Understand the Jeep Cherokee Cold Weather Package

Maybe you have heard a Jeep Cherokee owner talking about the cold weather package they got with their vehicle.

The Jeep Cherokee cold weather package includes features that make driving in snow, frosty air, and over ice easier and safer.

What Is A Jeep Cherokee Cold Weather Package 

The cold weather package offers conveniences that make driving easier or riding in the vehicle more comfortable.

This package is a grouping of features designed to improve your comfort and safety in cold weather conditions.

Features of the Jeep Cherokee Cold Weather Package

Blue Jeep Cherokee

Battery Warmer

If you live in an area with a good chance of sleet, snow, and lots of below-freezing temperatures each winter, then a car battery warmer will be a game-changer for you.

When the temperatures drop, the liquid in a battery can become thicker than usual, or this liquid can freeze.

The battery warmer circles around the battery and provides warmth that will stop the possibility of the unit freezing.

When you crank your vehicle in the morning, your battery will have the power it needs to get everything working correctly.

Engine Block Heater

An engine block heater is offered with some cold weather packages but may not be included in all of them. If you live in an area that sees drastically cold temperatures during the winter months, ask your dealer to upgrade your cold-weather package to include an engine block heater.

An engine block heater ensures that the oil and fluids your engine needs to function correctly will be the right consistency and flow perfectly through your machine.

The newer vehicle engines are designed to work in colder temperatures, but the below-freezing temperatures can make the engine struggle to do what it needs to do. You should have an engine block heater ready to plug in anytime the thermometer will dip below 32 degrees, especially if the below-freezing temperatures are expected to last 6 hours or longer.

Heated Side Mirrors

Heated side mirrors are more for safety than they are creature comfort. These mirrors can help you to see what is behind you by being warm enough to get rid of ice and snow that may be on them.

The heated side mirrors come in different sizes to find the perfect size for your vehicle, even if you need towing mirrors.

The mirrors will defrost quickly when they are working, so you have increased visibility from the moment you back out of your drive in the morning.

Heated Seats

Jeep Cherokee Technolgy Package V6 4 Wheel Drive with the Cold Weather Group

A heated seat is a true luxury. The wild core transfers warmth directly to the person sitting in the middle instead of the vehicle’s entire interior.

Heated seats are perfect when the driver wants more warmth, and the passenger does not.

Heated seats are great when the temperatures are cold, and you need extra heat to make you feel warm and secure.

Heated seats can help you if you have back pain by providing warmth to your back muscles.

These seats are individually controlled, so each person in the car chooses when to have their seat heated and when not to have their seat heated.

A heating element controls the heating in these seats. This is a long strip of material that resists the flow of electricity, so when the electric flow enters it, the electricity is transformed into a heat source.

Did you Know?

Are heated seats not just items used in automobiles? They are available for installation in:

  • Motorcycle seats
  • Industrial machinery seats
  • Boat seats
  • Tractor and farm implement seats

Heated seats can be very comforting, but if the interior of the car is warm or the heated seat is allowed to operate for an extended time, the heart can become too warm and burn your skin.

It is recommended that you do not use heated seats when going on a long trip. They are better for short trips that take only a few minutes.

The heated seat is powered by your vehicle battery which means they are one more thing that is draining the power from your battery. Always wait until the engine has time to start warming up before you turn on your heated seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Jeep Cherokee come with a cold-weather package?

Yes, the Jeep Cherokee does come with a cold-weather package.

Are Jeep Cherokees Suitable for Cold-Weather Driving?

The Jeep Cherokee comes with a four-wheel-drive that allows you to drive safer in many cold weather conditions.

Is a Cold-Weather Package The Same As A Comfort Package?

These are two separate packages. The two packages may share some components like heated seats and mirrors, but everything in the cold weather is not a part of the comfort package and vice versa.

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