How Far Can You Drive a Jeep If You Do Not Have The Key Fob?

If you do not have the key fob with you the vehicle will travel until it runs out of gas or the engine is shut off. If you have a keyless ignition the fob sends a signal to the computer that then allows the push button to power on the engine.

Key fobs are some of the latest devices jeep owners are learning to use. Key fobs allow you to lock and unlock a vehicle from a distance. Key fobs allow you to drive a keyless vehicle. Key fobs are advanced technology that some people love, and some people hate.

Driving Without The Key Fob

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Driving the vehicle without the key fob is no different than driving with the fob. Once the key fob takes care of sending the signal to the computer to allow the engine to start it has done its job. All of the components and features of the vehicle will work properly even if you crank the car and then toss the key fob out the window.

Driving without a fob will not harm any component of your car.

Are Jeep Key Fobs Battery Powered?

Yes. The key fob that helps you start your Jeep or helps you unlock your Jeep is powered by a battery. You may not realize that the battery in the fob can run out of power. 

If the fob goes dead while you are driving your car will continue to function but you will need a new battery, or to charge the battery in it before you crank most vehicle models.

There are some vehicles that will allow pressing the push button that starts the vehicle and holds the vehicle against the button for a one-time activation if the battery is depleted. You must read the owner’s manual that came with your vehicle to ascertain whether this will work for you.

What to Do If You Lose Your Key Fob

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If you misplace the fob then you can simply contact your dealer and have a new fob programmed for you. This is not a free service and will normally cost you about $50 or more to get the replacement.

There are some instances when a locksmith can help you with a lost key fob. This will depend on the skills of the locksmith and the make and model of the vehicle that you drive.

On some vehicles, an alarm will start to go off if the car is running and the key fob is not in it. These alarms help you to know when you lose your fob or leave the little remote behind.

Can I Unlock My Vehicle Doors Without a Key Fob?

Most vehicles that have a keyless entry system also come with a key. The key may be stored inside your fob.

If you lose your keyless entry fob then simply use the key inside it to unlock your door.

Do Key Fobs Make Your Car Harder to Steal?

Maybe. If the automobile has keyless entry operated by a fob then it will actually be easier to steal. The new technology that thieves have at their disposal makes it easier for them to hack into the smart doors and enter your vehicle. The old standard key required locks made the thief work harder and be more visible while they were stealing your car.

Studies show that thieves with an RF repeater can possibly crank your engine without the fob. RF devices are illegal to own, but thieves do not care.

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Most Common Questions

What Happens If You Drive Away Without A Key Fob?

Your car continues to run, but once the engine is killed the car cannot be restarted.

Is A Replacement Jeep Key Fob Expensive?

The Typical Replacement Cost Starts at $50.

What Happens If The Battery in My Key Fob Dies While I am Driving?

Your car will continue to function normally until you kill the engine.

Final Thoughts

The new technology that has given us remote start, keyless entry, and keyless start has also given us a few questions. The key fobs do very little concerning the operation of your vehicle. If you lose or break your fob your biggest concern will be the inconvenience of having to have a new one made for you.

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