Most Affordable Way to Replace Jeep Wrangler Headlights

The headlight bulbs are covered in a casing that lights the road and makes the Jeep visible to other pedestrians and cars. The Jeep’s electrical system powers them. 

As they’re a protection element, the vehicle’s headlights must always be in order. As headlights get dirty and the bulbs dim and flame out over a period, they must be inspected and, if required, replaced.

Replacing the headlight bulbs on a Jeep Wrangler costs between $50 and $150.

Jeep Wrangler Headlights Replacement Cost

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The replacement of the Jeep’s headlights depends on the reason for the issue. Sometimes the whole headlight housing must be replaced, whereas other times, the light bulbs must be replaced.

We have made an estimated cost to replace Jeep Wrangler Headlights for the Jeep drivers. Firstly, the anticipated labor cost is somewhere between $45 to $65, whereas the cost of components is $85. This pricing range is determined by the number and average age of the Wranglers on the road.

It costs somewhere around $25 and $45 to install a Halogen light bulb, and an extra $65 is needed. According to some aftermarket car parts stores, replacing an HID light bulb costs $150 more than per light bulb. In contrast, the cost of replacing a whole headlight system ranges from $300 to $650.

When Do You Replace the Headlight on Jeep Wrangler?

Light bulbs in vehicles don’t last forever. Instead, they degrade, rust, collapse, or hit the end of their useful life over a period. When this happens, a replacement light bulb must be installed.

It is illegal to operate a vehicle without functioning headlights. You would never know when you’ll be in a reduced-visibility situation. Change a Jeep Wrangler light bulb as soon as you notice an issue.

Immediately Replace the Headlights if any of the Situations below Occur

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The Bulb Has Failed

If a headlight light bulb dies, all kinds of headlight light bulbs should be changed. It is the most common scenario.

A Light Bulb Has Burned Out

Many light bulbs, especially halogen bulbs, produce much less light as their filaments age. Since HID and LED light bulbs don’t fade with time, they are often only repaired when the source of light breaks.

The Headlight Circuitry Is Malfunctioning

This should be noted that in some instances, the light bulbs are not the reason replacements are required. Instead, the problem may lie in the light bulb’s cabling, circuit interconnections, lightbulb sockets, or system components.

On the market nowadays, there are several headlights/bulbs. It includes sealed headlights, xenon connector lights, HID, and LED light bulbs.

A technician may utilize the Jeep identification number in exceptional cases to determine what light bulbs exist on that specific Jeep since some models are available with many choices.

Instructions for Jeep Wrangler Headlight Installation

jeep headlight

Replacing a Jeep’s headlight is one of the simpler automotive adjustments. Even if other problems need professional assistance, this isn’t the situation with the JK since the grille has been removed to reach each housing. 

This presents challenges and may cost you money. Use this detailed guide to replace the headlights on the Jeep JK rather than wasting money at a local repair shop.

  • Focus on two grey hooks near the headlights to open the bonnet.
  • To remove the hooks from the bonnet, move them aside from it.
  • Underneath the bonnet, pull the handle to the left from the right. After doing this, you may raise the bonnet.
  • To hold the bonnet open, place the supporting pole into the specified hole on the bottom of the bonnet.
  • The grill’s top includes six push-on latches.
  • Remove the bolts using a screwdriver with a flat head and keep the bolts carefully.
  • If the bolts would not move, use two flathead fasteners on either side of the fastener to pull them out.
  • A chamber that houses the left and right blinker lights is underneath the bumpers.
  • Twist the cables toward the ground and remove the light bulb with caution.
  • Treat the light bulb with care at all times.
  • The top of the grill must be devoid of attachments and loose.
  • Push the bottom of the grille hard until it detaches from the Jeep.
  • Four screws are holding the headlight in place. With a star screwdriver, unscrew the headlight’s star screws.
  • Hold the headlight in position while unscrewing the last screw to protect it from dropping.
  • Using the hand, detach the silver rings from the headlight.
  • Locate the headlight’s red tab on the socket connection and pull it away from the light bulb.
  • To disconnect the connection from the headlight, gently pull it away.


Is Driving with a Damaged Headlight Safe?

For safe nighttime driving, headlights should always be fully operational.

If you only drive the Jeep during daylight hours and it has a faulty headlight, you may delay the replacement to a more suitable time.

In the USA, headlights are required anytime a Jeep is driven on open streets between dusk and dawn.

Can LED Light Bulbs Be Installed in a Jeep Wrangler?

Even though the LED light bulbs are now standard on Wranglers as of the 2018 model year, Wrangler drivers may still upgrade their secondary lighting system to LED light bulbs or even replace the existing lights with more potent alternatives.

LED light bulbs are initially more costly than halogen lights, but they might save money over the long term due to their extended lifespan.

How Much Would It Cost to Replace an Entire Headlight System?

Bring it to a garage, and the cost to replace the headlamp assembly will be between $350 and $1500.

According to most aftermarket auto parts retailers, changing a single high-intensity discharge bulb may cost $150 or more, while the cost to repair the complete headlight assembly ranges from $350 to $750.

How Much Does Headlight Replacement Labor Cost?

The typical cost of replacing a headlight bulb is somewhere between $150 and $350.

The cost of labor is approximated around $50 to $75, while the cost of components ranges from $90 to $120. This range excludes fees and taxes and doesn’t account for the particular Jeep or region. Similar adjustments may also be required.

How long do headlights typically last?

If one of the headlight bulbs has burned out, you should immediately replace it with a new set. The average headlight on a vehicle may last between 750 and 1,250 hours. However, this depends on several variables. For example, many headlight bulbs are so energy-efficient that they may survive over 25,000 hours.

Final Note

If the Jeep’s headlights are not functioning correctly, they must be changed immediately. This article includes all the costs related to replacing the headlights on a Jeep Wrangler.

We hope this information will be helpful. Driving using burned-out headlights will cause accidents and harm to passersby.

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