Replacing Jeep Grand Cherokee Headliner: What You Need to Know

A sure sign that a car is getting older is when you see the headliner sagging. Headliners are not crucial to the working of the vehicle but they do improve the looks of the interior.

The headliner also helps to add extra insulation so the inside of the vehicle can stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

If you have a headliner in a Jeep Cherokee that is starting to sag or show signs of wear the following information may be very beneficial to you.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Headliner Replacement

Headliners that are starting to sag, bubble, or look worn may not need to be replaced. You may be able to repair the damaged area.

If you have a severely sagging liner then you probably do need to replace it.

The Average Cost of Replacing a Jeep Cherokee Headliner

If your headliner in your Jeep Cherokee is sagging and looking bad then you may want to get it replaced. 

On average, the cost of this process will be between $250 and $1000 dollars. The price will depend on where you live, the shop you hire, and the type of headliner material you choose as a replacement.

A lot of people simply change their headliner material themselves. It will take about an hour to remove all of the existing liners, and another hour to install the new one.

The length of time that it will take to install one of these items is going to depend on how well you work with scissors and glue. It is not really difficult to replace the cloth but it does take patience.

How to Install a New Headliner in a Jeep Cherokee

What you will need

  • Sharp scissors
  • Sandpaper or wire brush
  • Large paperclips
  • Adhesive (spray glue works extremely well for this application)
  • Headliner replacement fabric
  • Empty container or zipper bag for screws, bolts, and small fasteners
  • Screwdriver

Steps to Follow

First, you need to gather all of your supplies. If you have a garage you may want to park the vehicle in the garage while you work. If you do not have a garage to work out of park the vehicle in the shade so the interior will not get uncomfortably hot while you are working.

Step 1

Before you can do anything, you have to remove the trims and bolts that are holding the existing liner in place. You will have to remove dome lights and accessories like hanger hooks.

Place these items and the screws and bolts from these items in an empty container or zipper bag so you do not misplace any of the fasteners.

Some of the Jeep Cherokees have headliners that are held in place by a series of clips. If you are lucky enough to have these then removing the old liner is as simple as releasing the clips.

Step 2

You are ready to pull the old liner material down. This may take a few minutes.

Once the material is removed you are going to see bits of foam and globs of adhesive stuck to the roof of the vehicle. You will need to take your wire brush or sandpaper and get all of the old adhesive and foam removed.

Step 3

You will need to lay the headliner fabric out and measure it so it will fit properly in your vehicle on the headliner board. There is an old saying “measure twice and cut once”. Basically, that means measuring carefully and being sure of your measurements before you take the scissors to your fabric.

You want to spray one-half of the area with the spray glue and adhere the fabric to that section before moving over to apply glue and fabric to the next section. Working in small sections will let you get all of the wrinkles out and make certain the new material is firmly in place.

Step 4

Give the adhesive ample time to dry before you attempt to drive the vehicle. If you drive before the adhesive dries completely there is a chance that the adhesive will turn loose in places and you will have liner material flopping and flapping in the breeze.

A quick video guide about Jeep Cherokee headliner install

Did You Know?

The headliner in the vehicle works as a barrier keeping excessive heat and noise out of the vehicle? If your Jeep Grand Cherokee is noisy use a thicker headliner material to help dampen the sounds that come in from outside.

Most headliners are layers of foam that is covered with a fabric or plastic material for looks.

The headliners hide wires and hardware to help protect them and to help make your vehicle nicer to look at.

You can replace your headliner with material and colors that are a perfect replica of the original or you can use a different color and different material to create a unique look inside your vehicle.

The materials used in the original headliner application vary in quality, thickness, and composition. Not all headliners are created equal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Jeep Cherokee Headliner Last?

They should last the life of the vehicle, but most experts say that 10 to 12 years is the expected lifespan of a headliner.

How Do You Fix A Sagging Headliner in A Jeep Cherokee?

There are several methods you can try to fix a sagging headliner. You can reglue the sagging section, pin the sagging section up or remove it.

When Should You Replace Your Jeep Cherokee Headliner?

This is going to depend on the condition of the headliner. If it is sagging in just one section and not obstructing the view it can probably be repaired, but when it sags and obstructs your view then it has to be removed or replaced.

Final Thoughts

The headliner is more aesthetic than it is necessary. When you need to replace one you can do the work yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. A pro will probably cost you less than $500 and you will save yourself some aggravation. 

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