How to Replace Your Jeep JK’s Shift Knob For Under $50

A damaged or unresponsive shift knob may significantly change the Jeep’s driving experience. It is tough to utilize a shift knob that is damaged. Therefore, if the shift knob on the Jeep JK is broken, replace it immediately.

The price of a shift knob may range from around $50 to $250 or more. It is based on where it is purchased and the vehicle’s type. The bearing installation will cost around $175 to $300, or possibly more, based on other conditions.

This article will cover all you need to understand about the Jeep JK gear knob. Keep reading to know about the replacement project’s estimated cost and procedures.

Jeep JK Shift Knob Replacement Cost

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A few elements contribute to the estimation of the cost to change the shift knob on a Jeep Wrangler JK. Typically, the shift knob alone will cost between $50 and $250. In addition, the cost of labor will vary from around $125 and $175.

Although, this estimate will differ based on a number of essential factors. Also, this includes the type, substance, and maker of the shift knob.

The Jeep’s type, manufacturing year, and selected service provider will all be in the projected price.

When do You Change the Shift Knob on The Jeep JK?

The shift knob may corrode, get cracked, or become jammed. If some of these occur, the shift knob should be replaced. When purchasing a new shift knob for replacement, ensure that it can be fixed properly. If it can be repaired, it is preferable to fix it instead of replacing it.

How Hard Is It to Replace a Shift Knob?

Replacement of the shift knob is not a challenging task. There are some easy steps by which anyone can replace them on their own. In addition, anybody with a good understanding of instruments and knobs can change them. Although, if you have no knowledge of automobiles or instruments, you should take the Jeep to a service center and get it fixed by an expert.

What Are the Steps to Replacing the Shift Knob on a Jeep Wrangler?

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The shift knobs are the big plastic knobs that connect to the head of the gearbox bar of a wrangler or other truck with a manual gearbox.

To change the shift knob, do the following procedures.

Instruments Required for the Shift Knob:

  • Wrench
  • Driver and screw set

Step 1: Find the gearbox knob, which is connected to the end of the steering wheel rod. Most gear shift knobs are positioned in one of 2 ways. First, make holes carved into the gearbox bar or a tiny bolt at the bottom of the knob. And it will fasten it to the crankshaft.

Step 2: Spin the knobs counter-clockwise or unscrew the bolt at the bottom of the knob to release it from the crankshaft. Next, insert the new knobs onto the crankshaft in a clockwise direction. Then slide it onto the crankshaft and lock the bolt at the bottom of the knobs.

Few Precautionary Measures to Observe:

Step 1: Security must always come first. Therefore, it is preferable to activate the handbrake first. Nobody really wants the Jeep to move or accidentally slide while attempting to fix the shifting knob. 

Therefore, before beginning the operation, you must activate the handbrake. After using the hand brake, be sure to place the gear in neutral. This will allow you to exercise more grip over the shifting gears during the operation.

Step 2: Now, remove the stock shifting knob. There are two ways to do it.

The first way utilizes the threading on the base of the knob. This connection may be found within the gearshift as well. Just turn the control knob to unscrew it, and you are good to go.

The second way is unbolting the bolt that attaches the knobs to the gearshift.

This procedure may even be accomplished with a screwdriver. This is the correct way of removing the shifting knob. Regardless of the strategy you select, you must ensure that the process has no flaws.

After getting the old shift knob off the steering wheel, it’s time to put on the fresh one. Whether you detached the lever from the gearbox by loosening them, the reinstallation process is the same.

To ensure the knobs are correctly positioned, twist them as much as necessary. Now move through the gearboxes to ensure that the replacement happened without a problem.

It is important to be sure about the positioning of the knob. So that it suits more properly while shifting gears. Therefore, to improve the experience of driving, apply these mentioned shift knob adjustment procedures.


How Much Would a Shift Gear Knob Replacement Cost?

A replacement shift knob may cost anywhere between $50 and $100 in components alone. Also, a stock gear knob may cost between $75 to $175.

Are Automated Shift Knobs Replaceable?

If you want to change the automated shift knob, the procedures below will guide you in doing so. Often, shifting knobs on manual gearbox Jeeps are modified. Many must be replaced because of maintenance. In contrast, others are regarded as too rough for regular usage. 

Are All Shift Knobs the Same?

Many shifting knobs are universally similar. They may be installed in a variety of Jeeps and shifting knobs. Nevertheless, you’ll require a converter if the shifting knobs you purchase do not fit the crankshaft properly. You must examine the shift knobs to ensure that they are suitable for the Jeep JK.

What Is the Procedure for Removing a JL Shifting Knob?

Use a tiny flat-head driver. Then insert it among the panel and the upholstery in the bottom of the trunk. It’ll pop up. Next, raise over the knobs to see the torque adjustment screws. After removing this, the knobs and boots will be detached immediately.

How Can I Determine Whether the Shifting Knob Will Fit?

Suppose you’re not aware of what type the shifter is. And if you think it’s original, use it as a reference. When you’ve worked it out, visit the local hardware shop. And check it with a jam screw. If it suits, then everything is ok. You know which size to select.

Final Note

Driving with the faulty shifting knob that keeps falling off is uncomfortable and frustrating. Also, it can be deadly while driving o the roadway.

A number of aftermarket suppliers provide shifting knobs with special features. Most of these are made using unusual materials such as leather and forged steel.

Some manufacturers provide unique gear shifting knobs for Jeep drivers who want to customize their Jeep’s interiors. Therefore, it is better to repair a damaged or broken shifting knob before it can cause any additional damage.

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