Best Off-Road Gas Can for Overlanding in 2022

a rotopax off-road gassoline can in jeep wrangler

I have never given a lot of thought to the gas cans I use to store or transport fuel. When I began to write about Jeep products a friend of mine suggested that I do some research on the best off-road gas can.

I talked to my local mechanics and to the local fire and rescue personnel to find out more about fuel cans and the safety issues they present. I quickly discovered that there was a lot of information to share about these items.

The following list of off-road gas cans is off-road fuel containers that will help you find a safe and reliable gas can. 

Jeep Gas Can Comparison Table

  • Item Weight: 2.8 Pounds
  • Material:Plastic
  • Country Of Origin: USA
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  • Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds
  • Capacity: 2 Gallon
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 3
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  • Item Weight: 19 Pounds
  • Material: High-density polyethylene
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Capacity: 5 Gallon
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
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  • Item Weight: 2.95 Pounds
  • Does it come with the cap?: ‎Yes
  • Capacity: 5 Gallon
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Top 8 Gas Cans for Off-Road Reviews

1. Midwest Can 5 Gallon Auto Shutoff Gasoline Can

midwest can 5 gallon auto shutoff gasoline can

Automatic shut-off is one of the great features of this container. You will be protected and have fewer spills. It also prevents leakage down the side of the vehicle when you are pouring from the spout.

This container holds about 4.7 gallons of fuel. It is plastic and will not rust or corrode. The spigot of the container can be turned to the back when you are storing the can so it does not take as much storage room.

The container measures 13” x 10” x 17” without the spigot. The spigot has a button on it that must be depressed in order to allow the fuel to flow from the can. When the button is not depressed the fuel is sealed inside the can. The button can be difficult to depress and it makes the can basically child-proof so children cannot accidentally empty the contents of the container.

2. RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack

 rotopaX rx-2g gasoline pack

2 gallons is how much this container is designed to hold. It is a 19” x 14” x 4” container with dual handles designed onto it so you can lift and support the container while you pour the fuel from it. That makes it convenient and very easy to use.

The mounting of this gas can to the front of your ATV, or storing the gas can upright in the back of your Jeep is made easy by the mounts on the bottom of the container. You can even store this can horizontally on your roof rack over your Jeep while you are traveling so there are no fumes and fewer dangers associated with transporting the device.

Made from high-grade plastics that do not rust or corrode. The can is capable of withstanding hard vibrations from off-road travel, accidental drops, and even some crashes without being damaged. It has a lock ring on the spout to prevent accidental spillage.

3. DuraMax Flo n’ GO 14-Gallon Rolling Gas Can

duraMax flo n’ go 14-gallon rolling gas can

This gas container is not a simple gas can. It is a 14-gallon fuel holder that comes with a transfer pump. It is great for marine use, for refilling ATVs and Jeeps when you are off the beaten path and far from a gas station. 

Wheels on the canister make it easier to maneuver from one place to another. It also has a built-in handle on one end to make it easy to lift and carry if you need to.

There are molded feet on the bottom of the container so it does not sit directly against the floor or ground. This helps to make the container last longer. It is also manufactured out of a high-grade plastic material that will not sweat, rust, corrode, or be damaged by the fuel contents inside it.

The refill spout is large enough to accept the fuel without you spilling fuel everywhere or needing a funnel to fill.

4. Eagle 5-Gallon Galvanized Steel Off-Road Gas Can

eagle 5-gallon galvanized steel gas can

This is a type 1 safety container intended to be used to transport or store gasoline. Red cans are intended for gasoline, yellow for diesel, and blue for kerosene storage.

This item is galvanized steel so it is not going to rust or corrode easily. It is metal so it is going to be a sturdy container that does not easily split, dent, or damage. It is a type 1 so it comes with a funnel to help you pour gasoline from the can to another tank without spilling.

The can have a flame arrestor screen that will help prevent explosions or fire from entering inside the container. 

It has a handle that is designed as part of the can so it can be carried without any fear of the handle turning loose from the container. It also has a trigger release that must be depressed for the contents to flow from the can. When the trigger is not depressed the fluid is sealed inside the can.

6. SureCan 5 Gallon Gas Container for Off-Road

surecan 5 gallon gas container for off-road

This SureCan fuel container is a self-venting device that stops vapors from building pressure up inside the can and causing explosions and accidents. This is a great safety feature that takes the worry of out fuel storage.

There is a trigger to depress so that the fuel flows easily from the container. The trigger is easy to reach with your thumb so it is not a hassle. It is however designed for an adult hand so children will have a difficult time pouring fuel from the container.

There are built-in hand grips on the top portion and bottom portion of the unit so it is easy to hold in a position the transfer the fuel. It does have a flexible pour spout but you will still need to lift the container and tilt it to pour the contents completely out of it.

The handle is built-in and makes it easy to carry. The flexible spout stored on the side and the cap is large enough that you can easily refill the container at the service station.

7. VP Racing Fuels White Motorsport Jug

vp racing fuels white motorsport jug

An ergonomically contoured handle makes this five-gallon jug easy to lift and carry. It is made from high-density polyethylene that is long-lasting, durable, non-corrosive, and can withstand outdoor temperatures and weather conditions. 

It has a large pour lid that makes the unit very easy to refill. It also has a vent on the top of the handle that allows you to release the vapors so the fluid inside can pour freely.

This jug is not just a gas can or fuel container. It is a great container for items like bird seeds, oats, and feed pellets for your goats, pigs, and other animals. Rock salt for your steps and drive, oils, lubricants, and more. This is an all-around useful gas container for the farm or homeowner.

8. Scepter ECO Jerry 5 Gallon Gas Can

scepter eco jerry 5 gallon gas can

Safety features have been designed into this fuel canister so you will have fewer spills, and less chance of explosion, and your children will be protected. It has an automatic shut-off and overflow protection designed into the spout of the can. It also has internal venting so the vapors are vented off and the pressure does not build up inside the container.

This is a lightweight can that has a handle designed into the top of the container. This handle makes the container easy to lift and carry and is a part of the container so it will not tear loose or come off while you are carrying the can.

The plastics used in the creation of this container have an additive in them that stops the fumes of the fuel from being able to permeate the container. 

Types of Off-Road Gas Can 


  • Red gas cans are intended to be used to house gasoline.
  • Yellow cans are designed to hold diesel fuel.
  • Blue cans are designed to hold kerosene.


A safety can is used when you want more safety than the average plastic can will be able to provide. These cans have flame arrestors that prevent possible explosions, they have self-closing lids that eliminate spills and they are vented with a pressure relief valve.

Type 1

These cans are designed to be used with a funnel. They have a single opening.

Type 2

Type 2 can have 2 openings. One opening is meant to be used to fill the can and one is meant to be used to pour liquid from the can.

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Off-Road Gas Can Buying Guide

a jeep wrangler having off-road gas can parked in a jungle

There are few things you should consider before you purchase the best off-road gas can. You need to make a list of what you need the container to do for you, and then compare the features and benefits of the containers you see. The result will be a useful tool for you that is safe and durable.


Gas cans come in plastic and metal varieties. Metal cans are more expensive than plastic, they are normally heavier than plastic cans, and they have to be replaced more frequently because they can corrode and degrade.

Size Considerations

Fuel containers may hold as little as one quart of fuel, and then you can buy cans that hold 10+ gallons of fuel. You have to determine the amount of fuel you might possibly require while you are off-roading and then choose the best appropriate gas can.

For storage, purposes do not get a really large can to store the fuel for long periods of time. This is an unsafe practice and as the fuel ages, it degrades and becomes less useful for you.

Off-Road Gas Can Accessories and Special Features

Flame Arrestors

If the off-road gas can has flame arrestors then the chances that the liquid inside the can will explode is reduced. The arrestor prevents flames from entering the can if a fire is ignited outside of the can. The flames cannot enter so the vapors cannot ignite.

Self-Closing Lids

The majority of all spills are due to the fact that the lid of the can is left open. The cans that have self-closing lids usually have a handle that you have to squeeze in order to hold the lid open to pour liquid from the can. When you release the handle, the lid closes and prevents spillage.

Pressure Relief

Safety cans often have a pressure relief that stops the possibility of an explosion. With this pressure release, the can will automatically vent off pressure when it reaches a 3 to 5 pound per square inch level inside the can. Once the pressure is released the can will seal back.


Every off-road fuel container that you purchase needs to have a vent.

Flexible Spout

The flexible spouts on gas cans eliminate the need for a funnel. The spouts are designed to be able to fit into a large variety of vehicles and help you transfer gas from the can to the machinery it is going to be used in.


Larger gas cans that are capable of handling several gallons of fuel often have wheels to make them easy to move around. Liquid weighs 8 pounds per gallon so a 10-gallon container can weigh 80 pounds without consideration of the weight of the container itself.

FAQs for Gas Can for Off-Road

Should Gas Cans be Vented?

Gas cans must be vented to be safe. The vapors created by the fuel expand and contract inside the can. Those vapors can build up such pressure that they can explode. This expansion is caused by temperature fluctuations. The vent is also opened when you are pouring fuel into a vehicle to prevent an explosion or accident while you refuel.

Is It Safe to Store Gasoline in a Hot Garage?

Gasoline should not be stored in the house or the garage! In the garage the gas may be exposed to high heat that causes the vapors to expand, sparks from water heaters, and from electric motors and gasoline powered engines can cause the fuel vapors inside the container to ignite.

How Do You Clean a Gas Can?

You should remove the spout and the cap as soon as the can is emptied. You can place a small amount of detergent inside the container and then fill the container partially with hot water. You shake the can to mix the water and the detergent inside the container. Pour the water out, rinse the can with clean water, and then allow the can to air dry completely before you put the lid or cap back on it.

My Top Pick

I tried to give ins and outs of the best off-road gas cans. If you are looking to buy a metal gas can that is durable and meets the standards set out by the ULC, UL, and FM then I suggest the Eagle UI-50-FS Galvanized Steel Safety can.

If you are looking to buy a larger fuel can that has wheels, I suggest the DuraMax Flo n’ Go Rolling gas can. It has a 14-gallon capacity, is plastic, and has wheels. This can is especially handy for marine usage on boats or when you might need to refill ATV tanks, or even Jeep tanks when you are out in the woods.

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