Replace Your Jeep Liberty’s Heater Core Under $100! Here’s the Estimated Price:

The heater core is an essential part of the refrigeration system of the Jeep. Unfortunately, the refrigerant system in the Jeep may sometimes get damaged. If it does, replace it as soon as possible. 

The replacement cost of the heater core in a Jeep Liberty varies based on whether you do it yourself or hire an expert. It will cost you around $75 for the heater core if done manually. Also, it can be closer to $125 if you purchase a system that contains all the other components.

If you hire an expert, you must additionally pay for the labor cost. Labor costs vary a lot, but a trained professional should be able to execute the replacement in around 5 hours. If the pay rate in the area is $100, you can expect to pay around $500 besides labor.

Jeep Liberty Heater Core Replacement Cost

the removal process of Jeep Liberty heater core

You may pick between saving money and saving time. But hiring a professional in this situation would certainly provide you greater piece of job. If you choose to change the heater core personally in the garage, the heater core would cost you about $75.

Although, it is generally a good idea to get a full heater core package. The kit includes the entrance door, clamps, pipes, and O-rings needed for the replacement. The whole bundle will cost you roughly $175.

You will have to spend a great deal of money on labor if you take your Jeep Liberty to a workshop. Rates vary significantly around the state. However, $50 is a decent place to start.

If you consider an expert who will take about five hours to do the work, you will pay approximately $500, plus the price of the supplies. The estimated cost depends on the location where you live.

When Do You Change the Heater Core in a Jeep Liberty?

Common problems of a malfunctioning heater core in a Jeep Liberty include a clog or a crack that leaks refrigerant. If the heater core is compromised, you may suffer the following symptoms.

1. The Odor of Refrigerant

First, if a Jeep Liberty’s heating core is leaking, you may probably smell refrigerant inside the vehicle. This has a nice perfume that will remain within you for a long time after you’ve sniffed it. 

In addition, if you check the floor on the back seat, you might notice that it is moist. The moisture is the result of refrigerant leakage. If left unchecked, the leaking refrigerant might eventually corrode the floor mat completely.

2. Insufficiency of Heat

An insufficiency of heat in the interior is another sign that the heating core in the Jeep Liberty is defective.

If you turn on the heater in the Jeep Liberty, but nothing happens, you may be experiencing one of a number of issues.

Most probably, the issue is that you can’t detect the blast. In addition, the Jeep driver’s valve regulates to control the amount of heat entering the interior that might get jammed.

If none of these causes explains the engine’s insufficiency of heat, the very next procedure is to check the refrigerant amounts. If the refrigerant flow is sufficient, the heater core may be inspected. In this instance, the center may be blocked.

3. Hazy Screens

The presence of hazed screens is a more severe indication of a defective Jeep Liberty heater core. If the glasses hazed up when you turn on the heater, the heater core could be leaking refrigerants.

The core leaks refrigerant, which is evaporated by the heat created by the core. The heater’s core essentially converts into a coolant dehumidifier.

Vapor on the windshield means the refrigerant is reaching the engine compartment. Due to the toxicity of refrigerant fumes, anybody sitting in the Liberty will inhale poisons.

4. Overheating of the Engine

Technician Checking Car Engine

Finally, if the Jeep’s heater core is faulty, the Jeep may overheat.

The heater core simultaneously heats the interior and cools the refrigerant that passes through it. If the refrigerant can’t release its heat, it can’t effectively cool the heated engine. 

A malfunctioning heater core isn’t the most probable cause of an overheating engine.

Consequently, you must examine the heater core if the motor gets too hot. Check if there are further indicators of heater core issues. If they show up, then replace it soon.

Guide for Jeep Liberty Heater Core Installation

If the Jeep Liberty’s heater core is damaged beyond repair, it should be replaced. The process of replacing the heater core is time-consuming. The technique of placing the core into the HVAC engine vessel is simple.

Replacement of the Heater Core requires some equipment. These include:

  • Stands
  • Connectors
  • A plug set
  • Bolts and Allen wrenches
  • A shovel pans
  • Cloths

This is a detailed guide for replacing the heater core in the Jeep Liberty:

Step 1: First, disconnect the airbag and detach the dash. The interface includes several connections and links, which can make you confused.

Step 2 – The panel is comprised of several parts. So, you should keep a record of each part and the associated nuts, bolts, and screws.

Step 3: Importantly, you would need to deal with the conditioning and exhaust ventilation systems, which might be complex as well. In addition, Gas leakage is accompanied by a number of regulations and dangers.

Step 4: Know how to control the use of refrigerant in an environmentally friendly way. Later, replacing the heater core is a lengthy process.

Step 5: Based on the technical skill, the process could take about 10 hours. Check you have the necessary time and mobility choices to complete the task. If you still decide to do it personally, get ready to replace it by getting the necessary paperwork.

How Could You Keep the Jeep Warm Without a Heater?

There seem to be a few other low-cost solutions for keeping warm while the Jeep’s heater is being serviced.

  • Get a good parking slot.
  • Cover the windscreen.
  • Start stocking up on emergency heating kits.
  • Buy a cover for plug-in heating in the Jeep.
  • Keep covers in the back seat.


Is Replacing a Heater Core Very Necessary?

It depends on how much you value a well-functioning refrigeration and heating unit. But there’s no rush if the Jeep’s engine gets too hot and refrigerant flows on the ground. If not, you need to get it repaired immediately.

How Much Would It Price to Change the Jeep’s Heater Core?

The typical cost of replacing the heater core in a Jeep Wrangler is somewhere around $850 to $1000. The cost of labor is projected to be around $600 to $750, whereas the cost of components is $250. 

What Is the Cost of Replacing a Heater Core?

The entire cost of components and labor price to hire an expert to repair the heater core will vary from around $850 to $1,250. Make an appointment with different repair businesses to compare labor expenses.

Can You Replace the Heater Core on Your Own?

Move old heating core components to the fresh ones before installation. Install the replacement core, connectors, pipes, and drainage pipe. After securing the heater core, connectors, pipes, and tubing, you may add fresh refrigerant to the heater.

Final Note

Jeep Liberty’s heating core is an essential part. It maintains rear passengers warm while decreasing the engine temperature.

You could be capable of driving a small distance with a broken heater core. But you will eventually cause the vehicle to overheat. Several cylinder chambers may be badly harmed if the motor gets too hot. You may change the heater core on your own and save big bucks in labor costs.

In contrast, changing the heater core needs to detach the dashboard and interact with the Heating system. If you employ an expert, you should budget for around eight hours of work at the going rate in the area.

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