The Cost of Jeep JK Seat Replacement & Installation Guide

Jeep seats become damaged if you drive the Jeep JK off-road. The spring suspensions and cushioning of the majority of OEM seats are simple. Although, they will not exist forever. 

The Jeep seats will eventually need replacement. You are allowed to select from a variety of specs and designs and a variety of models and brands.

Seats for the Jeep JK may cost anywhere between $350 and $800. The replacement is followed by extra labor and other fees.

Reading the entire article will give you an idea of the total cost of replacing the Jeep JK seats.

Jeep JK Seat Replacement Cost

Jeep JK Seat Before Replacement

Various opinions exist when it comes to replacing the seats in the Jeep JK. Though some drivers want brand-new seats, others choose to replace the existing seats.

The cost of seats is based on the type of seats and the materials used to build them. Therefore, the type of the Jeep is also an essential factor when replacing it.

A Jeep JK seat may range between $250 and $1500. So replacing a Jeep seat price is somewhere around $150 and $650 per seat—between $450 and $2,750 for double seats in the back.

The fabric of the seat has a significant impact on pricing. For instance, you may expect to spend around $2,450 for the installation of upgraded leather by a branded provider. But the price may vary based on the kind of leather you prefer.

Here are several Jeep JK seats: Estimated Cost

ProductEstimated Cost
Corbia Bajaj JK Suspension Seat$250.00
Corbia HD Vinyl Trail Recliner Seat Front Pair$850.00
Corbia Mo-lab Recliner Seat Front Pair$550.00
PBP Seat High Premier Seat Back Pair$350.99
Master Rubic 45″ Rear Seat Bench Pair$635.95
Rugg Ridge Front High-Back Seat$250.85
PBP High Back Seats (Driver Edition) $350.99
Jeep seat costs of different brands

When Should You Replace the Seats in The Jeep JK?

Replacing the Seats of Jeep JK

Jeep seats are prone to a significant degree of pressure, mainly if the Jeep is used off-road. It’s because manufacturers recognize that a large number of Jeep drivers will take their jeeps into the woods. And the majority of stock seats are fitted with the most fundamental spring suspensions and cushioning parts.

Nonetheless, these seats won’t last forever. After some time, they may grow a variety of issues, be damaged, or fail to perform well. Numerous Jeep JK drivers have had similar seat troubles.

1. Seat Tilt Control Handle Lacks Functionality

The mechanism that leans the seat back and forward might become jammed after long usage.

2. Split Back Seatback

Multiple Jeep Wrangler drivers have reported that their rear seatback doesn’t hold in the elevated posture. This may be somewhat problematic since it will be hard for the passengers to get a ride in the Jeep.

3. The Back Seat Cannot be Folded

This problem mainly impacts 2-door Jeep Wranglers, as the front back seat should be retracted for rear-seat access. And while it may be hard to specify what is damaged, this is often the reason for a front driver seat that is stuck.

4. Broken Seats

The seat of the Jeep JK is susceptible to damage from a number of sources and may sometimes have issues. The seat must be in excellent condition since the driver and passenger sit on them.

The material on the rear seat of the Wrangler JK may be damaged and torn, or the folding mechanism on the driver-side or back seat may be broken. The seat should be both comfortable and practical. If you noticed mentioned issue, the seats should be replaced.

Guide for Jeep JK Seat Installation

Now we’ll explain how to install a Jeep JK seat.

Step 1: Wipe the Jeep’s rear and the supports that hold the back seat. These clamps are located centerline of the back wheel on either side of the surface behind the front seats. 

Step 2: Adjust the Jeep’s back seat. It will be easier to operate and see what you’re doing when you collapse the seat. Verify that the safety belts are tucked under the seats rather than jutting out the back. If that’s the way seat belts are, they can’t be used. 

Step 3: Adjust one seat back until the metal hook is in the socket. When properly placed, it’ll click into place.

Step 4: Drop the opposite side of the seat, letting the fasteners click into the socket. If properly installed, the seat won’t wiggle. You may check it by lightly pushing the seat. If it slides, it isn’t correctly placed. If the seat cannot be moved, recline it to an upright posture.


Can Jeep Wrangler Seats Be Replaced?

Alter the look and feel of the vehicle’s seats with the Jeep Wrangler seat hardware. We provide a choice of seating options in various designs and materials. Depending on the budget and desired appearance, you may significantly change the Jeep Wrangler by purchasing new seats. 

Can JL Seats Be Used In a JK?

The seats may work, but the positions may not be favorable to comfort. Therefore, a trial fit is the best alternative. Alternately, if you are capable, be prepared to create customized seat brackets to get the desired fit. 

How Do You Adjust the Seats on a Jeep? 

The rear seat of more recent versions may be moved out from the side doors. Simply raise the front of the rear seat and slide it forward to remove it. In older Jeep Wranglers, the rear seat must be removed from its location and carried out the side doors. This demands the participation of a minimum of one additional individual.

How Do You Repair a Torn Seat?

Take a bit of glue bigger than the torn opening, then insert it into the hole and place the fabric patch on top. Follow the instructions on the glue and heat the cloth and adhesives using an iron. They must bind, and the glue should attach to the fabric inside.

How Much Would It Cost to Repair a Car Seat Tear?

For repairs, most leather firms charge a minimum of $150 per hour. In situations when the problem is a broken seam, the cost would likely be between $250 to $400. This is due to the fact that split stitches, which are effectively massive tears, need heavier equipment to repair than tiny tears and defects.

Final Note

Seats for the Jeep JK are available in several designs. This article covers all expenses related to replacing the seats in a Jeep JK as well as provides additional info on the replacement procedure. If you notice any problems regarding the seats, replace those seats with new ones as early as possible.

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