Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap?

If you have been shopping the different makes and models of Jeeps you have undoubtedly noticed that the Jeep Patriot is sold for a lower price than most of the other makes and models.

Why is Jeep Patriot so Cheap to Buy? (Let’s Find out The Reason)

A man is driving a Jeep Patriot

The Patriot is not a model that is made any longer, but you still see a lot of them for sale, and driving up and down the road. There was nothing wrong with the Jeep to cause the manufacturer to want to discontinue it, the problem was the Patriot did not have a lot of advanced technology designed into it.

From 2007 to 2017 the Patriot was possibly the cheapest Jeep available. It was purchased by a good number of people, it just did not live up to the luxury expectations, or technology packed ideas people thought vehicles should have.

The lack of advanced technology like parking assist, touch-screens, remote access, rearview cameras, and such are a big reason why the Patriot was a more affordable vehicle. It was not a car with all the bells and whistles, it was simple, easy to operate, and that kept it priced lower than other models.

A Smaller SUV

The Jeep Patriot was a smaller SUV. It did not have the massive amount of cargo room, and you could not fit eight people and a dog in it. 

The Patriot was smaller, but it was adequate for the transportation of a family of four or five people. It gave people the ability to have an SUV, which everyone wanted more than a Sedan, yet it was smaller, easier to park in crowded city spaces, and it became really popular.

The Patriot Had The Basics

You could say the reason the Patriot was so cheap, and still sells for less, is they are basic vehicles. They have simple interiors. You will not find expensive luxury leather seats or heated seats in these vehicles.

They came with a basic sound system, a radio that could pick up Am or FM stations. There were no CD players, tape players, or expensive speakers.

Power Free Doors and Windows

The windows on the Patriot had to be manually rolled up and down by turning a handle on the inside of the car on the door panel. There were no push button controls that made the windows raise or lower.

There were no power locks on the door, so you could not simply hit one button and lock every door in the vehicle. You also could not lock the windows, so if your child wanted to roll down the window they could do so.

The Patriot Engine was Smaller

The Patriot had an inline four-cylinder engine under the hood. It was a 2.4 liter that was not offering a lot of horsepowers. This was okay because the Patriot was designed to be a vehicle that you could depend on to take you to work, shopping in town, drive the kids to the dentist or school, and make occasional road trips in.

It was not designed to drive over off-road terrain, climb mountains, or take you on grand adventures. It was a dependable, sensible vehicle with enough power to take you from point A to point B at a proper speed. 

No Frills

You can say the Patriot is so cheap because it is a no-frills vehicle. It came with a radio, heater and air conditioner, headlights and tail lights, and manual everything.

  • The seats were manually adjusted to accommodate the height of the driver.
  • There were no rear-window defrost or rear-window wipers installed.
  • Temperature control was done on the dash and the vents that spewed warm or cold air around the vehicle were positioned on the dash. You could not have a temperature setting in the back or rear of the vehicle that was different than the one in the front of the vehicle, and the passenger seat was the same temperature as the driver. You could close the vent if you did not want as much air on one side of the vehicle.
  • They were not really fast. The automobile was designed to travel at recommended roadway speeds, and stepping on the gas did not make them move a lot faster.
  • They were not the most comfortable Jeeps on the market. They were pretty standard and they did not provide luxury smooth rides, so they were not a good option if you wanted to travel long distances.

Patriot Good Aspects

Reading all of the reasons why the Patriot was so cheap can make you think badly of the little SUV. There were a lot of positive things about the Patriot that deserve to be mentioned.

  • The Patriot was a low-cost and affordable SUV that allowed a greater number of people to own an SUV.
  • It was a dependable vehicle that provided durable and reliable transportation.
  • Insurance premiums on the Patriot were far less than on other Jeep or SUV models.
  • It got really good gas mileage so it did not cost a fortune to drive.
  • The engine was basic and when you needed a repair it cost less to get the repair work done.
  • The smaller engine required less oil when you changed the oil so oil changes were cheaper.
  • There were fewer technologically advanced features so there were fewer items to break down and need repair.

Final Thoughts

The Jeep Patriot is cheap, or was cheap, because it was a simple vehicle and not a luxury item. Jeep offered upgrades that would make the vehicle more comfortable, more attractive and more powerful, but rather than pay the upgrade price the majority of buyers just opted to buy a different modle.

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