Outdated Driver Seat on Jeep Cherokee? Check Its Replacement Price!

The Jeep Cherokee’s driver seat is responsible for making long road trips pleasant and relaxing. However, as time passes, the driver’s seat gradually turns unpleasant and must be replaced.

Now, how much would it cost to change the driver’s seat of a Jeep Cherokee? That we will be discussing in this article.

The replacement may be performed for $300 to $850. Additionally, $650 to $3,500 from any expert workshop.

Moreover, because you’re interested in learning more about replacement work, you should read the complete article. Since every detail will be included in this article.

Jeep Cherokee Driver Seat Replacement Cost

Driver Seat on Jeep Cherokee
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Note that the replacement cost will differ according to the maximum dimensions, design, fabric, and the regional cost of the replacement job. Also, it’s dependent on the state of the present driver’s seat configuration.

However, the cost to replace a driver’s seat is somewhere around $250 to $850. Also, some garages can cost around $650 to $1500.

If you prefer to modify the driver seat arrangements with high-end materials, it’ll cost around $1,750 to $3,500.

The cost of labor may range from $120 to $145. Based on the service provider or garages you choose and the workplace region.

For your convenience, we have featured a few common Jeep Cherokee vehicles. Also, their estimated seat prices are given below:

YearJeep Seat ModelEstimated Cost
1998Jeep Cherokee Grand Driver Seat$142.50 to $335.00
2006Jeep Cherokee Driver Grand Seat$150 to $710.75
2009Jeep Cherokee Seats$185.45 to $225.25
2007-2009Jeep Cherokee Grand Overland Leather Driver Seat Cover$215.20 – $285.75
2015-2020Jeep Cherokee Grand Driver Seat$185 – $500

When Do You Replace the Driver’s Seat in The Jeep Cherokee?

Every driver seat has an average lifespan of five years. Which is the guideline for the majority of the driver seats. So, they should be replaced per five years.

However, it is common for the Jeep Cherokee seats or other similar jeeps to need replacement before the time range.

On average, one must replace the driver seats of the Cherokee when they don’t feel comfortable. Also, when you see rips or cracks in the seat coverings or have trouble changing the sitting configuration.

Driver seats guarantee the safety and comfort of the driver throughout the drive. So, the change will be noticed when the seats begin to degrade.

Installation Instructions for the Jeep Cherokee Driver Seat

Jeep Cherokee Sport 4x4
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Once you’ve agreed to change the current driver’s seat in the Jeep Cherokee because of any apparent symptoms. Understanding what equipment you’ll need to complete the repair is essential.

Required Equipment

  • New seats
  • Bunch of basic tools
  • Turk sockets

Now, make sure you’re following the directions carefully step by step:

Step 1: If anyone has a model of Jeep Cherokee with driver’s seats. Adjust the front seats all the way forward before disconnecting the batteries. Push the front seats forward completely.

Step 2: Identify the three bolts, which are often located near the rear of the driver’s seat. Note that these bolts are not always visible. And on certain Jeep Cherokee vehicles, seats are protected with a plastic coating. So, inspect the base of the seat rails carefully.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the bolts, gently remove them. Then move the driver seat back.

Step 4: Remove the three bolts in front of the driver seat rail. Then detach the batteries. Note that to separate the seat cables while the ignition is on. As the batteries are still connected, the check engine light will instantly turn on.

Step 5 – You’ll need assistance raising the driver’s seat. Then unhook all the electric cords while the front seats are still in the reclined position. Next, unhook all power cables. After that, detach the driver seat from the jeep with caution.

Step 7 – When you’ve finally detached the old seats, you’re ready to install the new ones. To do so, just repeat the described steps in the opposite order.

Note: The replacement methods are very easy. So, it’s possible to do it in your own garage. abut if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of replacement work, it’s best to hire a technician.

How to Determine Whether the Jeep Cherokee Driver’s Seat Requires Replacement?

You can determine if you might replace the driver’s seat depending on the relevant symptoms. Otherwise, you may get an injury due to unsafe sitting circumstances.

If you find any apparent cracks or tears in the leather seats. It’s better to upgrade those seats. Or else moisture will reach the cushion and cause it to rot.

When you find that the driver’s seat doesn’t really return back to its former shape. Or when you feel as if you are lowering into the seat while driving. You must consider replacing the seat.

You may feel the firmness of the chairs, which occurs mostly when the cushioning fails to respond. Also, when it has worn out and requires replacement.

If you have trouble replacing the driver’s seat or cannot lock it in a particular position. After a few more attempts, you should replace it.

Is It Better to Replace or Repair the Jeep Cherokee Driver Seat?

Repairing or replacing the driver’s seat relies on the extent of the seat’s damage.

If the driver upholstery seems worn or discolored, you may just dye it to resolve the issue. Additionally, this fix won’ be costly. The covering will survive for a few more years.

However, if you experience significant difficulty when sitting on the driver’s seat, you must replace it rather than repair it. The difficulties might include spine or shoulder pain, stiffness, or tightness.

If you detect that the seats have been severely shredded or pulled out, it would be preferable to get new pairs. Analyze if you have several concerns with the seats or any small issue that may be repaired.

Lastly, if you prefer to update the old seating plan to the most recent luxury choice, you must select replacement rather than repair.


Are Replacement Jeep Seats Available?

By using original brackets, installation of the vast majority of Jeep replacement seats is very simple.

There are replacement seats available for both the rear and front seats of Jeeps. With features like a recline, increased stability for off-road driving, weather-resistant, and much more.

Can Jeep Cherokee Seats be Replaced?

Change the design and texture of the vehicle’s seats with the Jeep Cherokee seat accessories. Many garages provide a choice of seating options in various designs and materials.

Based on the budget and desired aesthetic, you may replace the Jeep by purchasing and installing new seats.

Final Note

Similar to other seats and chairs seen regularly, the driver seat of every Jeep vehicle has a fixed expiration date.

Sometimes just because of excessive usage or unforeseen situations, it may be better to replace it before the regular term.

A broken seat might impact the driver and passenger’s safety on the street. Therefore, it must be replaced on time.

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