How to Replace a Jeep Wrangler Throw-Out Bearing without Breaking the Bank

The throw-out bearing is also known as a “brake release bearing,” which is a part that is not used at any other time than when the automatic transmission pedal is pushed.

Once the throw-out bearing in the gearbox is damaged, it’ll interfere with the shifting process and may even affect the functioning of other gear and rear axle systems.

After ages of use and possibly even after being broken in a collision, the bearing might develop a fault and become unusable.

In any event, as quickly as you detect that the clutch releasing bearings is experiencing troubles, you have to get it changed as quickly as possible.

Jeep Wrangler Throw-Out Bearing Replacement Cost

Jeep Wrangler Clutch Replacing

You should expect to pay anything from $50 to $150 for a throw-out bearing. Although the cost of the new clutch might range anywhere from $350 to $750, the average price for one of these components would be somewhere in the middle of that range.

If you require an additional crankshaft, you’ll need to budget an additional $35 to $175 for it.

Jeep Wrangler Throw-Out Bearing Replacement Service Charge

The most expensive part of changing the throw-out bearings is going to be the work involved in doing so, as was previously noted.

It’ll take the technician six to seven hours to repair the throw-out bearings and the clutches. Also, the typical hourly cost for labor is $150 dollars. You should expect to pay around $100 to $500 for the work alone.

Changing the throw-out bearings will cost you between $250 and $650 in total expense, according to the entire estimate. However, it is quite probable that you’ll also want to repair the transmission at the same time, bringing the overall replacement cost closer to the range of $550 to $1500.

Total Cost

The replacement costs of a throw-out bearing may vary anywhere from $500 to $1750 typically, the vast majority of which is attributable to labor costs.

It will price you anything from $850 to $1,250 to have a professional technician repair the gear in the jeep. Even though this is a much more expensive option than just changing the throw-out bearings, it’s likely that the clutch would need a repair.

If you wind up having to perform the task twice, it will cost you an additional $450, which is money that you might have saved if you had just done everything at once. This is since the price of an additional throw-out bearing is normally just anywhere from $25 to $35.

Can You Replace Just the Throw-Out Bearing?

A throw-out bearing alone isn’t very costly and not very tough to replace as it is such a simple component. Because the whole gearbox has to be taken apart to get at it, the level of work that is required to do so is problematic.

It’s necessary that the bearings be there for the clutches to perform correctly because it enables the clutches to move easily inside the gearbox.

If you are going to replace the clutch, you should also replace the throw-out bearings at the same time. The installation of a new throw-out bearing is a straightforward process that any DIY technician can carry out.

Can I Drive With a Bad Throw-Out Bearing?

You may continue to drive the jeep with a damaged clutch release gear until either the clutch knobs or the diaphragmatic spring’s surface burn out, at which point the clutches won’t separate and you’ll hear a lot of creaking noise.

Although, eventually it’ll totally fall apart, and the component of the throw-out gear that does not rotate, will get into touch with the joints of the diaphragmatic springs that operate the clutches. When this happens, the noise will become very annoyingly loud.

Afterwards, there’ll be an extremely limited variety of procedures until everything completely falls apart. If this happens, the only way the vehicle will be able to move from its current location is if it is being dragged or carried on the back of a low-loader.

What Happens When a Throw-Out Bearing Goes Bad?

The bearing will get more worn out, making it increasingly difficult to push the brake pedal. In a short amount of time, you’ll arrive at a point where you’ll be unable to release the clutches. If this happens to you, you’ll be unable to change gears, which means you won’t be capable of driving the Jeep.

The shifting between gear and clutches should be easy and not have much resistance. If you find that changing gear is becoming harder for you or that the bearings are grinding against one another, it’s conceivable that the throw-out bearings have worn out.


What Causes A Discarded Bearing to Degrade?

At any point, throw-out bearings might fail. Long-term or heavy usage might cause it to malfunction. Aside from that, drivers who hold on to the accelerator pedal by accident run the risk of damaging their throw-out bearing. 

How Much Does A Clutch Bearing Repair Cost?

When there’s a problem with the transmission, it is common practice to change the clutch as well. The cost of a throw-out bearing might range from $50 to $150. New clutches may cost anywhere from $250 to $750, based on the make and model of the jeep.

Can Vibrations Be Generated by A Throw-Out Bearing?

Clutch sounds are by far the most prevalent sign of faulty throw-out bearings. While pushing the clutch, you may notice movements in the foot pedal. Changing gearboxes may also cause issues or scraping noises.

If You’ve Got A Faulty Clutch, How Far Can You Drive?

Clutch slippage may occur over a period of time ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. There’s no way about it: if the jeep’s transmission shifter starts to slide, it’ll put you in the trap.

Is It A Major Undertaking to Get A Clutch Replaced?

An enormous amount of time and effort is required. The garage will take care of it for the drivers. To persuade further, simply take a peek beneath the hood; it will be confusing.

Final Note

Keep the throw-out bearings in great condition and avoid being hit to it so that the clutch system will run at high efficiency and effectiveness. If you detect some indications of a faulty throw-out bearing, call in a specialist to replace the bearings.

The throw-out bearing is responsible for the smooth and easy transfer of gears, so don’t just keep it out of your replacement list.

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