Broken Jeep Emblem? Here’s a Detailed Replacement Cost Guide

A Jeep’s emblem is its identifying feature. Having insignia on the Jeep will separate it from other vehicles.

Drivers want everyone to be impressed, regardless of whether you’re driving on tracks or mostly on highways. A portion of this includes displaying an eye-catching Jeep emblem. If the present emblem breaks, you should find out the replacement options 

Based on size and color, the price of the Jeep emblem may vary. Usually, you should expect to spend somewhere around $35 and $85 for this service. Depending on the purchase location, you may pay extra shipping and tax fees.

Since a Jeep’s emblem acts as a defining feature, it may be changed if it gets broken. So don’t worry if you’re curious about what additional factors determine the replacement cost. All of them will be covered in this article.

Jeep Emblem Replacement Cost

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Jeep trucks are iconic vehicles in the United States. Jeeps are easily recognizable not only by their different body types but by their renowned emblems, which display the manufacturer, version, and model.

There are a variety of emblems available for the Jeep Wrangler. You may simply select the one you prefer for the Jeep. Prices for Jeep emblems range from $50 to $150 for luxury and unique versions. Based on how you set up or where you buy, you may pay some extra expenses.

For a regular Jeep emblem, you could expect to spend between $35 and $85. However, installing the emblem is simple, saving your cash on labor expenditures. It’s not that a technician cannot replace it; they can. But you don’t need one for this kind of silly replacement.

When Should the Jeep Emblem Be Replaced?

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The emblem of a jeep acts as an identity. Usually, it speaks about the model, manufacturer, and any unique designations such as “racing,” “exclusive,” or “4×4”.

Jeep emblems are used to indicate the vehicle’s type and any unique features. In other instances, drivers choose to add them for solely decorative purposes.

Regular wear and tear cause the Jeep Wrangler emblems to reveal their age over the period. The emblem on the vehicle is destroyed by flying debris and dust too. The symbol degrades with time due to exposure to pollution. In any case, if the emblem makes the Jeep less attractive, you should replace it.

The emblems may be misplaced or lost in a vehicle accident. There are several options to customize the vehicle, including installing emblems. Also, emblems were not included with the initial purchase.

It is not required that the existing badge be broken to acquire a replacement. Several Jeep owners want to have a customized Jeep emblem in the texture and color of their choosing, which they may later modify.

Guide for Jeep Emblem Installation

Jeep Emblem Installation Guide

Putting in a new emblem is a simple procedure. You must first identify the type of symbol it is. Bonnet emblems are screwed into position on the bonnet.

Multiple Jeep emblems are visible throughout any vehicle. It is also possible to get a Jeep grill emblem directly attached to the grille.

Before installing a new emblem, you should remove the current one. When putting a new emblem, the old one must be properly removed.

Here are the steps required to properly install the Jeep emblem:

  • Begin by carefully cleaning the position around the old emblem to remove any dirt and other impurities.
  • Ethanol is a good alternative for preparing the surface before applying an adhesive. Then, add white tape to mark the area of the old symbol so you can determine where the new one will go. 
  • Carefully remove the old emblem using a kit or dental floss, then wash the spot.
  • Additionally, the new emblem must be cleaned. Badge emblems often need wax, while other things may need bolts or screws for attachment.
  • Detaching the emblem’s backing and attaching it to the Jeep are essential steps.

Where Are the Jeep Emblems Located? 

Depending on the make and type, the location of the Jeep’s emblems will vary.

The Jeep emblem is often located directly above the plate number on the car’s rear. Usually, this consists of a chrome emblem with the brand’s name.

Other emblems, such as 4×4, are present on the side door. Additionally, the bumper may be decorated with emblems.

Jeep passenger and driver-side emblems indicate models (Wrangler or Cherokee). The most popular finish is made out of chrome. The type of engines could also have a unique identification.

Usually, Jeeps have their emblems engraved on their front grilles. If not chrome, it may also be made of matte black or any other metal.

The inside of the Jeep has emblems on the glove compartment and middle of the steering column, among other locations.


Can The Jeep Emblem on The Bonnet Be Remove?

Using floss is the most practical means of doing the task. Next, clean the dirt with remover liquid or alcohol. Wax the region where you just cleaned the debris, and you are finished. Then, the emblem can be removed. 

What Emblem Does Jeep Use? 

The entire Jeep emblem is a design that resembles the grill of an automobile and is flanked by two rings representing headlights. It is a pattern that is unique from the logos used by the majority of automotive manufacturers. Ovals, rectangles, and circles are typical emblems for automobile manufacturers.

What Is Adhesive Used for Jeep Emblems?

3M Plastics and Emblem Adhesive are designed to establish lasting adhesion among different and non-porous substances.

How Should 3M Plastics and Emblem Adhesive Be Utilized?

Start applying to a fresh surface and let it dry. This glue lasts around 25 to 45 seconds, dries in approximately 20 minutes, and is entirely ready for use after one day. The fast-acting formulation is ideal for adhering trim.

How Is Chrome Emblem Paint Applied? 

Spray polyurethane paint on the emblem. Next, apply a thin coating to the top of the emblem. Allow the primer to dry for about a minute, and then spray on 2 to 4 thick coats of paint. Between layers, wet-sand the emblem using 250-grit, then 450-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.

Final Note

The Jeep emblem on the vehicle works as a license plate. Probably replace it if it does not appear correctly or is broken.

Despite the fact that Jeep eventually started including their emblem on their vehicles, current models have returned to showing just the brand trademark. Jeep currently uses its whole logo solely for advertising purposes.

However, we try to cover the expenses connected with changing the Jeep emblem as well as the replacement technique for the emblem.

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