Do Jeep Wranglers Have a Backup Camera?

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If you own a Jeep Wrangler then you know the importance and convenience that comes with the backup camera. Most people that own this type of vehicle often take their vehicle off the paved road to areas that are difficult to drive in, and almost impossible to back up in because of trees, deep ditches, and other obstacles.

Backup cameras have been standard equipment in these automobiles since 2018. This was done to help the owners have more fun and be safer. It was also done to comply with the regulations governing new vehicles being introduced to consumers that say all vehicles need backup cameras to increase safety. If you live in an area where doorless driving is legal then you can have jeep grab handles.

Reasons Why Do Jeep Wranglers Have a Backup Camera?

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Camera Advantages

These cameras do a lot of things to improve the safety of the drivers and the other people on the roads. One of the greatest benefits of these cameras is the blind spots that once allowed you to do things like run over trash cans that were sitting too close to the drive. They have stopped parents from running over toys like bicycles that have been left behind the vehicle. They have also stopped parents from backing up over children, other vehicles, and obstacles.

The visual clarity these cameras provide is much greater than the images provided by typical rear-view mirrors. When it is raining, snowing, foggy, or the weather is simply grey backup cameras allow you to see behind the vehicle clearly. Rear-view mirrors show blurry and distorted images in bad weather.

On Screen Guides

Some backup cameras have a feature known as an on-screen guide that further enhances the visual aspects the camera provides. These screens provide help in judging the exact distance you have before you strike an object behind the vehicle. Some of these guides will beep if you get too close to an object, and some of them actually stop the vehicle from going any farther if they sense a problem.

This is handy when you are trying to parallel park because the fear of hitting the car behind you is eliminated. You will be able to see and judge precisely how far away you are from the other vehicle.

Camera Guides

You do need to know that every vehicle that comes with a backup camera does not come with the best camera on the market. Some vehicle manufacturers install the cheapest cameras they can find just to be in compliance with regulations.

You should ask your dealer if the camera your vehicle has is the best on the market. If it is not you should consider upgrading the camera so you have on-screen guides, beeping alerts when you are backing up so people and animals will know your intentions and be able to move out of the way.

The placement of the camera is critical to giving you the best visual abilities. Check your camera alignments and make sure that you can see behind the vehicle and as far to the sides of the vehicle as possible.

If you own an older vehicle that did not come with one of these cameras talk to your mechanic or body shop and see about installing one. You will love the increased visual acuity, and you will feel safer.

Safety Thoughts

The backup camera can eliminate many accidents that once damaged vehicles, damaged property, and even took lives. Your insurance carrier is aware that these cameras make your vehicle safer to drive and decrease the number of accidents that you might have. For that reason, the insurance coverage on the vehicle may cost less if you have a backup camera in place.

A Quick Video on How to Install Jeep Wrangler Reverse Camera

Final Thoughts

The laws requiring new vehicles to have safety equipment like backup cameras in place are saving lives and property damage. You do not have to worry about backing into the street and striking anything because you can see. When you back out of a crowded parking space you will not have to worry about striking another car or possibly striking a person who has stepped behind your vehicle.

When you take the vehicle to the woods you will be able to back up without hitting trees, running off the road and into a ditch, or doing any type of damages. These cameras are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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