Want to Replace Ball Joints on a Jeep? Here’s How Much It Will Cost:

The Jeep JK’s forward suspension ball joints have remained a source of contention for drivers. Jeep seems to have scrimped on just this component along the line, exposing it too early degradation and resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

The ball joint itself should range in price from approximately $25 to $200 or more, based on where you purchase it and which type you have installed. According to the manufacturer, the entire cost of a ball joint repair will vary between $150 and $450, or even more based on the conditions.

This article will go over whatever there is to know about the Jeep JK Ball Joints. Continue reading to find out the estimated amount of the replacement task as well as the procedures.

What Does It Cost to Replace a Ball Joint In a Jeep?

ball joints

An estimated replacement cost for the ball joint of a Jeep may be determined by taking into consideration a number of parameters.

In most circumstances, the ball joint alone will cost you between $25 and $200 (or even more), and the labor will charge you between $150 and $450 throughout most cases. This figure, on the other hand, will differ based on a variety of critical criteria, such as the manufacturer, brand, and model of the ball joint.

Every factor of the predicted cost is taken into consideration, including the Jeep model, manufacturing year, and chosen maintenance company.

Please see the following examples of Jeep models, together with an estimated cost depending on where they are located, for a greater understanding:

Jeep ModelArea/RegionApproximate Cost
2018 Jeep JK 2.0L L4 Turbo Hybrid • 31,500 miles  CA 92672$200 – $300
2018 Jeep JK 2.0L L4 Turbo Hybrid • 30,000 miles  CA 92672$150 – $200
2008 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 • 125,000 miles OR 97045$200 – $300
2008 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 • 120,000 milesOR 97045$115 – $230
2007 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 Rubicon • 95,000 miles  AZ 85296$500 – $650
2007 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 Rubicon • 99,000 milesAZ 85296$450 – $598
2016 Jeep JK 3.6L V6 75th Anniversary • 50,000 miles  CA 92335$1,000 – $1,510
2000 Jeep JK 4.0L L6 • 70,000 miles  AZ 85202$400 – $500
2010 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 • 135,000 milesCA 95762$300 – $400
2010 Jeep JK 3.8L V6 • 140,000 miles CA 95762$500 – $800

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ball Joints on Jeep Liberty?

In the United States, the average cost of a Jeep Liberty front axle ball joint replacement ranges from $645 to $700. Whereas the labor charges are projected to be around $120 and $150, the cost of the materials is $500. Fees and taxes are not included in this calculation.

Maintenance of a ball joint costs money. Numerous different jeeps are on the street today, and expenses might vary from $150 [for just one] to somewhat more than $1500 [for all four], considering alignment, depending on the vehicle characteristics. Some jeeps have just lower 2 ball joints, while others have 4, both top and bottom, depending on the jeep model.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ball Joints on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is estimated that the cost of replacing a Jeep Grand Cherokee stabilizer ball joint will range between $200 and $300. Labor expenditures are expected to range around $95 and $100, whereas materials are expected to range around $100 and $140 in value. Prices may differ based on where you are located.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Front Lower Ball Joint Replacement Costs

AutomobileModel/BrandRegion/LocationEstimated Cost
Jeep1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.0L L6 • 155,000 milesAZ 85033$210 – $300
Jeep1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.0L L6 • 155,000 milesAZ 85033$150 – $250
Jeep1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.7L V8 Laredo • 240,000 milesCA 90277$300 – $400
Jeep2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.0L L6 Laredo • 280,000 milesCA 92278$380- $470
Jeep1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee5.2L V8 • 235,000 milesOR 97303$550 – $666
Jeep1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee5.2L V8 • 235,000 milesOR 97303$566 – $666
Jeep2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.0L L6 • 350,000 milesCA 92071$250 – $300
Jeep2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee4.0L L6 • 250,500 milesCA 92071$310- $300

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ball Joints on a Jeep Cherokee?

It is estimated that the cost of replacing a Jeep Grand Cherokee stabilizer ball joint will range between $155 and $355. Labor expenditures are expected to range around $107 and $254, while components are expected to range around $85 and $100 in value.

How Long Do Ball Joints Last in Jeep Wrangler?

The life lifespan of a standard JK OEM ball joint varies considerably. Some have failed after 20,500 miles, while others have survived for more than 150,000 kilometers. Some of them survive as long as 80,000 kilometers. There is no regimen that is suitable for the lifetime of all ball joints. The majority of ball joints have a life expectancy of around 100,500 kilometers or more.

A ball joint with extensive movement may create further wear, and if one breaks, the suspensions of the automobile might collapse, and end up losing control of the car. The precise length of time they will last will be determined by the driving patterns, road surfaces, and exposures to salt and street splashes.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Ball Joints on a Jeep?

Ball joints are replaced in 2 hours for each side, which takes approximately two hours. It is not necessary to use a hoist or pneumatic equipment to replace the ball joints while doing the work. In addition, it is undeniably different depending on the level of experience. Hiring a technician to do the work for you will almost certainly save you time compared to doing it yourself. 


Are Ball Joints Capable of Causing Death Wobble?

There is no excuse to continue living in fear of death wobble. Additionally, worn ball joints & joint axles contribute significantly to death wobble. Hook up the car and feel the wheel’s front and rear edges for movement.

What Function Do Ball Joints Serve on a Jeep?

Ball Joints are used for Jeep. Ball joints link the steering knuckle to the wheel, enabling the knuckles to swivel in order to direct the Jeep. They may get worn down over the years, resulting in imprecise steering responsiveness or drifting while traveling along the highway.

Is Driving a Car With a Faulty Ball Joint Dangerous?

The worst-case scenario while steering with a faulty suspension joint is that it will break. Ball joints may fail in 2 processes: the ball might disengage from the sockets or the studs can fracture. Whichever method of breaking is used, the ultimate outcome is always devastating. Whenever the jeep joints entirely disintegrate, the tire becomes totally rotatable in any position.

Should I Replace Both the Lower and Upper Ball Joints Concurrently?

The cost of ball joint replacement varies.  Certain cars have just two lower ball joints, whereas others have 4 top and bottom ball joints. You will not have to repair all of the ball and socket at once, just the defective ones.

How Much Would It Cost to Repair a Jeep Wrangler’s U Joints?

The typical cost of replacing a u-joint in a Jeep Wrangler is around $507 and $602. Labor expenses are expected to be around $56 and $98 per hour, while components cost around $150 and $450 per hour.

Final Note

Ball joints, just like all the other suspension systems on a jeep, will eventually wear out or become broken and weak. When you discover significant mobility in the Jeep ball joints, failing to replace them may have a detrimental effect on steering wheel alignment and tire wear. Therefore, ensure that you are prepared to replace them with new joints.

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