Will Jeep Wheels Fit F150?

The question of rim and wheel fitment between different vehicle makes and models is one that every mechanic and tire professional hears constantly.

Do jeep wheels fit a Ford F150?
Yes, but you must have the right lug pattern and offset for the wheels to fit properly.

Types of Wheels


OEM Wheels

When a car is manufactured the wheels used on it are specifically designed to fit that vehicle perfectly. This fitment guarantees a better ride, better fuel economy, and more.

It is just human nature I guess to want to change things around, and putting new wheels on your vehicle is a way of making a change that does not break the bank.

Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket wheels are a great solution for changing your wheel look or size.

They are usually less expensive than the OEM wheels and you can get different looks that are the right dimension and have the right lug pattern.

Problems with aftermarket wheels start to arise when you damage a wheel.

Damages to a wheel can occur in daily driving. Hitting a curb or a pothole too hard may possibly damage a wheel, especially an aftermarket wheel that is made of materials that bend easily.

When you damage an OEM wheel you simply go purchase an identical one at a reputable dealership.

When you damage the discount aftermarket wheel there is a possibility that it will have been discontinued and you will not be able to purchase a replacement.

Choosing Wheels

The slightest variation in the size of the wheels you put on your vehicle will make changes to the ride quality. If you are looking for a more comfortable ride then do not vary from the exact wheel and rim size that the manufacturer chose for the vehicle you drive.

If you are looking for perfect control of the veh8icle make sure you keep the original wheel size when you change rim styles and tires.

If you want to increase ground clearance or make the vehicle look more aggressive then check with a tire specialist about which lift kits will be best for your driving style.

Why Choose to Change Wheels?

One of the biggest reasons to change the wheels on a vehicle is because the tire size you originally used has started to get difficult to buy. That should not happen with a Ford F150, but some smaller passenger cars have this happen to them.

Another reason people choose to change the wheels on their vehicle is that they want their vehicle to be able to do adventure driving like a Jeep. Taller tires, more aggressive tires, and more clearance are all good reasons to try and make a wheel changeover.


If you have a Jeep and love the wheels, and would like to see those wheels on your F150 then take the proper measurements to determine if the swap is feasible.

  1. Count the number of bolts that the truck has. Your wheel must require the same number of bolts as the original wheel on the vehicle.
  2. Measure the diameter of the wheel to make sure it is compatible with the other vehicle.
  3. Check the offset to make sure you are not trying to put a negative offset wheel on a positive offset vehicle.
  4. If all else fails go to the tire shop and talk to an expert about your wants and needs

Weight and Size

The weight and size of the new wheels you put on your vehicle are going to make it drive differently. If you increase the weight by adding heavier wheels and larger tires then you are also going to reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is The Lug Pattern on A Jeep The Same As The One on A Ford?

The older model Jeeps and Fords did share the same lug pattern, but newer models are often different.

What Bolt Pattern Is On An F150?

The F150 should have a 6×135 pattern.

Will Jeep Wheels Fit All Jeeps?

The different models of Jeep also have different bolt patterns on the wheels, different size wheels, and not all Jeep wheels fit all Jeeps.

Final Thoughts

Swapping wheels and changing tire sizes is frequently done, especially by off-road enthusiasts. Always make sure that the bolt pattern and offset are identical before you start buying a new set of wheels. Use the old adage of measure twice and cut once. Measure the size you need, and measure again before you make the final decision.

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