Is Replacing a New Jeep Gladiator Bed Expensive? Here’s the Estimated Cost

The Jeep Gladiator’s bed is among the vehicle’s most notable characteristics. The bed’s issue is that it seems very lopsided, pointing upwards and implying a twisted frame.

The Jeep Gladiator is a genuine full-size pickup with legendary off-road capabilities. However, the bed of the Gladiator is clearly misaligned, sloping upward and showing a bent framework.

Due to its unique design, a few drivers may want to change it, which might cost them a lot of money.

You may choose from a variety of bed options to find the one that best suits you. The price of a bed ranges around $3500 and $15500. Some extra labor expenses may be necessary.

Continue reading this article because we’ll explain the cost of replacement. Also, any extra expenses you may pay while repairing the Jeep Gladiator bed.

Jeep Gladiator Bed Replacement Cost

Jeep Plastic Bed Liner

Before replacing the old jeep bed, you must thoroughly know the associated expenses and possible replacement alternatives.

We will explain all you need to learn about the replacement operation, including estimated costs and replacement alternatives.

As the Jeep Challenger is new to the industry, its bed options are now confined. Only the Decked Bed Drawer systems and PCOR Devices are currently available for the Jeep Challenger.

Although, we anticipate a variety of additional options for JC’s bed to appear in the near future.

There are two alternatives for PCOR systems bed: the canopies system, which costs approximately $4,500. And the trays system, which costs roughly $12,250. Therefore, the price of a customized Gladiator bed backup system is estimated to be around $1,250.55.

PCOR Devices are intended to improve the touring car’s functionality and looks while maintaining the departure position.

The decked method created a system that raises the deck, enabling you to secure equipment properly. Also, the other items while using the rest of the truck bed.

There are few options for drivers to replace the Jeep Gladiator’s bed. The Gladiator’s bed has four tie-down hooks and LED lighting as standard equipment.

The bed is accessible in metal, and a bed liner is offered for $500. This is a spray-on bed liner, not really a drop-in. Nevertheless, we believe it is worthy of acquiring.

When Should the Jeep Gladiator Bed Be Replaced?

Men loading canoe into truck bed

Due to the bed’s odd design and size, several drivers have contemplated a replacement. If the bed arrangement is not ideal for drivers, they may change or upgrade a few components of the truck’s bed to improve the ride.

If you prefer the arrangement of the Jeep’s bed or want to modify the truck bed, you may do so at any moment through the manufacturer.

There is enough space in the Jeep Gladiator’s bed to transport all belongings. In addition, the Jeep Gladiator’s height draws attention on and off the main route.

The height of the Jeep Gladiator bed liner is 66 inches (6.5 feet). Before discussing replacement, you must have a greater understanding of its specifications.

  • 85.5 inches in height. That’s the length of the bed whenever the door is down on a Jeep Gladiator.
  • The breadth of the Jeep Gladiator bed is 55.50 inches.
  • Between both the wheel arches, the Jeep bed is 45.5 inches in width.
  • The depth of the bed is 20 inches.
  • The length of the Jeep bed from the floor is 38 inches.

So, because the jeep bed is used to carry distant cargo or goods, it must be durable. If the drivers are unhappy with its structure and encounter problems, you must replace or improve it immediately.

Installation Instructions for the Jeep Gladiator Bed

The jeep bed of the Gladiator is much more than simply a container for the belongings. The tailgate may be completely opened or left partially open to allow the transfer of heavy things.

A multitude of connections and tie-down spots make it simple to carry products on the next excursion. 

Tools Suggested:

  • Durable Folded Covers
  • Rack
  • Rail
  • Propeller shaft and clamp
  • Belt installation components, bolts, and a sealant
  • Screws 2/6-20
  • Knob
  • Screwdriver

Here Is a Simple Installation Guide for Jeep Gladiator Bed Accessories (Racks & Covers):

  • Before removing the trail rail system, the trail rail system’s bolts must be removed. Next, you need to remove the trail rail systems from the passenger side, the driver’s side, and the front of the bed.
  • Bed Racks Installation: Again, the channel must be fastened to the bed using a hammer and screws for bed racks installation. The bed rack is then positioned on the channel and attached with screws. 
  • Place a vertical slat on both ends of the Jeep’s back rack.
  • After tightening the racks to the Jeep, the racks connection is complete.
  • Install Supporting Bars: Next, the supporting bar is fastened to the Jeep using the required tools and tightened.
  • Mounting the Knotting Bed Cover involves placing the knotting bed liner on the bed’s front. Then, the right and left side rails must be installed.
  • The canister’s lid is then secured towards the front of the bed using screws.

Things to Consider Before Installing the New Jeep Bed:

  • Important bed setup equipment, including lights and a converter.
  • Affixing bed covers, racks, and other essential objects is important for the protection and longevity of the beds.
  • Beds are often used to convey large goods. Therefore, the bed which is being constructed must be sufficiently sturdy and fixed correctly to support the weight.

You should replace it on your own or see a mechanic. You also may contact the service center if you need help with the Jeep.


Are There Multiple Bed Sizes in Jeep Gladiators?

The outside bodywork breadth of a Jeep Gladiator is 75.5 inches. The Jeep Gladiator is 76 inches tall and 225 inches long. The bed dimensions of a Jeep Gladiator are 65.5 inches × 45.8 inches × 32.6 inches.

Is It Possible to Sleep in the Bed of a Jeep Gladiator?

The rear of a Jeep Gladiator is more suitable than the front seats for sleeping. Please remember that the Gladiator’s bed is smaller than a full-size truck, but there is still plenty of space to sleep comfortably. The bed measures slightly over 6 feet in length, with the back door closed.

Does the Bed Allow the Gladiator Top?

The top should fit with the windows running front and the rear on one side and the hooks on the bed rail. Use a few thin ratcheting straps to secure it. Then, under the mattress, place the release panels.

What Is the Weight Capacity of the Gladiator Tailgate?

A Jeep Gladiator can handle a large amount of weight on its tailgate with no trouble. Multiple Jeep forums report utilizing this Jeep to transport dirt motorcycles and ATVs, loading them using a ramp on the tailgate. The Gladiator tailgate would be capable of supporting up to 550 pounds.

Does the Jeep Gladiator Have an Aluminum Frame?

The Gladiator is built entirely of aluminum and has a steel subframe. Aluminum is used for the bonnet, hinge, bumpers, windscreen framework, and tailgate, reducing weight and improving fuel efficiency.

Final Note

The Jeep Gladiator bed not only improves the transportation of heavy items and goods. Also, it enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

However, some drivers don’t like the bed’s configuration; therefore, they want to change it. To repair or modify a jeep’s bed, you will need to spend some money. All of this includes in this article, which we believe you will find beneficial.

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