Get the Lowdown on Jeep Wrangler Thermostat Replacement Costs

The thermostat maintains the correct engine temperature and avoids overheating.

The engine might get damaged if you do not replace a defective thermostat with a new one. The motor may also overheat.

Jeep Wrangler thermostat replacement costs around $175, including $50 in components.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to understand about the other aspects that go into determining the replacement cost.

So, don’t worry if you don’t know what they are. We’ll guide you till the end of the replacement task.

Jeep Wrangler Thermostat Replacement Cost

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Before deciding to repair the Jeep Wrangler thermostat, you should have accurate information or a financial overview.

To support you, now we will explain and define every part of this replacement project and provide an estimated cost.

The typical cost of replacing the thermostat in a Jeep Wrangler automobile is $150, including $50 for components. Also mentioned are labor costs starting from $100 to $150.

Although, this estimated cost will vary based on various important variables, including the Jeep’s model, design, quality of materials, and year of manufacture. This range is based on the quantity and year of Jeep Wranglers.

Costs might differ depending on the location. $150 is the average price to replace the thermostat inside a Jeep Wrangler. Or, you may save time by hiring a technician.

If you have never previously performed this sort of replacement, you should hire an expert. Nonetheless, you may save a lot of cash.

Just take the time to get prices from as many local mechanics as needed. You may be able to find inexpensive solutions for the replacement and save a substantial amount of money.

Brand/ModelEstimated Labor CostPartsTotal Cost
Ford Fusion$100-125$30-65$135-150
Honda Accord$125-175$25-45$150-200
Honda Civic$185-200$40-50$220-250
Honda CR-V$150-260$45-85$180-250
Nissan Altima$100-150$32-40$132-250
Toyota Corolla$85-146$50-65$150-250
Toyota Camry$75-98$42-50$100-210
Ford Focus$150-250$25-35$175-250
Chevrolet Silverado$45-85$35-45$50-150
Ford F-Series$125-222$45-55$150-250

When Do You Replace the Thermostat in The Jeep Wrangler?

Replacing the Thermostat

The thermostat maintains the correct engine temperature and avoids overheating. If you do not replace a faulty thermostat with a new one, the engine could overheat.

If the thermostat is not changed, the engine might burn and blast. You do not need to be informed how awful the thermostat is and how much it may cost to repair it. 

The thermostat will be damaged by overheating due to sources other than a defective thermostat. If the motor gets too hot, the thermostat must always be replaced. You must replace it even if it was not the source of the excess heating.

When you do the major replacement on the main engine system, you must change the thermostat. It’s easy and cheap for replacements and servicing.

Gasoline, lubricant, and liquid protect the engine. It isn’t good to overheat. Surely, nothing is new information for you. A defective old thermostat is frequently the source of overheating; thus, this may be the issue.

In this situation, replace the thermostat because the new one can maintain the jeep Wrangler at the right temperature.

Jeep Wrangler Replacement Thermostat Instructions

After observing any of the above signs, consult a local repair center or experienced expert if you decide to replace the Jeep Wrangler thermostat. Firstly, you must remove the existing thermostat. The removal procedures are listed below:

  • Step 1: Separate the negative dc wire to separate it.
  • Step 2: Remove the exhaust covers.
  • Step 3: Remove the air cleaner’s housing.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the refrigeration system and remove it.
  • Step 5: Remove the thermostat assembly from the top radiator’s pipe.
  • Step 6: Loosen the bolts and thermostat housing.
  • Step 7: Disconnect and replace the thermostat casing sealant.

Now comes the installation phase:

  • Step 1: Wipe the chain drive cover and thermostat chamber connection.
  • Step 2: Change the casing seal for the thermostat with the new thermostat.
  • Step 3: Install the casing for the thermostat. Screws must be adjusted to the specified torque specifications.
  • Step 4: Attach the thermostat casing to the top radiator’s tube.
  • Step 5: Apply the liquid to the refrigerant system.
  • Step 6: Connect the air cleaner’s body.
  • Step 7: Install the engine cover.
  • Step 8: Connect the negative dc connection to the positive battery cable.
  • Step 9: Begin with a test for leakage.

Don’t remove the radiators while the circuit is hot and pressurized. Radiator burns may be quite severe. Additionally, housing and thermostat must be maintained. Simply disconnect the thermostat from the housing. Otherwise, the thermostat may be destroyed. 


How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Thermostat by a Mechanic?

The typical cost to replace a thermostat is around $500 and $650. The cost of labor is estimated at around $120 and $175, while the cost of components is somewhere around $385 and $400. This range excludes taxes and fees and does not account for your particular car or region.

Can You Drive If My Thermostat Is Broken? 

The obvious response to this question is no. While the Jeep may be technically capable of moving and transporting you, you should avoid driving it. This might cause further harm to the Jeep, particularly if the motor is overheated.

Can You Change the Own Jeeps Thermostat? 

Changing a jeep’s thermostat is a simple and affordable fix. It reduces the need for costly and time-consuming professional diagnoses, saving money and time. 

How Long Does Replacing a Vehicle Thermostat Take?

A service technician will need around 2 and 3 hours to replace a thermostat. Labor might cost $55 to $85 per hour.

Should The Thermostat Be Replaced When the Coolant Is Changed?

A thermostat only has to be changed if it fails to open and shut properly. If it becomes stuck in the locked state, cooling fluid is unable to flow, causing the engine to overheat. So, replace it to make it flow easily.

Final Words

A thermostat is a component of a car’s refrigeration system. It is not healthy to overheat. If a thermostat issue has been found, it must be resolved immediately. Failure to do so may result in expensive engine damage. So, replace the thermostat as early as possible.

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