Best CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler in 2022

a uniden bearcat 880 cb radio in a jeep wrangler

When you drive a Jeep on off-road excursions then you know the importance of having a CB radio with a powerful transmitter. The radio is your connection and lifeline in places where most cell phones do not have service.

The CB radio for Jeep wrangler is one that is small and capable of being exposed to the open-air conditions that come hand in hand with Jeep rides. I asked some CB radio enthusiasts to help me select the best ones for Jeep users.

They responded with a great list of equipment, and some practical tips and advice that I think might interest you.

Comparison Table for Jeep Wranglers CB Radio

  • Number of Channels: ‎40
  • Number of Batteries:‎6 AA
  • Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.76 x 8.66
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  • Dimensions: ‎4.33 x 2.76 x 8.66
  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant
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  • Voltage: ‎12
  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Weight: 1.9 Pounds
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  • Number of Channels: 40
  • Voltage: 12
  • Noise Level: 40
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  • Number of Channels: ‎40
  • Weight: 5.6 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎9.25 x 7.25 x 2.25
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Top 6 Jeep Wrangler CB Radio Reviews

1. Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB Radio

midland cb radio

4 watts of output power are packed in this 40-channel radio. You will get 10 different NOAA weather channels so you will be able to find the latest weather reports based on your location. Those 10 NOAA channels are in addition to the 40 CB channels.

This is very simple to install the radio. All you need is a cigarette lighter or auxiliary port to plug the unit in for power. You then need an antenna to connect the coax to so you can receive transmissions. It takes just a few seconds to have the unit up and running, and when you get home you can unplug everything and store the unit until you need it again.

This is a very small and compact radio. It is a handheld device that is not much larger than a big cell phone. You do not have to install it permanently in your vehicle and the entire working system rests in the palm of your hand.

‘The backlit display allows you to clearly see the screen of the radio in dim or low light situations. It also has an automatic noise limiter that helps diminish engine sounds and other noises.

2. Uniden PRO401HH 40 Channel Handheld CB Radio

uniden handheld cb radio

This is a handheld device that is about the size of a traditional walkie-talkie. Everything you need to control the system and transmit signals is located in one convenient and small device. It fits perfectly in every vehicle and it will not and cannot be in the way of any vehicle components.

Battery power allows you to work this system when it is not connected to your car battery. When you get out of the vehicle you can carry your radio with you so you are always connected to friends or civilization. The DC power cable of the device will recharge the batteries if you use the AA NI-MH variety. There is also a switch in the battery compartment of the unit that allows you to use regular alkaline batteries that cannot be recharged. This is a versatile and beneficial piece of equipment.

This handheld piece of equipment can operate on any of the 40 CB channels that are authorized for use by the FCC. You will have access to channel 9 for emergencies and channel 19 where most of the professional truck drivers are.

There is a power selection that allows you to operate the unit on low power or high power. The high power gives you 4-watts of power to transmit and receive with. The low power reduces the watts and conserves the life of your batteries. It is easy to change the power setting when you do not need the radio so you always have plenty of battery when you do need it.

3. President Electronics BILL 12 Volts CB Radio

president electronics cb radio

Powerful transmissions are created using this 12-watt unit. You get access to the most common 40-CB radio channels including the emergency channel 9 and the professional driver’s favorite channel 19.

The display screen is a multi-functional screen that is LCD and backlit. You can easily use the radio in the dark and see exactly what channel you are on and the particulars of what your radio is set on and doing.

Installation is easy with this piece of equipment. It is not a handheld but it is a small radio that can be mounted in the dash or you can use the U-bracket supplied by the manufacturer to install it. Although it is not handheld you will find that the device is very small, about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

Your access to weather notifications is guaranteed and it has alerts that will signal you in the event of possible severe weather like flooding, blizzards, or high winds. You will be safer and able to enjoy your outing more knowing that your radio is helping you keep an eye on the sky.

Most people say that small radios have small speakers that are not very good. This little powerhouse has a small radio that is plenty loud enough to hear, and clear because of the ANL feature.

4. Uniden BEARCAT 880 CB Radio

uniden bearcat cb radio

Uniquely designed to be useful and practical for ALL CB users and enthusiasts. It is equipped with 40 CB channels, NOAA channels for weather updates, and you have access to the channel 9 emergency channel. You will be protected and stay in touch with civilization while you are out of touch traveling the paths less taken.

Squelch control is included with this device. It also has gained control that allows weaker transmissions to be eradicated so they do not distract you. The gain control has a high or low setting so you can choose the strength of the signal that you wish to hear.

The noise-canceling microphone allows you to hear transmissions more clearly and allows the transmissions you send to be clear and concise. This is very important if you have to send or receive an emergency signal.

The backlit device allows you to customize the look of your equipment by choosing the color of the backlighting. You have seven color choices for your pleasure.

Safety is a feature of this device. The unit has a GPS tracker so you can know that if anything happens your loved ones can find you. You also get alerts that warn you when a radar is sensed and when public safety transmissions are put out over the airway you will hear them.

5. Cobra 29LTD Professional CB Radio – Travel Essentials

cobra professional cb radio

Unique features designed into this device make it easier to use. The antenna warning indicator is one of the greatest features ever designed for a citizen band radio. A light will flash on the display screen of the unit if the antenna or connection to the antenna becomes compromised. You can have the best transmissions because of this warning.

You get 4-watts of power that will provide you with long-distance transmission abilities. You get the full 40 channels that are approved by the FCC and you also get the NOAA channels that keep you alerted to weather and alerts that you need to hear to stay safe. You have instant access to channel 9 so you can reach police, fire and rescue, and other emergency services.

Easy to install and easy to use. The microphone has a great cord so it is always possible for the driver to reach the unit and talk when they are behind the wheel. 

The boost on the microphone is another unique feature that allows this unit to provide greater service. When the boost has activated the sensitivity of the microphone is increased so you hear faint transmissions with more clarity.

6. Cobra 29LX Professional CB Radio – Emergency Radio

cobra 29LX professional cb Radio

Everything that you could want from a CB radio is included with this unit. You get 40 CB channels, NOAA channels, instant access to the emergency channel 9, and more. With this device in your Jeep, you can go wherever you want and know that you have the ability to contact someone if you need help, or you need to explain the magnificent sights you are seeing.

Easy to install and small enough that it will not take up too much space in the front of your vehicle. This is a powerful device but it is only 9.25” x 7.25” x2.25 inches!

You will always know how much daylight you have left to play in because the unit has a clock on the display screen. It also allows you to set an alarm to wake you up or remind you of what time it is. Along with the weather alerts and notifications from public safety officials this unit provides you peace of mind and security.

How to Choose the Most Powerful CB Radio for Jeep Wrangler

a men is holding a cobra cb radio

A jeep CB radio is an accessory that gives you the ability to stay connected to someone else when you are exploring the wild areas. A CB radio can be fun and should be easy to use.

Before you buy one of these radios learn the different characteristics and features of the items so you can choose the features that will be most helpful to you. Make a list of the features you want your radio system to have so you can compare the devices and choose one that is going to serve your needs.


The transmitting power of a CG radio is determined by the number of watts of power the unit has. A 4-watt system is a typical system and most car-installed radios are 4-watts.

A 12_watt radio can transmit as much as three times farther than a 4-watt system can. If you go to places where you drive for miles with no sign of a human being then you may want to make sure that the radio you are getting is a 12-watt. The main problem you will find with the 12-watt systems is your friends will need an SSB (single sideband) radio to be able to hear what you are transmitting.

Channel 9/19 Access

In the world of CB radios, channel 9 and channel 19 are frequently used. If you are looking for recommendations on where to eat, where to find fuel, or just about anything else you will utilize channel 19 because truckers that drive 18-wheelers can be located on channel 19.

Channel 9 is the emergency channel that you will need if you have an accident, someone is injured, your vehicle breaks, or when there is an emergency.

Auto Noise Limiter

This feature allows you to hear the other person more clearly. The limiting of background noises and radio noises can make the conversation you have as clear as if you were talking on a landline telephone.

Weather Alerts

Getting caught in a storm when you are miles from civilization can be hazardous. Storms can sneak up on you unless you have weather capabilities on your CB radio. With a CB that has weather capabilities, you will have limited access to real-time weather reports and updates issued through NOAA. These weather reports can save you from being stuck in a blizzard or a flash flood situation.


It sounds amazing but there are CB radios that have everything you need to be compacted into a handheld section. These radios take up very little room, they are easy to use, and they provide the basic CB transmission and receiving needs.

Larger radios may have more features and most homes operated CB radio stations have devices that are quite large. Most people who put the radios in their vehicles want smaller and more compact devices.

Squelch Control

Squelch control helps to eliminate static and will activate the speaker only when the radio receives a transmission. That stops you from having to hear constant static and noise from the radio.

a hand holding a midland cb radio in a jeep wranlger

RF Gain

The RF gain filters the transmission you receive based on the strength of the signal. It stops you from hearing the faint transmissions that you cannot really make out. It can help you bring in the stronger signals and sometimes it improves the weaker signals enough that you can make them out.

Channel Scan

Channel scanning allows you to find the channel that has the best signal. It works just like the channel scanner on your car radio. The scanner takes you systematically through each channel searching for the best signal and connection.

Backlit Displays

A handful of radios will offer a backlit display. With the backlit display operating the radio at night or in low light situations is easier to do. If you are a night owl then this feature will be priceless to you.

How to Install a CB Radio in a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

To start with you have to select the jeep wrangler CB radio you want, and then select the proper place to install it. The installation spot must be one you can easily reach while you are behind the wheel of the vehicle.

Since you are in a Jeep you likely chose a smaller radio so it would not take up too much room. The smaller units can be installed in the dash or you can use the U-bracket that comes in the package with the radio and install the radio.

If you install it in the dash you will either have to use the hole that is present for the radio, or you will need to cut a hole for the CB radio to fit into. If you install using the U-bracket most people choose to mount the bracket just below the dash as close as possible to the driver. Make sure that you can easily reach all gear shifters and components of the vehicle with the radio in the place you have chosen.

After you have installed the bracket follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to attach the radio unit to the bracket securely.

Your radio is useless without an antenna. The CB Rdio antenna may be mounted on the top of the vehicle, or on the spare tire carrier. You need to get good clearance for the antenna, but you also need to keep it from being in your way.

You will need a thickly coated coaxial cable to connect the radio transmitter to the antenna. Your cable and connections are just as important as the receiver/transmitter and the antenna. 

After everything is connected you need some power. You can hook the radio directly to the car battery by connecting it through the cigarette lighter in older models and auxiliary ports in newer models. 

Jeep CB Radio FAQs

What is the Most Trusted CB Radio for Jeep Brands?

The most frequently recommended brand of CB is the Cobra. Uniden, Midland, Stryker and Radioddity also make excellent radios that are size compatible for use in a Jeep. When selecting a radio to use in your Jeep you have to try and find a smaller one so they fit into the tighter space inside the Wrangler and other Jeep models.

Where Does the CB Radio Go in My Jeep?

Most people either mount the CB radio in the dash of the Jeep or just below the dash using the U-bracket supplied by the manufacturer of the radio. You can get creative and place the radio between the driver and passenger seats with a little know-how and ingenuity in wiring.

How to Set Up a CB Radio and Use it?

Mount the radio you have chosen and then use the SWR meter to find the perfect location for the antenna. Once you have the antenna mounter you need to run a coax cable to connect the antenna and the radio transmitter/receiver. The final thing you do is connect the radio to a power source. Tune the radio by holding the mike down and allowing the CB to run through the channels in search of a signal.

Where Can I Mount a Larger CB Radio in a Jeep?

You can check the amount of clearance you have under the dash between the driver and the passenger seat. This may be very doable if your Jeep is automatic. You might also move the radio transmitter box farther towards the passenger side of the car as long as you can still easily reach it while you are driving.

How Far can a CB Radio for Jeep Transmit?

The majority of CB radios can transmit a signal for a distance of 2 to 5 miles. If you had a home station with a super tall antenna you can transmit much farther, but in a moving vehicle with a limited range antenna, five miles is about the greatest distance you will get while driving off-road.

Final Verdicts

CB radios for jeep wranglers are not thought of as necessary equipment by people who drive primarily on paved streets and highways. If you leave the road and go exploring then you know that the radio is your lifeline and connection to civilization.

Choosing the right jeep CB radio is key to getting the most benefits from your device. The radio needs to fit in the space you have, be capable of transmitting a long distance, and most importantly it must be able to handle the humidity and semi-exposure to the elements that it will see.

CB radios allow you to communicate with the group you are traveling within places where cell phone towers do not dot the horizon. These radios are fun, practical, and dependable tools that will often keep you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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