9 Reasons Why are Jeeps so Expensive?

Without a doubt, Jeeps are one of the best-known vehicles on the road. They have unmistakable style, and the majority of people have either owned one, or they have known someone who owned one. When you see a Jeep you think of adventure, outdoor settings like mountain trails, sandy shorelines, and dusty desert landscapes.

The Jeep reminds us that there are adventures waiting for us if we just get up, turn our electronic devices off, and go to them. Jeeps are fabulous vehicles with a lot of symbolism, but why are Jeeps so expensive?

Why Do Jeeps Cost so Much?

a man is enjoying ride while driving his Premium look Jeep

1. Jeeps Wranglers Popularity

One of the reasons why Jeeps cost so much is because they are so popular. When a product is desired by a lot of people then the manufacturer of the product can charge more. It is the basic laws of supply and demand that make the price of the Jeeps stay higher than the prices of some similar vehicles.

2. Production

There is a great demand for the Jeep products. The manufacturer does not flood the market with more vehicles than the dealerships can possibly sell. That means there are a lot of people who want the vehicles but there are not enough vehicles for every single person who wants one to have one in the same year.

By not over-producing their automobiles Jeep is keeping the price of the autos higher. If there were a lot more Jeeps on the market then people would not pay as much for them, but because there is a higher demand than there is product number the price tag stays high.

3. Jeeps Have Good Reputation

A men is driving a Black Jeep Wrangler JL

The reputation of this unique vehicle plays a large role in the value people set on them. The first Jeep, the Willys built by the Willys = Overland Motor Company was designed and produced as a vehicle intended for military use. 

Most of us have never ridden in a military Jeep, but we have seen them on television shows like M*A*S*H* and in the famous war movies. You have to admit when you see an iconic drab green topless Willys from that time period it brings some sort of nostalgic memory to your mind.

The fact that the Willys was designed to handle any terrain, to be dependable, to be sturdy, and to be so light that if it got stuck soldiers could actually manually lift it out of the mud and set it back on the ground where they could then keep driving.

The knowledge that this vehicle was designed for military use made it something that people who loved to do off-road adventures coveted. Most off-road enthusiasts want a Jeep because they know it is the vehicle built to go to the most remote places with the least trouble.

4. One of a Kind

The Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, and other models are one-of-a-kind machines. There are no other manufacturers that build off-road vehicles like the Jeep. There are a few other vehicles that can be driven off-road, but the Jeep is special because it is designed to primarily be driven over the roughest terrain, across the deeper waters, and through the outer reaches. No other vehicle manufacturer has devoted themselves to strictly off-road machines, so Jeep has no competition.

With a lack of relevant competition, Jeep can pretty much name their price and people will pay it. If you have only one grocery store in your town then people go to that store and pay whatever price the store manager puts on the items. Jeep is the only off-road passenger vehicle being manufactured for that precise purpose so it stands to reason they cost a little more.

Jeep is not the most comfortable riding vehicle you have ever been in. They are the vehicle that is most likely to be able to climb the steep slopes, cross the shifting sand, or ford the deepest waters. 

7. Jeeps are Toys

We know that Jeep makes a lot of fabulous vehicles and there are many people who own these vehicles as personal autos and family travel vehicles. The primary thing about the Jeep is it is fun, it offers fun and excitement, so basically, they are vehicles that are simply giant toys that adults can get a thrill out of playing with.

8. Jeeps are Loaded with Features

From the outside, you may not be able to see the reasons why people would pay more to drive a Jeep. The features and design of the vehicle are the real reason why people are willing to spend more to own one.

75 years of experience is built into each model that rolls off of the assembly line. The design features like lockable rear and front differentials, paired with solid front axles ensure the Jeep owner their vehicle is tougher than the roughest terrain.

The high ground clearance allows the Jeep to travel over deeper water, across rocks, and across small trees and debris in the road. Antiroll designs assure the drivers that their vehicle is stable, it is safe, and it can go where no man has gone before, and return.

Removable tops and choices between the hardtop and the soft tops give people the ability to customize their rides. They can drive down the beach on a summer day with their top off and then pop the top back on and drive through a rainy day the next week. They are versatile machines unlike any other convertible on the road.

The hardtops of the Jeep can be removed without any tools. They are light enough to be lifted and sat to the side by a couple of people. A chain and hoist system can be established in your garage and you can lift the top off, put it back, and not have to call anyone to help you.

9. Durability

One of the biggest reasons why the Jeeps cost so much is because they are built to last. When you get one of these vehicles you are getting a machine that will last for many years into the future. Most people keep their Jeeps and hand them down to children and grandchildren.

Innovative design, advanced safety features and technology, and a popular look are all reasons why the Jeep is not the cheapest vehicle on the roads.

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