How to Get a New Jeep Steering Wheel for a Low Cost

Bad steering wheels make driving difficult, so replace them as early as possible.

The price of a new steering wheel could be anywhere from $150 to $200.

The labor cost depends on the Jeep’s specific model.

If you know how to do basic automotive repair, you might save cash by replacing the steering wheel by yourself.

Jeep Steering Wheel Replacement Cost

Jeep Steering Wheel

Before replacing the jeep steering wheel, you should have detailed cost expenditures. 

The price of a new steering wheel can range from $120 to $150.

The labor cost depends on the type and model of the Jeep. Large numbers of Jeep drivers have complained about the steering having too much play and pulling too much. So, the only choice is to replace it.

You can put these steering wheels on any Jeep model. So, you pick based on what you are comfortable with.

When Should You Get a New Steering Wheel for the Jeep?

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The steering wheel manages how you control the car. Turning the wheel delivers rotating motion to the steering system. Even a small turn makes all of the wheels go in the angular position.

When the steering isn’t working right, you normally get a lot of warning signs. And they will remain with you till the steering wheel is fixed.

  • It can be hard to turn the wheel bar sometimes
  • The wheel shakes a lot
  • The steering wheel keeps slipping when you attempt to hold it or turn it in an angular position
  • It may even be very loose.

These are the signs that you need a new one.

So, don’t wait too long, or you may soon face an accident on a highway. If the Jeep’s steering wheel seems to be loosened, you must fix it as soon as possible.

Loose steering can make it very hard to keep the Jeep going straight. Also, it can make you more likely to get into an accident.

Guidelines for Jeep Steering Wheel Replacement

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Changing the steering wheel is among the most common vehicle-part changes you can make to the Jeep. Aftermarket steering wheels are often better fitting and narrower in size, allowing for easier steering and more accuracy.

You may replace the steering wheel at a workshop or do it at your home. If you are taking a DIY approach, carefully follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get a Steering Wheel

Before buying a replacement, ensure you have the right specifications and measurements. It’s an effective step before taking apart the steering wheel so that nothing bad happens. Consider standard connectors instead.

Step 2: Take Off the Covers Made of Plastic

The plastic wrapper is all over the engine, on the upper end, and on all four sides. Since they are held together by small bolts, you have to be very careful and take the time.

Step 3: Take the Cables Apart

Due to the advanced steering wheel’s many features, it has a mess of wires from the dashboards to the steering wheel. So, before changing the steering wheel, you must deactivate the battery.

We’re sure that the jeep drivers don’t want to have any problems with the electricity. Also, you should be aware of the airbag. If it’s hard for you, then please hire a professional. 

Then it should be easy to unplug all of the cables that go to the steering wheel. Find and dismantle the connections, not the cables. If you break or tear the cables, things could go very wrong. 

Step 4: Tighten the Center Lug Nut

After you take the cables off, you should be able to see the central lug nut that keeps the steering column in place.

Most of the time, you can unplug with simple tools. Don’t waste time changing the steering wheel as early as possible.

Step 5: Remember to Lubricate the Parts

You will notice that the central lug nut and its space are oily. This is common because the grease will lubricate the part of the steering wheel that moves all the time.

To make sure that everything is working right, you must put grease on the center part all the way through. There’s nothing more to do; you’re done replacing the wheel.

The new steering wheel you installed should work well. But, as this short article shows, changing the steering wheel on your own comes with its own risks. So, don’t hesitate to hire someone who can actually help you to replace it.


What Is the Jeep Steering Wheel Replacement Cost?

Components and labor service fees will cost around $450 and $850. This range excludes fees, taxes, the model year, and the region. Other adjustments may also be required.

Can You Install a Steering Wheel in a Jeep Yourself? 

You must properly install a Jeep steering wheel. First, buy a jeep-specific steering wheel. You may install the new Jeep steering wheel when you’re confident it fits.

Is It Possible to Change the Steering Wheel on A Jeep?

Steering angle replacement is a popular aftermarket repair. The aftermarket steering wheel fits better and is usually smaller. It allows for faster steering and accurate driving. 

How Long Do Steering Columns Typically Last?

The steering column is used all the time you drive, yet it’s not as damaged as other parts. The Jeep’s steering column should last forever. But even it doesn’t replace quickly.

Final Note

A steering wheel and its system steer a jeep. It controls the driver’s rotating directions into the front wheel. Any issue with this part of the vehicle might risk the driver’s life.

Changing a defective steering wheel is a must. So, don’t waste time thinking about the cost expenditure of the steering replacement. We mentioned all types of costs here in this article.

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