How to get a Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement for a Reasonable Price

The most frequent problem with the Jeep models would be when the windshield starts to split. As the windshield is an important part of a car, it needs the broken glass replacement. We would discuss here how much the replacement would cost. 

Jeep Cherokee Windshield replacement costs may vary depending on several factors. Any qualified repair workshop will charge between $285.50 and $755.50 or $1,250 to install another windshield.

Therefore, there is no need to worry about what additional factors are covered in calculating the replacement cost. We will describe each and every detail in this article. 

Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement Cost

A worker holding a jeep windshield for replacing

Before replacing the Jeep Cherokee’s back or front windshields, you must know the projected cost. Usually, the budget range will vary from $285 to $755, with labor costs ranging from $150 to $200.

In certain instances, the total cost of repair may reach $1,500. However, this does not often apply to most Jeep Cherokee jeeps.

If the car requires extra maintenance or repairs, you may be charged an additional $150 to $350.

The replacement cost will differ depending on several important variables, such as the Jeep’s make, type, quality, material, and release year.

Note that pricing may vary based on the Jeep’s wipers and sensors. It also depends on the kind and area of damage, glass material used, and desired service provider. Also, remember that this estimated cost doesn’t include the VAT, extra taxes, or charges.

Lastly, if you struggle with your windshield at nighttime, you need to change it for better visibility.

When Does the Windshield on The Jeep Cherokee Need to Be Replaced?

Since windshields assure driver safety, it’s important to know when to replace the Jeep Cherokee’s windshield. It’ll reduce the possibility of more damage or an accident resulting from the Jeep’s broken or weakened windscreen.

You should always remember that it’s best to detect and repair damage as soon as possible before it might lead to a sudden accident.

It is important to repair or replace the windscreen to minimize the risk of crashing or getting in a collision. The easiest way to determine whether the windshield needs to be replaced is to check for early symptoms.

When you realize that the windshield in the Jeep Cherokee seems to be softened, this will be the first clear symptom. During any crash, the softened glass will most likely shatter into the driver’s face.

If you notice a little fracture in the windshield, this also might be an additional warning sign. Do not ignore the small crack as meaningless. If the fracture isn’t repaired, this will continue to spread over the surface of the windshield. And ultimately, you’ll see more cracks forming in the surrounding area.

It doesn’t matter how minor the break is; replacing the windshield will save cash and reduce the chance of accidents. Cracking or discoloration on the back or front wind protectors are other possible symptoms. 

So, never ignore any of the symptoms we mentioned. Otherwise, you may be in danger while driving on the roadway.

Installation Manual for Jeep Cherokee Windshield

If you decide to fix the Jeep Cherokee’s windshield after observing any symptoms, call the local service shop or technician for help.

Since removing cracked parts and installing a new windshield isn’t difficult, you can replace it yourself. 

Required Equipment

  • Replacement kit or new windscreen set
  • Screwdriver
  • Cutter or a blade
  • A minimal quantity of jelly.
  • Cables made of Nylon

After gathering all the needed materials, start the work following the steps given below:

  • Detach all the side holding screws with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the Jeep Cherokee’s case and mirrors. Unscrew the windshield wiper by lifting the blade off of the springs.
  • Remove the rubber seal surrounding the windshield using a shard cutter.  
  • From inside, carefully loosen the Jeep’s windshield. You’ll need help to carefully remove the old windshield if it’s heavy.
  • Pull the sealant off the new cover and add this to the new windscreen. A heavy portion of sealant goes inside; the edges section goes on sideways.
  • Apply sealant to the base of the new windscreen. And put petroleum jelly on the rubber edge-rollers. 
  • Connect a nylon cable to the new windscreen notches. And install it from outside the Cherokee Jeep. 
  • Stretch nylon cables over the new windscreen frameworks while someone holds the rubber gasket.
  • Remove extra petroleum jelly and wipe the dashboard. It keeps dirt out of heat radiators.

Now that you’ve replaced the Jeep Cherokee’s windshield, it’s road-ready. Before driving the Jeep Cherokee, wait for one whole day.

Related Questions

Jeep Windshield Replacement Time?

Most individuals have claimed that windshield replacement takes 1 hour.

Is It Preferable to Replace or Fix a Damaged Windshield?

If the windshield is damaged, replace it. But if it’s just a few cracks on the edges, you can fix it.

What Is the Cost to Repair a Jeep Window?

Jeep Wrangler side window repair costs $250 to $450 on average but may reach $550 or $650. Labor prices change per professional and repair facility.

Are Jeep Windshields Prone to Cracking?

Jeep professionals can predict fractured windshields. Most Jeep drivers predict a damaged windshield after noticing a few signs.

How Severe Is a Broken Windshield? 

A cracked windshield might be dangerous for the Jeep. Cracks in the windshield might affect the driving in poor light or bad weather. In addition, driving with poor eyesight increases the chance of an accident.

Final Note

The windshield is among the most important parts of a jeep. But it is also one of the most important parts of keeping the driver safe on the street.

So, a cracked or broken windshield or windscreen makes you more likely to be in a serious accident. The best thing to do is fix the windshield at the correct time. Also, you can hire a professional windshield replacer by driving your Jeep to the nearer local workshop.

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