UConnect Touch Screen Not Working in Jeep Compass & Cherokee

Technology has created new and inventive features for our homes, offices, and our vehicles. Uconnect is the Chrysler®, Dodge®, Jeep®, Fiat®, onboard internet connectivity system that helps with remote entry, locating a parked car, vehicle care, and more, more, more. Uconnect is operated using a touch-screen inside the vehicle. When that touch-screen does not respond it can be frustrating, at the very least.

Reasons Why Your Uconnect Touch Screen Unresponsive

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If your screen is not responding do not get upset. There could be very minor reasons why this is happening. Try all of the minor problem solvers before you rush to the dealership for repairs or service.

Check the Cable Connections

Under the dash of your Jeep a cable connects the touch-screen to the power source. It is possible that this cable has become loose, or is currently disconnected. Plugging the cable back in will solve the operational problem.

Corroded Wiring Harness

Inspect the wiring harness that connects to the touch-screen device. The wiring harness is located under the dash, and it is possible for the connectors on this harness to become corroded or even damaged. Look very carefully at the connectors, and if there is any sign of corrosion clean the corrosion away, and then re-plug the harness into the device.

Fuse Problems

Most of the time when the touch-screen freezes and then will do nothing the problem is related to a fuse. You can go to the fuse panel and unplug the fuse that powers the device. Wait for thirty seconds, then plug the fuse back in. You can also simply replace the fuse with a new one in case the fuse is blown or defective. It is best if you keep a few new fuses in the glove compartment of the vehicle for emergencies like this.

Short Circuits

Often the touch screen will blink on and off. When this happens, you are probably experiencing a short circuit. To repair the short circuit, you need to trace the wires in the wiring harness and make sure none of them have a break or a loose connection. If you find a bare place on the wire you can repair it by covering it with electrical tape.

A loose fuse or fuse that is going bad will also cause the screen to flicker, turn off, and turn on. Check your fuses, and replace them to see if adding a new fuse solves your problem.

How to Fix UConnect Touch Screen?

Reset the Uconnect System

It is possible that your Uconnect simply needs to be reset. This is not difficult to do. The following steps will help you reconnect a Uconnect 8.4 system. If you have an earlier system you may need to follow different steps to get it back online.

  1. Your vehicle must be in the park while you are performing the reset operation.
  2. The vehicle must be in the “run” mode but remain in the park.
  3. Locate the volume and tuner knob of the system. You need to press down both the volume and the tuner simultaneously and you have to hold the buttons down for at least twenty seconds.
  4. When you release the buttons the touch screen should display the vehicle name briefly and then go completely dark.
  5. Wait for three to five minutes and the brand name of the vehicle should reappear on the screen. At this point, the system will initialize operations again and then display the main selection screen.

When Your Phone is Not Working Through Uconnect

A drivers is checking his phone that is compatible with the Uconnect system

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You need to make sure that you are using a phone that is compatible with the Uconnect system. Most Black-Berry phones; such as the HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Danyo, Sony, Motorola, and LG phones are compatible. Check the phone by clicking the link located in the resources and entering the vehicle information. Then you will see the option to click on compatible phones, and a complete list of compatible phones will be displayed.

Check your phone and make certain that it has a 0.96 or higher blue tooth version. You can quickly make this check by choosing settings on the main menu of your phone and then choosing the phone info option. The version of Bluetooth loaded on the phone will be displayed.

Make certain that the Bluetooth on your phone is enabled. There will be a small icon button that you can click to choose to turn Bluetooth on or off.

Turn on the stereo and enter the pairing code. On the Bluetooth menu screen, you can tell the screen to search and it will look for a Bluetooth device to pair up with. If your phone prompts you to enter a passkey press “0000”.

Now assign a personal identification number of four digits by entering the number on the screen.

Final Thoughts

If you cannot get your Uconnect to work properly go to the dealership and have them run a diagnostic test. They will quickly discover the problem and get you hooked back up.

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