How to Lift a Jeep Cherokee XJ on a Budget

Lifting your Jeep Cherokee XJ lets you run taller tires and travel across rougher terrain or through deeper water without damaging the undercarriage of your XJ.

Many people have considered lifting their vehicles for various reasons. But they fear that the lifting process will be too expensive. So they just leave their vehicle as it is.

What if I told you that lifting your XJ Cherokee can be done for as little as $400? Would that make you consider the lift kit a little more carefully?

What if I also told you that the $400 lift kit is installed by a professional, so you do not have to do any mechanic work, and you know the kit is properly put in place?

I bet you are now thinking hard and heavy about getting your XJ higher off the ground.

How Much Does it Cost to Lift a Jeep Cherokee XJ?

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One thing you have to understand before you price a lift for your Jeep Cherokee is that there are a variety of lift styles. You have to ensure that you are pricing the type of lift you really want and not getting the price for something you never considered before.

The Budget Boost Lift Costs Between $270 and $400

This Jeep Cherokee budget boost lift allows you to use larger tires on your vehicle. It is not recommended if you do a lot of off-road driving in extreme locations because the spacers are not super touch.

To create this lift, coil spacers are placed on top of the coil springs already on the vehicle. These spacers are made from an inexpensive type of polyurethane, and they will only give you between 0.75 and 2.5 inches of additional clearance.

The Body Lift Costs Between $200 and $500

This lift type will give you an additional clearance of one to three inches. It is created without the installation of new shocks, so it is one of the less expensive lift methods you can use on your Jeep Cherokee XJ.

With this Cherokee body lift, there are spacers and bolts inserted between the frame of the vehicle and the body of the vehicle. When you lift the vehicle in this manner, you may need to install some extensions on some of the vehicle parts, such as the radiator or the transmission. These bracket extensions will be an additional cost to purchase, and the installation specialist will charge extra to install them.

The Coil Spring Lift Costs Between $375 and $650

This type of lift is created with the installation of elongated coils that provide you with one and one-half to three and one-half inches of additional ground clearance. 

The longer coil springs create a better contact between your tires and the surfaces you are driving over. This lift will increase stability and ground clearance in off-road terrain situations.

A Short Arm Lift Costs Between $400 and $1000

This type of lift is slightly more aggressive and more detailed. It is done to provide additional clearance as great as two to five plus inches. The lift kit comes with adjustable arms that you custom select the amount of clearance you want them to provide.

This is a great lift for people who drive off-road, over rocks, through water, or across the sand. With the adjustable control arm, you can adjust the lift to be perfect for your vehicle’s wheel base and increase your control.

A Long Arm Lift Kit Costs Between $600 and $1500

This is the most expensive variety of lift kits. The lift kit also provides you with the greatest amount of ground clearance. These kits will bring your Jeep up three to more than six inches and possibly make you need some steps to help you climb in.

One of the biggest reasons these lift kits for the jeep XJ cost so much more than the others is the amount of labor it takes to install them. These are labor-intensive installations, and most people do not try to install this kit at home unless they are mechanically inclined.

Save Some Money on Your Jeep Cherokee XJ Lift

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It is possible for you to save a lot of money on the cost of lifting your vehicle. The actual kits that give you the pieces required to lift the vehicle are only a fraction of the cost. The main cost of getting a vehicle lifted lies in the labor rates the mechanic charges to install the kit for you.

Labor rates are generally somewhere between $40 and $100 per hour, depending on the shop you take the vehicle to. Many shops charge a minimum of three to five hours of labor, even if they really only spend one hour working on your vehicle. Those minimum hours can really jack the price of the workup.

The majority of lift kits are not extremely complicated to install. You need minimal experience, a little time, and a little patience. You are not going to be as quick at installing the kit as a professional would be, but you might save between $120 and $300 or more dollars on the installation.

To Do Your Own Installation You Will Need:

  • A jack to jack the vehicle up
  • Jack stands or blocks to put under the frame of the car, so it cannot fall while you are working.
  • Wrenches, sockets, and other mechanic tools. (the exact tools required will be determined by the type of kit you have purchased and the manufacturer of the kit)
  • A flashlight to help you see in the dark recesses under the car
  • A blanket to lay on or a rolling cart to lie on while you work
  • Clean, dry rags to wipe dirt and oil off of car components
  • A friend to spot for you in case of accidents or to hand you tools as you need them

Final Thoughts

Lifting your Jeep is the perfect way to make more ground clearance so you can use larger tires or rougher cover terrain. Doing the work yourself saves installation costs, but having a professional do the work guarantees proper installation.

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