Best Jeep Door Hangers in 2022

Jeep Door Hangers for Garage

I really never gave much thought to Jeep door hangers until I took the doors off of my Jeep to go on an open-air ride and had to set them on the ground leaning up against the garage wall. I could just see them falling and being scratched severely.

After that weekend I went to a local Jeep mechanic and asked him for recommendations for the best Jeep door hangers to use in my garage. He gave me a list of hangers and gave me the pros and cons of the different styles.

Jeep Door Hangers Comparison Table

  • Made in: USA
  • Dimensions:‎7.25 x 7 x 4.5
  • Type: 2 Door
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  • Dimensions: ‎6.81 x 4.84 x 2.91
  • Type: ‎4 Door
  • Fit: ‎Jeep Wrangler
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  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 3.2
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated
  • Mounting Type: Door,Wall
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  • Material: Rubber
  • Dimensions: ‎‎6.85 x 6.81 x 3.98
  • Vehicle: Passenger Car
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  • Dimensions: ‎9.06 x 7.09 x 4.02 inches
  • Type: 2 Door
  • Fit: All Jeep Wrangler
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Top 5 Heavy Duty Jeep Door Hanger Reviews

1. ARC Off Road Door Hanger Bracket

ARC Off Road Door Hanger Bracket

Compatible with all Jeep Wrangler doors from every manufactured year. These hangers are designed to support the weight, size, and shape of a hard door that is full-sized. They are not compatible with the soft doors or with the half doors.

These hangers can accommodate front and rear doors. They have a unique channel that inserts through the open window to hold the door securely on the wall. The channel allows for a secure grip so the door does not swing, or fall from its position.

You do not have to worry that the window hanger will damage your window seals. The door hangers are designed specifically to use on Jeep doors and the window seals are not placed under undue pressure. The hangers also work with windows that have rain guards on them. The rain guards will not be damaged by the hanger brackets.

The hangers do not come into contact with the paint on the car door so no paint transference or damage will happen. 

The hardware that comes with the hangers is designed to be hung on the wooden studs of the garage wall. If you have concrete block walls in your garage you can purchase ¼” Tapcon screws to mount the hangers to the concrete blocks securely.

2. Sunluway Door Hanger Bracket

Sunluway door hanger bracket

The Sunluway door hanger bracket is designed to hold the door through the window channel. The seals of the window will not be damaged by the bracket. The paint on the vehicle will also not come into contact with the bracket so it will not be damaged.

These hangers are proportioned to fit the Jeep Wrangler CJ, YJ, JL, JLU, JK, TJ, LJ, and JKU that were manufactured between 1956 and 2020. The hangers are perfectly suited for holding full-sized doors that weigh as much as 60 pounds each. 

Installation of these hangers is very easy. Simply locate your wall stud and pre-drill holes to put the anchor screws in. Screw the top anchor bolt in place and then check to make sure the hanger is properly leveled. When you like the position of the bracket screw in the bottom anchor bolt. 

You can mount these to the wall of your garage using the included hardware. You can buy hardware that allows the hangers to be mounted on concrete. You can hang the hangers on the rails of a rolling scaffold if you do not wish to permanently mount them to your garage walls.

3. HauSun Large Storage Hooks

HauSun large storage hooks

The beauty of storage hooks for hanging Jeep doors inside your garage is that the hooks can also support the weight of many other items and are useful when you do not have the doors on them. 

Storage hooks like these are designed to be mounted on a stud, or on a board that is secured to the studs of the wall. They are designed to hold heavy items and if they are not properly mounted in a stud then they can be pulled loose and will allow the door to fall to the floor.

These hooks can be used through the open window of a Jeep-like the flat hangers do. You will want to space the hooks evenly so that two or more hooks can be inserted through the window. This will allow the hooks to hold the door more securely and prevent unnecessary swinging of the door unit.

The hooks can also hold the door at the hinges. When the door is hung on the vehicle frame it is hung from the hinges and when you use the hooks in this manner that is less chance of damage occurring to the door, window seal, or paint of the door.

4. Seven Sparta Jeep Door Storage Hanger

Seven sparta door storage hanger

The Seven Sparta is one of the top-rated jeep door hangers and is made of 1/8” thick heavy-duty steel. They have incredible strength and are very durable. They also have three holes for you to put anchor bolts through instead of the common two holes. The third anchor bolt hole allows the hanger to be more securely attached to the stud of the garage wall. Your doors will be safer because of that third hole.

A lot of people worry that the steel door hangers will scratch the paint on their Jeep doors. These hangers have a soft rubber gasket that allows the metal of the hanger to never come into contact with the paint of the vehicle. The rubber gasket cushions the door and stops damage to window seals, and helps to stop any rust or corrosion that could happen if the hanger were to be exposed to moisture or high humidity levels.

Installation is a breeze. These hangers come with all of the necessary hardware for you to hang them on your studs. They have pre-drilled holes and the screws and washers are painted to match the hangers so they are more attractive.

5. Probasto Jeep Door Storage Hanger

Probasto jeep door storage hanger

Specifically designed and sized to hold the doors that come on a Jeep Wrangler JL, TJ, YJ, CJ, and JT. Most door hangers are designed to accommodate full-sized hard doors. This set of hangers can be used to support hard doors, soft doors, and half-doors. They are more versatile and useful than many similar items.

Versatile enough to allow you to hang your doors using the window channel, or using the hinges that are holding the door to the vehicle frame. You get more options and are able to prevent damages that can occur to window seals and door panels.

The hardware you need to mount these hangers on the studs of the wall is included in the package. Your doors are pretty heavy so make sure the hangers are firmly attached to the studs or to a bracing board that is firmly attached to the studs.

These brackets do not stick out as far as the common hooks that are used to hang doors. This allows you to have more moving room inside your garage.

How to Hang Jeep Doors in Garage? 

jeep door on hanger in a garage

JL doors are actually lighter than the original factory doors. This fact makes them a little easier to hang on garage walls.

Before you can consider the best hanger you need to make sure that you place a secure board on the wall where the doors will be hung. You want to hang a board there so you can attach the board to the studs in the garage wall. The board must be secured to the studs in order to handle the weight of the door without falling or damaging the door or the wall.

Once you have a board secured to the garage wall studs then you can hang one of the convenient and safe hangers that are designed to support the weight and shape of the JL doors.

Hangers that are molded to have a lip that can hold the door are secure and convenient. These hangers allow the gripping portion to enter the door through the window and it is perfectly designed to hold securely. The hanger does not allow the door to swing or move as much as the hook-style hangers do.

Hooks designed for the hanging of doors are made of heavy-duty materials and they also hold the door by being placed through the open window. You will likely want to have at least 2 hooks for each door panel.

The quick door hanger instructional video

Final Verdict

If you want a hanger that has the ability to hook into the window channel of the car, I suggest you check out the Seven Sparta door storage hanger this one is the best jeep door hanger in the current market. This hanger is made from heavy-duty materials and it has three pre-drilled holes to use when securing the anchor bolts to your garage studs.

If you would prefer to have hooks to hang your door from check out the HauSun large storage hooks. They are sturdy and dependable and give you greater versatility when the doors are not on them.

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