Best Jeep Wrangler Light Bar Reviews in 2022

Jeep Rubicon after installing YITAMOTOR Light Bar

I love to drive off the beaten path. I like to go places where it is miles from the nearest human so I have light bars on my Jeep to give me extra light. I did not always have light bars and I frequently found myself out in a dark area that was unfamiliar to me without enough light to see properly. That often led me to slightly dangerous encounters with cliffs, deep holes, rocks, and dangerous choices.

I wanted to help my readers choose the best light bar for Jeep Wrangler. I asked my off-road-loving friends to review several of these jeep light bars and share their opinions about them. The result was a list of the brightest light bars you can be proud to own and some pretty good advice on selecting and installing these items.

  • LED Power: 300 Watt
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Voltage: ‎32 Volts
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  • Voltage: 12
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific Fit
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  • Voltage: 12
  • Wattage: ‎260 watts
  • Position: Outside
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  • Voltage: 12
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Wattage: 126 Watts
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  • Wattage: 240
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
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Reviews of 6 Brightest Jeep Light Bars

1. YITAMOTOR Spot LED Light Bar for Jeep JK

YITAMOTOR spot LED light bar for jeep JK

Offers 27,000 lumens of bright light that is stretched across a 52” length. It also offers 2 additional 18W spotlights to give you that extra light positioned just slightly above the long bar. You can light up the road and everything surrounding your vehicle using this light source.

The hazards that may exist on the road are completely illuminated with the 600 of floodlight beam in conjunction with the 300 of spotlight beam. Nothing can escape your attention because there will be no shadows to hide obstacles.

The long bar is a 300W light and the spotlights are each 18W. That is a powerful amount of light and it is only legal to turn this light on if you are driving off-road. This amount of light could potentially blind oncoming drivers so you do not ever use it when you will be in a traffic situation with oncoming traffic.

This light system has an IP67 rating which means it is water-resistant and will be resistant to dust and road dirt. It will last longer and provide you with more effective light even in wet or windy conditions.

2. Brawlee RGB Rear Glass Lift Gate Dome

Brawlee RGB rear glass lift gate dome

This light bar is specifically designed to fit on the outer edge of the liftgate on the back of SUVs or Jeep vehicles with hardtops. It is very easy to install and will not require you to make any alterations to your vehicle.

It is very useful when you do things like a tailgate, go camping, or stop at night to change a tire or dig something out of the luggage in the back of the vehicle. This light is an LED but it is diffused by a frost so it is not blinding light.  

This light is programmable so you can choose the shade of white you want the light to be. You are in control of the brightness and the light remembers the choice you made the last time you use it and automatically uses that choice when you turn it on. You can use a very low light to check on sleeping babies, or a brighter light that will help you cook dinner in the woods.

3. AutoFeel Store Jeep Wrangler Light Bar Kit

autofeel store Jeep Wrangler light bar kit

This is a massive set of lights that you can configure and combine to create the most illumination and the greatest possible amount of light. If you go places that are dark and possibly a little dangerous then these lights will illuminate your way and help you to avoid accidents and wildlife encounters.

This light can also be used as a daytime driving light that will ensure that your vehicle is noticed when it is a little foggy out. It can be used as a signal light to make sure that people see your intention to turn. It can also be used to spotlight the road ahead and the areas on each side of the road.

This is not one light. It is a 31” light bar, and 2 11” light bars that can join together to create a 52” light bar. It is also a 22” light bar, and 4 light pods that measure 4” each with 6 mounting brackets that assure you have secure placement right where you want it.

The angle that the light shines from is adjustable. You can choose o degrees, 15 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or whatever degree will allow the light to shine exactly where you need it to shine.

4. Nilight Jeep Wrangler Light Bar Mount

Nilight Jeep Wrangler light bar mount

This 20” light bar is manufactured with advanced LED chips that create bright white light. The mounting bracket affords you the opportunity to select the angle you want the light to shine down at so you get illumination where you need it most at a distance that will allow you to drive safer and stay out longer.

All of the wiring components you need to set up the wiring harness and the mounting brackets are included with the light bar. You install the system following the easy-to-read instructions and there is nothing extra to buy.

IP67 waterproof light bar that can stand the hot weather, the rain or the cold weather and the snow. Go wherever you want and you will have the light you need when you get there. It has a lifespan of about 30,000 hours so you will not need to change the light very often.

It is powered by your car battery and is a 180W light producer. It is excellent for off-road driving, boats and marine equipment, household lighting around your yard or perimeter, and equipment lighting on the job site.

5. Zmoon 7 Inch Led Fog Light

Zmoon 7 inch led fog light

2400 lumen in this light assembly. It provides you with bright white light that is clear and visually enhancing. It is IP67 waterproof rated so it is perfect no matter what the weather conditions are like or where you are going. This light will give you the ability to see.

Durable and long-lasting. This light is expected to operate for more than 50,000 hours before it stops working. You will use it for years and years before it ever needs to be replaced.

It can be operated as a spotlight or used as a wider flood light depending on what you need to illuminate. This is a universal light that is beneficial for anyone that drives long stretches of terrain that has no street lighting and could be dangerous. It gives you the light you need, and it takes very little power to keep it shining brightly.

The brackets that hold the lights in position are made from stainless steel. That means no rusting or corrosion and the brackets can withstand the weather and exposure for many years without being compromised or weakened.

6. Mictuning Off-Road Driving Curved Light Bar

Mictuning off road driving curved light bar

Super clear visibility is provided with this 6000-kelvin-producing white light. There is no yellow discoloration and no dark spots just clear white light that illuminates everything in front of and to the sides of your vehicle.

This is an off-road sanctioned accessory and it is not legal or practical to use it on streets where other traffic is present. The light would be blinding to other drivers. It would also be illegal and could get you a ticket for a traffic violation.

The curved design creates a unique fitment to the top of the car. The lights are covered with a protective cup that reflects the light for even greater light production. It has 10 cooling fins so it easily dissipates the heat and is going to last much longer than the majority of similar light products.

This is an affordable light that can give you the light you need for the driving you want to do. Go up the mountain or across the desert and know that if darkness catches up with you the road back home will be clearly illuminated for safe traveling. Never run from darkness again.

How To Choose Light Bars for Jeep Wrangler

yellow and black jeep wrangler on dirt road having Zmoon light bar

Lightbars are great when you drive in off-road areas. Before you buy a light bar learn as much as you can about them. That will save you from buying several units until you find the one that does what you thought a light bar was supposed to do. If you’re looking for Jeep Wrangler Bumper with a light bar you can read our other article.

Size Considerations

The size of the light bar is probably going to be the most important consideration that you have on this object.  Do you want the bar to stretch across the entire top of the vehicle? Do you want a shorter bar? DO you want the bar to be taller than average?

All of these are actually more about personal choice than about the functionality of the bar. You have to decide what you want the bar to look like on top of your vehicle, then you start selecting bars that are that size and have the other features that you desire.

LED Yes or NO?

LED light is brighter and more natural than any other light source. If you are putting a light bar on your vehicle because you want the extra illumination when you are driving in dark areas where street lights have never been heard of then you want LED lights.

LED lights are more expensive than halogen and other traditional lights. LED lights are also capable of working for as many as 50,000 hours compared to the average 5,000 hours a halogen bulb could work. The long life of the LED lights allows them to actually work out to be cheaper to operate than halogen. They have a higher initial cost but they are going to outlast the halogen several times over.

LED lights consume less power to produce brighter light. Your battery will not have as much strain and drain placed on it if you choose a light bar that has LED technology designed into it.

The Shape

The shape of the light bar is going to play a role in determining the angle the light can be pointed at. You basically have two light bar shape options and that is straight or curved.

This is actually another one of those decisions where your personal preferences and opinions play a larger role than the actual structure of the light.


Single Row or Double Row?

This is another personal preference choice. The double row of LED lights is going to be more aggressive and brighter. You might need that much aggressive light, and then again you may not want to look like you are lighting a landing strip for a Cessna.

Double row bars are a lot more expensive than single row bars. You have to decide how much you can afford to spend on this item, and then weigh the benefits of the extra light against the extra cost of the light.

A jeep wrangler showing its mictuning curved light bar

Beam Pattern

The beam pattern will play a big part in the choice you make. There are three basic beam patterns available and each one of the beams has more benefits to some drivers than it does to others.

The spot beam illuminates a narrow section. The light from a spot beam can illuminate at a farther distance than the other beam types.

A flood beam illuminates a wider area at a time but they light things up at a shorter distance.

The third beam style is a combination of the two or a light that allows you to choose between spot and flood beams dependent on what you need at the time.

I personally say you should always have a combination because you never know when the spot or the flood is going to be the light you must have for proper visual acuity. Besides the light bar please check our LED jeep headlight post.

Jeep Light Bar FAQs

We tried to cover all the questions you arise when you wanted to buy a jeep light bar for your jeep. But at the same time, there are few people who face some problems while using light bars. We tried to answer a few of them:

Will My Jeep Light Bar Be Street Legal?

You cannot operate the light bars while you are driving in traffic on city streets. It is normally not illegal to have the lights on the vehicle as long as they are not powered on when you are doing city street driving.

Is It Better to Buy One Big Light Bar or Multiple Smaller Ones?

This is going to depend on how you want to configure your light bar and what angles you need the light to shine at. Your personal preferences and the way you use the light will determine whether one long bar or several short bars will serve you best.

What Should I do If My Light Bar Fails?

The first thing to do is unplug the light from the harness. Plug the light into another power source that has similar voltage, like the jeep battery. This should tell you if the harness has malfunctioned or if it is possibly your light bar that is broken.


Lightbars are extremely useful when you do off-road driving. Off-road conditions allow you to have less ability to see when the sun goes down because the darkness envelops you and there is no other source of illumination to help you see obstacles and hazards in the road.

The light bars reviewed in this article are all equally great tools, but the right one for you will depend on what you expect from the bar, and how you use the item. If you want a full kit that has different mounting and configuration options, I suggest you try the LED Light Bar Kit by Auto-Feel Store. It gives you the greatest number of pieces with the most versatility.

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