How to Save Money on a Jeep TJ Dash Replacement

The Jeep display panel is positioned on the automobile’s dashboard. The sensors and functions of any Jeep are kept and shown on the dashboard. Therefore, it is important to understand when it becomes spoiled and must be replaced.

The usual price of replacing the dashboard at a qualified service shop is between $2,250 and $3,000.

This article will provide a detailed analysis of the expense of replacing the dashboard in a Jeep TJ. You will also know how to get a good deal on your project.

Jeep TJ Dash Replacement Cost

jeep tj dashboard replacement

It is essential to get an accurate estimate of the Jeep TJ dashboard’s purchase price for preparing a budget.

Note that the cost estimate will differ based on the extent of the damage. It also varies whether you use an automobile garage or do it at home.

If you intend to replace the broken or damaged dash of the Jeep TJ at a reputable garage, the cost will vary depending on the Jeep’s model.

The manufacturing year, dashboard configuration, chosen dashboard replacement option, selected garage, and the regional maintenance rate – all play important factors in the cost.

According to reports, the cost to repair the Jeep TJ dashboard might range from $2,250 to $3,000. Where the real cost of components will range from around $1,250 to $1,750. In addition, labor costs for the replacements will range between $500 and $780.

However, if you install it yourself using a cheap alternative plastic dashboard replacement package, the price might range from around $115 to $220. For metal choices, the price may go from $850 to $1250.

Moreover, if the Jeep’s dashboard doesn’t need to be replaced on its whole, the price will vary based on the current cost of that component. As well as the service labor rate.

For example, if you simply need to repair the steering wheel on the Jeep TJ, the cost may range somewhere from around $750 to $850. For this service, labor costs will range between $85 and $150.

Note that this estimate of the cost to replace the dashboard doesn’t include local taxes or other costs.

When Do You Replace the Dash in Your Jeep TJ?

Car Dashboard

You must replace the jeep’s screen system or dashboard as early as you detect it needs a replacement. In addition to these indications, a dash’s slow degradation may also be indicated by several symptoms.

  • If you see that the covering of the Jeep’s dashboard has begun to bend, keep in mind that this may indicate a defective dashboard. Dashboard bending only happens when the screen panel is repeatedly exposed to extreme temperatures without cooling.
  • A damaged instrument cluster pad is another clear symptom of a malfunctioning dashboard in the Jeep. Remember that a damaged pad may be quite hazardous for the front passenger and driver. As quickly as you see this, you must replace the dashboard. 
  • You may also see abnormal movements on the instrument cluster of the Jeep if the dash has been broken or has a bad connection. Particularly if you notice that the steering wheel is unstable, call a professional to inspect the Jeep’s dashboard and replace it if necessary. Regularly inspect the installation places on the Jeep’s dash because the weak connections or damage might cause dashboard malfunction.

Instructions for Installing The Dash on A Jeep TJ

Installing The Dash on A Jeep TJ

Once you have agreed to change the dashboard of the Jeep TJ following seeing any of the mentioned symptoms. It’s time to examine the equipment required to complete the replacement. 

Necessary Equipment:

  • Replacement part dashboard assembly.
  • Set of Basic Mechanical Instruments.

Next, carefully stick to the given instructions.

Step 1: Detach the Jeep’s battery with caution to prevent any accidents. Also, any damages to the Jeep’s power system while replacing.

Step 2: Remove and dismantle the steering column, instrument panel, center console, and ventilation systems. Even any leftover screws, connections, or boards on the Jeep’s dashboard.

Step 3: Ensure there are no leftover connections to disconnect. Then, detach the instrument panel and trim elements from the dashboard entirely.

Step 4: Next, detach and remove any leftover bolts keeping the dash in place. Using a flat driver, detach the old dash carefully. Be cautious while detaching the dashboard, and don’t damage any plastic panels or jeep components.

Step 5: Keep the old dash safe since you may use several hooks and bolts. Also, don’t forget to change the jeep identifying number tag before installing it on the new dash.

After this, you would need help to install the new dashboard into the Jeep safely. Ensure that you have correctly positioned and slipped it into position.

Step 6: Now you’ve installed the replacement in place of the old dash, repeat the previous dismantling procedures to complete the installation.

Additionally, you may need to repair the damaged or faulty components. For example, the glove compartment, ventilation systems, instrument panel, and steering column. However, if you don’t need to repair any other particular components, you must replace the bolts and nuts.

Reinstall the remaining components just as they were installed before. Attach the wires to the instrument panel, and then secure it with screws. Attach the Jeep’s charger and verify that everything is in position and functioning properly.

Note that this replacement process involves mechanical knowledge and skill. If you are not skilled at such tasks, hiring a professional maintenance service is best.


Can I Use My Jeep TJ Without a Dash?

Absolutely, you can. But doing so isn’t advised. It isn’t practical to operate a jeep without a dashboard. As it is too risky to drive through the roads without the help of emergency lights or indicators. This action will quickly raise the risk of a major accident. If you do not want to endanger yourself, the Jeep should also have a high-quality dash.

Which is Better, an Aluminum or a Plastic Dash Replacement Kit?

Aluminum is the best material as it is more lasting and dependable than plastic. But this doesn’t imply that the plastic dashboard replacements kit is not robust and dependable. There are several replacement plastic dashboard kits available. And you can actually find alternatives ranging from cheap to high priced. Moreover, aluminum parts are much more costly than plastic dashboard replacement kits.

Final Note

Jeep TJ vehicles have high-quality factory dashboards. However, they may become defective, scratched, loosened, or shattered with time. When this occurs, one must replace the defective old dashboard with a high-quality one.

To change the dashboard in the Jeep TJ, be sure to read all the material and follow the instructions given in this article.

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