Why Does My Jeep Wrangler Alarm Keep Going Off?

Jeep alarms are meant to protect your property and alert you to any potential problems. Jeep alarms sounding for what seems like no reason can be nerve-racking and annoying.

The most common reason for your Jeep Wrangler alarms to be sounding is a dead or dying battery on one of the functions connected to the alarm system.

Use the following guide to help you discern what is causing your alarm system to sound off so much. 

Common Causes For Jeep Alarms Going Off

Some of the main reasons why Jeep Wrangler owners have had trouble with their alarms sounding are listed below.

Battery Problems

Checking Battery Problem

The battery problem may exist in the main battery on the engine. The battery may be getting old or starting to lose power because the alternator is not keeping it properly charged up. This could be a serious reason because a dead battery could leave you stranded.

The battery problems you are experiencing may also be the batteries in different components. Many of these batteries are contained within the component and cannot be changed, like the batteries in tire monitoring systems.

One of the batteries that are changeable and maybe giving you grief is located in your key fob. If the battery in the key-fob is low or depleted then the signals from the key-fob to the alarm are going to be distorted or completely interpreted wrong.

If you have experienced battery problems you may need to reset the alarm to stop it from sounding. 

You can try resetting it by:

  1. Look on the driver’s side of the Jeep and open the dash panel cover located under the dash
  2. Turn the ignition key to turn the car on
  3. Find the red toggle switch hidden behind the dash panel cover
  4. Press the toggle switch and hold it until the alarm goes off
  5. Hold this position until you hear the chirping sound and see an LED light illuminate that indicates the alarm has been reset

Key Fob Malfunctions

Man Locking Car Door Using Remote Control Key Fob

Besides the death of the battery that powers the key fob, there are actually other things that can go wrong with these devices.

If you are in the vehicle and the fob is taken out of the vehicle by someone else there is a good chance that an alarm will sound letting you know the fob needs to be in the vehicle while it is in operation.

The fob can wear out with age and start to send the wrong signals., The lifespans of these devices are not the life of the vehicle.

Buttons on the unit can get stuck or jammed. Depress the buttons and make certain they return to the natural position they should have.

If your key fob is malfunctioning you are going to need to go to the dealership and have it reset or replaced. If you want to try resetting the key-fob yourself do the following things.

  • Install a fresh battery in the unit
  • Sit inside the automobile and have someone open and properly close each door
  • Hold your foot on the brake pedal
  • Put the starting key in the ignition and turn it to the on position
  • Wait for up to fifteen seconds
  • When you see the security light illuminate you know the fob has been reprogrammed
  • Turn the ignition to the off position and remove the key
  • Get out of the automobile and lock the doors

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Wiring or Sensor Connections

There is a possibility that one of your sensors has gotten dirty, or that some of the wiring connecting the sensors to the alarm systems has been damaged or worked loose. 

If you believe that this could be the case you have to trace the wiring of the alarm system to each sensor to check it for dirt or grime.

You might want to consider having the vehicle hooked to a diagnostic machine to find out which sensor is possibly malfunctioning. Then you can trace the wire and check the connections of that sensor.

Body Train Control Modules

The body train control module controls a lot of different features. It controls things like:

  • Headlights that automatically come on in dim light or that shut off automatically when the vehicle stops for a certain amount of time
  • The automatic locks on the doors that lock when you walk away
  • The power windows

If this module had a problem, then any or all of these functions can start to not function properly. Also, if any of these components malfunction then the module may get incorrect signals and send signals to the alarm system to sound off.

Jeep Doors

Jeep Without Doors

If you like to take the doors off the Jeep and drive doorless on adventures your door pins may be what is causing the alarms to sound. 

You should check the pins on the doors and make sure they are making proper connections. You can disconnect the electrical system to the doors and if the alarm stops sounding you will know right quick that the connections to the pins are not being maintained properly.

Panic Button

There is a chance that you pressed the panic button on your key-fob by accident. You may have dropped the key-fob into your purse and something mashed the panic button, or placed the item in your pocket and inadvertently sat on it making the panic button depressed.

If you hear an alarm check to see if the panic button has been accidentally pressed.

People Also Ask

Why Is My Alarm Sounding for No Apparent Reason?

The reason the alarm is sounding may not be obvious, but it is actually rare for the alarm to sound for no reason. You will need to go through the system and check to see what the alarm is trying to tell you.

Why Does The Alarm Go Off Mostly in The Middle of The Night?

The most common reason that this happens is that one of the batteries connected to the alerting system is losing power. Many of the alarms are designed to tell you when the battery is low, so this is actually normal.

Can I Disable The Alarms In My Jeep?

You can disable some of the alarms on your Jeep. The problem with doing this is the alarms are designed to keep your property safe and let you know about problems. Without the alarms, in place, you could suffer great losses.

Final Considerations

Technology has given vehicle manufacturers the ability to install alarms and alerting systems that keep vehicle owners apprised of car maintenance needs, possible thefts, and car components. If one of the alarms on your Jeep Wrangler is sounding off make sure to take the time and see what is causing the alarm to be initiated. If you cannot find the obvious reason go ahead and take the vehicle to a certified repair center and let diagnostic tests be performed. You may save a ton of money and a lot of stress by doing so.

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