Is Replacing a New Jeep TIPM Expensive? Here’s the Replacement Cost

When one component’s failure turns the Jeep useless, it is the TIPM. Every one of the electronic parts in the Jeep is quite adequate, which contributes to the vehicle’s durability. The Jeep’s efficiency is related to its TIPM. 

Based on the strategy, the cost of fixing the TIPM system might vary from $250 to $1,350.

If you want to replace the entire TIPM system in the Jeep, it will price you $1,500, including the labor fee. The failure of a TIPM is costly to repair and a significant problem, but the best part is that it is replaceable.

Jeep TIPM Replacement Cost

When selecting whether to change the current TIPM, you should first evaluate the budget. We will immediately review everything with you to ensure that you’re not going to be spending too much of your money.

Typically, the budget range falls around $250 to $1,500. However, when replacing the current TIPM, please remember that the price may vary based on several variables. Another thing to keep in mind is the Jeep model.

The model impacts the price of the TIPM. Therefore, if you have a budget of $2,500, you will have several possibilities. Here are some alternative options for the Jeep’s current TIPM.

When Can the Jeep’s TIPM Be Replaced?

Repairing TIPM Jeep Wrangler JK diesel

If the TIMP fails in the Jeep, you must immediately replace the TIPM to prevent complications. Here are some early symptoms to be aware of.

1. Malfunctioning Airbag Release 

As per the majority of rules and manufacturing requirements for jeeps, all vehicles should be fitted with airbags. Again, it’s because they minimize the extent of automotive accident-related damages and casualties. 

A TIMP technical fault might result in airbag activation in the incorrect way. Airbag deployment malfunction and irregular activation are nearly often the result of a malfunctioning TPIM. 

2. Defective Engine

Jeeps are renowned for their speed. Although, the performance ratings will drop severely if the engine stops. A stopped engine is among the most prevalent signs of a failing TIMP system.

3. Weak Locking Mechanism

Most Jeeps are equipped with a keyless entry mechanism that enables all doors to be locked from a single place. Power is necessary for the operation of the machine. If the TIMP system cannot provide this power, it won’t operate.

Imagine that the closed door constantly opens or refuses to unlock. Of course, if the Jeep’s TIMP mechanism is malfunctioning, you won’t have to imagine this issue; you would feel it. 

4. Failure to Start the Engine

If the Jeep is experiencing TIMP loss, starting the Jeep will be the most complex challenge. Starting the Jeep is an electric operation that needs a properly functioning TIMP system. If the Jeep has difficulty starting, the TIMP engine may need servicing.

TIMP problems in the Jeeps extend beyond these indications. Failure of the fuel system, the headlamps, and the windscreen wipers are further signs of TIMP failure. A combo of these indications may suggest a faulty TIMP system.

5. Wiring Harness Problems

Even though the PCM displays a fault signal, the issue could be with the wiring harness. After inspection, repair any rusted connectors or torn cables. If everything seems to be in order, use a multimeter to ensure that nothing was overlooked.

This is yet another common problem if the battery wiring has been shorted to the Jeep’s chassis. Inspect the current battery cables as well. Many PCM issues are brought on by low voltage. 

Beyond that, it’s a wise option to use different diagnostic techniques based on the specific fault code shown.

Guide for Jeep TIPM Installation

Installing Jeep TIPM

The most effective solution for a malfunctioning TIPM is to replace the current system totally. You may get a whole new TIPM system for the Jeep. This is an effective long-term solution. The problem is that TIPM replacement might be somewhat costly.

Few Equipment and Materials That Are Needed to Replace the TIPM

These include:

  • 15mm bolt and wrench
  • 12mm spanner
  • A tiny tip flathead screwdriver
  • Stopwatch or timing device
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Torque wrench

Procedures About How to Replace the TIPM In the Jeep

1. Confirm the Relay

Look to the circuit or switch code carved or written within the fastening cover of the Jeep’s TIPM. It is to confirm that the relay associated with the malfunctioning system is situated in the TIPM. If the relay is not shown on the diagram, read the manual to determine the exact location of all plugs and circuits in the Jeep.

2. Remove the faulty TIPM

Raise the bonnet and disconnect the negative battery connection before beginning. Replace the TIPM head with a 15mm bolt and wrench. Using a 12mm spanner, disconnect the lead from the TIPM. Disconnect the hooks that attach the TIPM to the vehicle using a small flat screwdriver.

By using a screwdriver, detach the connections on the base of the TIPM by pressing on the small black buttons in the center of each grey clip. Then turn the clips low to release it. When all of the wires have been severed, unplug the TIPM. 

3. Add the New TIPM

Attach each of the seven harnesses to the upgraded TIPM in the engine chassis by turning them and securing them in place using clamps. After arranging the device to fit into the mounting kit, press down to tighten all of the hooks. Replace the wire and locking nut. Connect the negative dc wire after the installation of the TIPM cover.

4. Configure the New TIPM

After placing the key into the engine into “ON” for 15 seconds, the new TIPM can obtain all needed jeep setup and VIN information from the CCN & PCM. Then, to ensure that everything is functioning correctly, switch off the engine and start the Jeep regularly.


Can The Fuel Pump Relay Be Bypassed?

By bypassing the fuel pump relay, the fuel pump is supplied with a constant +15VDC. Therefore, even though the engine is turned off, the fuel pump receives direct power from a battery. To directly activate and deactivate the gasoline pump, you could use a jumper cable with a power button.

How Does a Fuel Pump Relay Malfunction?

The engine stalls if the fuel pressure relay breaks while the automobile operates. A defective circuit may enable the Jeep to be started after a little delay. But a relay that has totally failed would not.

How Much Does the Replacement of a TIPM Module Cost?

Repairing the TIPM system might cost between $250 and $1,500. Based on the approach used, if you want to replace the whole TIPM system in the Jeep, it will cost you $1500, including the labor fee. The loss of a TIPM is costly to repair and a significant problem, but the best part is that it’s adjustable.

Is It Possible to Change a TIPM Yourself?

Once a TIPM has been identified as the cause of the issue, its replacement is easy. The TIPM doesn’t need to be coded, but it must be customized for the vehicle. Hence, a “Repair Car Config” operation will be required, including entering the VIN code into the TIPM.

Final Note

We have completed discussing the expense of upgrading the Jeep’s TIPM. You are now responsible for selecting the best TIPM at the cheapest cost.

You may select a TIPM from any of the local garages or automotive stores. Aside from that, you are free to create your own style. Therefore, keep all key details in mind and purchase the required TIPM. And remember that ignoring the signs will result in permanent damage to the Jeep.

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