Replacing Jeep Frame Under $6,000: Is It Possible?

When the technician informs you that his Jeep’s frame has nearing the end of its lifetime, you need to replace it very soon. This is not always the case, though.

You may swap the Jeep’s frame with a fresh or used one, but first, consider these points.

If the vehicle’s structure has been damaged, you can no longer drive it properly. External factors, such as an accident, result in frame damage in most situations. 

It might cost $5,500 to $30,750 to rebuild the Jeep frame. On the other hand, you might just save cash by doing the task yourself or using an expert.

This article describes the cost of replacing the framework of a vehicle, particularly a Jeep.

Jeep Frame Replacement Cost

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The solution to this question is not one-cost-fits-all.

Whether we’re discussing the repairing cost of a Jeep frame or the framework of any other car, the answer will always rely on the extent of the frame’s damages.

Some Jeep frame damage concerns are repairable, whereas others require the investment in a new frame. Damage is the ultimate determining factor of when to replace a frame.

Expect to pay somewhere around $600 to $1,000 to fix minimal damages, including tiny dents on the side panels. This is just for frame repair; you’ll need additional money for frame paintwork.

If the frame is severely damaged, you may anticipate paying approximately $8,500 for this restoration. Depending on the requirements, the cost may not include the cost of painting.

A Jeep frame with just the 1st rear subframe bend damaged would cost $850 on each side to fix. Keep in mind that these are just averages and estimates.

A local Jeep body shop would be the best location to get an accurate estimated cost.

When Should the Jeep Frame Be Replaced?

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When the Jeep’s frame is broken, you must immediately repair it.

We do not recommend doing a self-inspection of the vehicle. Instead, a local auto frame shop expert must be able to inspect it.

They often have a close watch for harm and can spot it fast. The following symptoms are indicators of ruined frames.

Disorganized Frames

Most broken frames are caused by a crash, whether it’s a back-wheel frame or the front-end one. The wounded area’s collapsed look is clear evidence of injury.

Twisted Frames

Twisting and collapsing Jeep frames are clear indicators of corrosion. Because they will consume the tires and springs if left unchecked as they may appear unnecessary.

Damage to the Sway

It is more frequent for back or frontal collisions to result in bent frames than for corner collisions to result in sway damage. This is because the car’s alignment will be knocked off if you notice such damage. In other words, one side will be favored over the other. 

Rusting on the jeep frame from environmental exposure may indicate replacement. So, don’t wait to replace the frame to drive safely on the street.

Jeep Frame Installation Procedure

As replacing a frame is a significant task, it is essential to gather more information before starting.

Most Jeep drivers want to know whether their Jeep frames are replaceable. Likely, the Jeep frame you purchased at a great price wasn’t designed particularly for the Jeep model. So, first, check the Jeep model you’re using and buy the new frame.

To install the new Jeep frame on your own, you will require considerable time. The work will need between 15 and 35 hours to finish.

However, Jeep model-specific instructions are strongly advised; the following is a general overview of the process:

  • The battery must be removed.
  • Remove all liquids.
  • For removal of the frame, raise the body.
  • Remove the tires and axles.
  • Remove the motor and transmission components.
  • Reassemble everything on the brand-new chassis.

Remove any connections between the body and the frame, including:

  • The bodywork steering gear mounts
  • Electrical circuits
  • Pipes, hydraulic systems, etc.

How Can You Tell If Your Jeep’s Frame Is Bent?

There are few indications that the Jeep’s frame is bent and its alignment is wrong.

  • The misalignment of the wheels is one of the most telling signs of a bent frame.
  • Tracking the wheels sideways
  • There are noticeable defects.
  • Parts may not fit together tightly.
  • Strange Sounds from the jeep motor.


Is Driving a vehicle With a Damaged Frame Safe?

It all relies on the extent of the frame’s damage. You must be able to drive the vehicle so long as it moves in a straight line throughout the installation.

If the Jeep is not in the best condition, even small crashes may significantly affect its structural strength.

How Much Does It Cost to Weld a Broken Frame?

Based on the amount of damage, you should expect to spend an average of $8,500 to have the Jeep’s frame repaired.

Damaged frames may threaten both the driver and other drivers on the highway. Many welders may suggest you destroy the old frame and buy a new one if you’re thinking of repairing the old frame structure.

Can a Jeep’s Frame Be Repaired? 

If the Jeep’s frame is suffering from corrosion, do not worry. Hiring any professionals will assist you in fixing the issue. The Jeep might get a second chance on the highway by repairing the framework.

Can a Jeep’s Frame Be Replaced?

Absolutely, contrary to common opinion, professional specialists at an auto repair shop can fix frame damage.

Using specialized framing machines, repairs may be made to factory standards. These devices use hydraulic thrust force to straighten the bent frame components.

Final Note

We’d like to highlight again that the charges shown in this article are just estimations. If you want an exact estimate, you must have a technician evaluate the Jeep. Also, this information applies to all vehicle types, not only Jeeps.

While repairing the Jeep’s frame may solve all issues caused by a bent frame, it’s essential to check all connected components to ensure the previous frame hasn’t damaged them. This might create complications in the future and make putting in a new frame difficult.

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