases, the complete aerial system should be replaced. 

With some equipment and installation knowledge, you will be capable of doing it. You can learn in precise detail how to install the whole antenna system and the mast of the antenna. Reading this article, you will be better equipped to replace the antenna in either of the two situations.

Step 1: Unplug the Antenna First

Unplug the antenna’s connector from the bracket base using an 8mm spanner.

Step 2: Remove the Bracket’s Screws

Remove the brackets from the exterior of the vehicle using a bolt puller. The main wire may be seen going through the wire hole once the brackets have been removed.

Step 3: Locate the Main Connection

Simply remove the loose, unscrewed bracket on the outside and peek inside the container to see which cable is moving, which should be the base cable.

Step 4: Remove the Main Connector

The wire’s tail connects to the chord axis of the transmitter. Only the hands are required to unhook the connection from the socket.

Step 5: Disconnect the Connection from the Center Console

Now, remove the cord from the center console. Then, all that remains is to gently remove the main wire from the socket.

Step 6: Insert the New Ground Wire and Socket Kit

Gently place the new wire and antenna assembly into the socket.

Step 7: Plug the Wire into the Radio

The whole base wire will fit inside the center console. Attach the wire to the radio by plugging its tip into the chord base.

Step 8: Attach All Pieces Together

Lock the center console with a screwdriver.

Step 9: Use an Adaptor

Use an adapter that is suitable for the existing antenna.

Step 10: Install The Antenna

Insert the adapter into the antenna’s shaft. Installation mast of the antenna is the last step. 

Appropriate antenna placement guarantees off-peak performance when it comes to collecting wireless signals. The antenna won’t be left just at Jeep wash and even on the roadway if it becomes loose. So, these are the ways of replacing the antenna of a jeep.


What Is The Labor Cost of Antenna Replacement?

Antenna technicians may charge less than electricians for this kind of minor task. A few electricians may charge by the level of work. In that situation, this should cost you around $150 and $200 to fix a standard antenna.

Can You Repair a Shattered Jeep Antenna? 

It is much easier to remove antennas with a fixed mast. Any jeep parts store will sell you an antenna kit for about $25.

Just use a torque wrench to take the inclined mast off and put the new one in its place. You might need to use the adapter that came with the kit to suit the connector size.

What Happens When the Antenna on The Jeep Breaks?

Since jeep antennas stick out and stand on the outside of the vehicle, they usually break or get damaged very often. Having no antenna may turn off the radio. If the radio antenna is broken, you won’t be able to get a good signal.

How Much Does Putting an Antenna on The Jeep Roof Cost? 

Usually, the installation cost is the same whether it’s in the side mirror or on the roof. It’ll cost somewhere from $150 to $200 at the most. They both take about the same time, but a roof antenna will give you a better response.

Do You Need A Vehicle Antenna?

Jeep antennas are used to collect wireless signals so you can listen to anything on the radio. They also can start picking up Sirius FM signals and other remote radio channels in new Jeeps.

Final Note

The basic antenna may have cracked or clipped off. Also, it might not get a good signal, or the transmitter may not function properly.

Therefore, replace the old Jeep antenna with the best one available as early as possible. You can replace it on your own by following our mentioned instructions. Also, you can hire a professional to change it for you.

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