Common Climate Control Problems in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you live in the southern part of the United States then you know that the air conditioner in your vehicle is a vital part of the vehicle. When the cold air stops blowing then you can roast a chicken in a car in just a few minutes on many summer days.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular Jeep models. Understanding the most frequent climate control problems that people complain about in these Jeeps will help you be prepared if your climate control starts acting up.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems

The most common Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control issues are actually very minor problems that include blown fuses, and bad blower fan motors.

With a manual air conditioner, you have an off and on switch and you have a temperature selector. You usually can adjust the fan to blow on high, medium or low speeds, and you have some control as to whether the air is blown on your feet, at your body or at the windshield of the car.

A vehicle that has a climate control system has an automatic system that keeps the car at one steady temperature. The system makes constant adjustments to make the inside temperature of the vehicle remain at one chosen setting.

Common Problems with Climate Control or Automatic Systems

When The System Is Blowing Warm Air Instead of Cool Air

Several things could cause this malfunction to occur.

  • A compressor that has went out or is going out
  • An orifice valve that has become clogged or plugged
  • A blown fuse
  • A relay switch that has went out
  • The blend air door control motor could be malfunctioning
  • Low refrigerant levels caused by a leak
  • A bad temperature sensor

To determine the exact cause of this problem you are going to need to see a professional air conditioning mechanic assess the problem and test the different components that could be causing the problem.

No air from vents

When no air comes out of the vents you can be pretty sure that the blower fan relay has gone out or the blower fan motor has gone out.

Nothing Happens When You Turn The System On

You could have a blown fuse. You will need to check your owner’s manual and find out which fuse and what size fuse controls this component.

Air is Not Coming Out of The Chosen Duct

If you are trying to get the air to blow out of the lower ducts so the air is directed at your feet and it is not coming from that duct your air control door motor may not be working properly.

Pros and Cons of Climate Control


Climate control is the newest and most advanced way to keep the inside of your car comfortable. There are good and bad points to everything, and climate control has both positive and negative aspects.


  • It is more convenient than using the manual air conditioning systems
  • You can remotely operate many of these systems so you can have the car warming up or cooling off before you ever get in it
  • They come with air purifiers and built-in perfume diffusers to help keep your vehicle smelling wonderful
  • Different sections of the vehicle can be kept at different temperatures. The driver can have more cool air while the passenger stays warmer. The back seat can be kept at cooler or warmer temperatures according to personal preferences.


  • The climate control systems are more complicated and not as easy to operate as the manual air conditioners were.
  • They cost more than the manual air conditioners so they raise the initial price of the vehicle
  • They have more working components so they have more components that can break or stop working
  • The technology is relatively new and getting them repaired is more expensive

Tips for Making your Climate Control in Your Vehicle More Effective

There are some things that you can do to make the climate control in your Jeep work more effectively.

  1. Get one of those sunscreens or shade screens that you put across the windshield to stop the sun from pouring into the vehicle. Every little bit of sun that you block reduces the interior temperature.
  2. Park in a shady place anytime that you can. It can be as much as 20 degrees cooler in the shade and that coolness will change the interior temperature of the car.
  3. Close the passenger vents and have just the driver vents open until the vehicle starts to reach the right temperature.
  4. When you do have to park in the full sun try lowering your window glass slightly so some of the hot air can escape.
  5. When you get into the hot car you need to let some of the hot air out. Roll the windows down for the first few minutes and let the hot air blow out the windows. If you have a sunroof open it instead of a window. Hot air rises so you will eliminate the hot air much faster through the sunroof than through a window.
  6. Start with your air conditioner on a minimum speed and let it start cooling before you try to crank it up to full throttle.
  7. Choose the recirculation mode for the air so the cooled air will be recirculated through the system rather than fresh hot air from outside the vehicle.
  8. Keep your filter cleaned
  9. Use the air conditioner for at least fifteen minutes each day to keep it working properly
  10. Have the refrigerant level checked twice a year so you can maintain perfect refrigerant levels.
  11. If you are losing refrigerant take the time to find out where the leak is and fix that leak

Did You Know?

If you have a manual air conditioning system may be able to convert it to a climate control by replacing it with an automatic unit.

The changeover is actually pretty easy to do because the system has a plug-and-play design.

You must check the new system out thoroughly to make sure it is compatible with your dash, the wiring you have, and the make and model of the car you drive.


How Do You Reset The Climate Control On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

To reset the climate control you can hold the volume and the browser enter button down until the screen goes blank and then it will automatically reset.

What Are The Most Common Problems with The Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The most common problems include oil leaks, power steering problems, air conditioning malfunctions, and transmission problems.

How Do You Reset The Blend Door Actuator On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You will need to hold the volume button and the browser enter button down at the same time. Hold it like this until the screen turns black.

What Causes Climate Control Problems?

This problem could be created by faulty sensors, electrical issues, cooling fan complications, condenser problems, or leaking refrigerant.

Final Thoughts

A climate control system allows you to have more control over the temperature inside your vehicle. It is more complicated but it allows everyone in the vehicle to be as warm or cool as they like without making the other people in the car have to get a jacket or blanket. These are sophisticated systems and you need to read your owner’s manual so you fully understand how to operate them.

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