Best All Terrain Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2022

tires for jeep grand cherokee

I noticed that the tread on my jeep grand cherokee all-terrain tires was not as deep as I like, and realized that I needed to put some new rubber on my jeep grand Cherokee the other day. I got to thinking on my way to the tire store that there must be a formula that would help people choosing all-terrain tires for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I asked the tire specialist at the local tire stores to help me create a list of all-weather tire recommendations. Those specialists also helped me to understand what makes a tire perfect for a Jeep, and how to select the best all-terrain tires for jeep grand cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 or SRT 

Both the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 and the SRT are classified as having an SUV body style. The SRT is also a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the SRT has a hefty price tag compared to the average cost of the Cherokee V8.

The engine in the SRT is larger and not surprising the SRT does not get as good of gas mileage as the V8. The SRT gets about 6 miles less per gallon.

Both vehicles seat 5 passengers comfortably. The two-vehicle styles also hold the same 24.6 gallons of gas per tank full.

Top 6 All Terrain Tires for Jeep Grand Cherokee Comparison

  • Section Width: 275 Millimeters
  • Size:‎P275/55R20
  • Tread Depth: 12 Inches
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  • Size: 275/60R20
  • Section Width: 275 Millimeters
  • Rim Width: 8 Inches
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  • Size: ‎265/75R16
  • Section Width: 265 Millimeters
  • Speed Rating: S
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  • Size: 31X10.50R15LT
  • Section Width: 10.5 Inches
  • Tire Diameter: 31 Inches
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  • Size: 285/75R16
  • Section Width: 285 Millimeters
  • Speed Rating: R
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The 6 Jeep Grand Cherokee All Terrain Tire Reviews

1. Federal Couragia M/T All-Terrain Tire

federal couragia m/t all terrain tire

Mud, rough terrain, and off-road driving are enhanced when you have tires that resist cuts, chips, and abrasions. These Federal manufactured tires resist damages that are often caused by rocks and rough terrain. Go where you want to with confidence when you ride on these.

Tread is aggressive to make it easier for you to get traction on mud, dirt, loose sand, and other non-asphalt terrains. The aggressive tread allows the tire to grab whatever surface it is covering and help you stay on track.

The aggressive tread pattern also allows the mud and road debris to be cleaned out of the tire as it rolls. This self-cleaning action allows the vehicle to maintain a more stable ride, especially when the travel takes you from rough terrain to a smoother one.

You can get 30,000 miles of service out of these tires. The trick is to make sure that you have the tires rotated every 2,500 miles. I generally have my tires rotated each time I change the oil so my tire wear is even and my ride is smoother. For a better experience, many travelers rates this tire as the best all-terrain tire for jeep grand Cherokee.

2. Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire

Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire

This is the all-season tire for jeep grand Cherokee on our list. Go anywhere on or off the road when you have these tires on your rims. They are an all-terrain tire that has the ability to provide a smooth and safe ride over paved roadways and the capability of traveling across unpaved surfaces as well.

The tread on this tire is wide and flat. This type of tread helps the tire to wear evenly and in a uniform pattern. It also helps provide safer and more effective braking and excellent grip on paved surfaces. These are 4-ply tires that have a B rating.

Your ride in your Jeep Cherokee will be smoother and more comfortable when you have these tires. They are all-terrain but they do much better on paved surfaces than they do when driven over mud, dirt, or rough terrain.

The noise created by these tires is less than the noise created by tires with a more aggressive tread on them. Many people also report getting as many as 82,000 miles of usage from a set of these tires. 

3. Falken Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire

falken wildpeak at3w all terrain radial tire

4-ply tires that are perfectly suited to travel over paved roadways. It is possible to use these tires when you are doing some off-road driving. Their tread is not extremely aggressive in appearance, but they do get a grip on the dirt and sand you may travel through. These tires are also good for all-weather situations including traveling through snow-covered roadways.

A slight hum is noticeable when you are driving but these tires do not create the roar that you often get when you buy aggressive tires. Their noise level is moderate and should not distract you when you are driving.

The sidewall of these tires is aggressive in appearance and they lend a pleasant aesthetic to your vehicle. For tires that are this affordable, you will be surprised at their performance, durability, and design style.

These all-terrain tires make it possible for you to use your vehicle in a wide variety of situations. Their price is reasonable and the majority of people can afford them, and afford to keep good tires on their vehicles.

4. Travelstar EcoPath All-Terrain Radials

travelstar ecopath all-terrain radials

50,000 traveling miles can be expected from a set of these all-terrain tires. The black letter sidewalls and moderate aggressive tread make the tires attractive and reliable for different road conditions.

These are standard 4-ply tires that are designed for use in town and down by the river. The tires perform great on both wet and drive surfaces. They handle the cold temperatures and conditions of the northern areas and the high humidity, often slick roads of the southern regions with no complications.

The noise level is controllable with these tires. They do create some humming as you travel, but you can drown the sound by simply playing your radio at a reasonable decibel. Your normal listening volume will be enough to keep you from hearing the highway singing these tires do when driven over the pavement.

These tires are affordable and can be considered low cost compared to the prices of some other jeep Cherokee all-terrain tires that perform well on Jeep vehicles.

5. Milestar Patagonia Mud Terrain Tires

milestar patagonia mud terrain tires

Mud terrain tires have an aggressive tread that allows them to get a good grip even when they are moving through slick mud. The tread is wide enough that the mud slings out of it when the tire climbs out of the mud and travels a short distance. The tread is tall enough to disperse the water in the mud hole and help you maintain a sturdy grip.

Mud tires are noisier when driven over pavement than all-terrain tires are. The tread pattern simply sings and hums when it is traveling. Most all-terrain tires make a slight noise that can be covered by the radio inside the vehicle but these tires sing a little louder and the radio may not drown them out.

Mud terrain tires often need to be balanced every three months. This is due to the type of driving most people do with the tires and not because of any fault in the tire. Mud can get between the tire and the rim and over time it can create wear problems, or even make the tire lose air. Just balance the tires every time you change the oil, or about every three months and you will avoid these problems.

6. BF Goodrich All Terrain K02 Radial Tire

bf goodrich all terrain k02 radial tire

Paved roads are easily traversed with these tires. You do not have to worry about wet pavement because the tread on the tire is aggressive enough to disperse water well and allow you to maintain traction on wet pavements.

The shoulder rubber of these tires is thicker than average. That allows the tire to go over rough terrain with fewer damages or complications. The rubber resists splitting, or damages from loose gravel, temperature variations, or surface contact.

You would expect tires with tread as aggressive as the tread on these to be loud when you are city driving. You will be surprised to find out that these tires are not loud, and any noise they create will not be heard when the radio is playing.

Your safety is greatly increased when you put these tires on your vehicle. They are reliable and grip the roadway to keep you on track. You will not get as many miles of travel from the tires if you drive in off-road situations, but you can lengthen the amount of mileage you get by rotating and balancing the tires more frequently.

Things to Consider When Buying Jeep Grand Cherokee Tires

travelstar all terrain tire in snow in winter closeup

The tires on your Jeep guarantee your safety, they provide you with comfort, they allow you to drive in different terrains, and they can even improve the look of your vehicle. Before you buy your next set of tires consider the following things and compare the tires to determine if they are going to be right for you.


Of course, you know that you have to get a tire that is the right height, and width for the vehicle you are driving. Make sure that you are looking at the right size tire before you begin to compare the other characteristics.


Price does matter and often we have to choose a lower-priced product because our budget demands it. Do not let price be your main consideration. Quite often cheaper tires are not as durable and do not last as long.

If you have to buy new tires sooner because you bought cheaper tires then you may not be saving money at all.

Tread and Style

All-terrain tires are intended to be driven on both paved surfaces and some unpaved surfaces. They are all-around tires that suits the needs of the majority of all makes and models of cars. If you are never going to drive your vehicle off-road then you might want to consider simple street tires.

Mud-terrain tires are more aggressive and designed to go through mud easily. They grip the softer surface of the mud and pull the vehicle through it. They also allow the mud to be slung off of them when the vehicle leaves the mud-hole.

Expected Mileage

The manufacturer will give you a determination of how many miles you should be able to travel before you have to replace the tire. They may say that a tire is rated to last 50,000 miles. These recommendations do give you some idea of how long the tires will last but the actual number of miles that your tire lasts will depend on where you drive, and how well you maintain them.

4-Ply or 10-Ply

The greater 10-ply tires are thicker than the average 4-ply tire. The 10-ply is tougher and can withstand rougher surfaces with less damage. The 10-ply tire is also a lot more expensive than the 4-ply tire.

If the majority of your driving is done around town and over paved roads then you do not need to spend the extra money to get 10-ply tires. If the majority of your driving is done off-road and over gravel or rocky terrain the investment in 10-ply is a good one for you.

Which Tires are Best Touring and Highway? 

If you travel paved highways a lot you want to buy a touring tire. The touring tire is designed to make the vehicle you are driving easier to control so they reduce accidents.

The touring tire is designed to provide a smoother ride so the vehicle is more comfortable to ride in for long periods of time.

Touring tires provide excellent traction on the wet pavement so you can drive in the rain with no fear of being unable to stop quickly if you need to.

All-season tires are good for touring and highway driving especially if you want to drive in the snow and ice of the northern states, and in the high heat and humidity of the southern states with equal ease.

Grand Cherokee Tire FAQ

What are The Best Tires for a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The best tires are not going to be chosen by the model of vehicle you drive but by where you drive and how you drive. If you drive both on and off the beaten path then choose an all-terrain tire. If you mostly drive off-road surfaces choose a more aggressive mud-terrain. If you drive long city miles then choose a touring tire.

What Size Tires Can I put on My Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The size of the tire that you can put on your Cherokee will be determined by the size of the rims you have on the vehicle, and whether the vehicle is the stock height or has been lifted. Normally the standard Cherokee has 17” rims so you need 17” tires. The 17 will be the last two numbers in the numbers and letters written on the side of the tire.

How Big of Tires Can I Put on My Jeep?

Your tires cannot be bigger than the rims that you have. If you have not put a lift kit on your Jeep then 245-70-17 tires are recommended as most Jeeps come with 17” rims.

Final Verdict

I hope now you know which one is the best all-terrain tire for jeep grand Cherokee. If you are specifically looking for mud tires that will be best in slippery and muddy situations then I recommend you look at the Milestar Patagonia Mud Terrain Tires.

However, if you are looking for an all-terrain tire that is durable, dependable, and highly affordable I suggest you check out the Falken Wildpeak AT3W All-Terrain.

Whatever tire you choose remember that you can extend the life and productivity of your tires by maintaining them with regular balancing and rotation.

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