Will Jeep Rims Fit a Ford Ranger?

This is a question that most Jeep mechanics or enthusiasts have been asked from time to time. 

In simple terms, the answer would be probably, if the rim size, wheel size, bolt pattern, and offset are the same on both vehicles.

Can I Make Jeep Rims Fit a Ford Ranger?

It may be possible for you to purchase spacers that allow the rims to then be compatible. Most of your Ford Ranger rims are 5×4.5 and most of your Jeep rims are 5×5.5 so the spacing is not compatible. If you buy spacers, you can then use the Jeep rims.

How Can I Be Sure What Bolt Pattern Is on My Jeep?

To make sure what bolt pattern is actually on your Jeep check the wheels of the vehicle.

You are going to need to measure to get the size. First, you need to count how many lugs you see.

If you have an even number of lugs then you measure from the center of one lug across to the center of the other one. 

If you have an odd number of lugs then you need to measure from the center of one lug to the outside edge of the one that is positioned diagonally across from it.

Rim Diameter Matters

You only have to measure from one bead seat to the other bead seat across the rim to get the width. Your tires cannot be wider than the width of your rims.

Check the Offset

You can do a visual assessment of the offset of the tires on the vehicles to determine if they possibly match. If the tires on one vehicle stick out from under the frame of the automobile they are on and the tires from the other vehicle sit covered by the vehicle body, then they have different offsets and cannot interchange wheels.

When in Doubt

When you are uncertain if the fitment of one rim is going to be okay for the vehicle you want to put them on stop by a tire shop. The professionals there will be glad to advise you.

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People Also Asked For

Are All 15” Tires The Same Height?

No. The sidewall heights of the tires can differ even though they are both 15s.

Which Numbers on The Tire Indicate The Height?

The two numbers after the slash indicate the tire height.

Can I Change My Rim Size?

Yes, you can put a different rim size on the vehicle but you made need to add a lift kit to do so.

Final Thoughts

It is normal to want to swap around rims and wheels on different vehicles. This is done all of the time. As long as you make sure the bolt patterns, offset, diameter, width, and height match then you are good to go. If your height or diameter is different you may need a lift kit to help you fit one set of rims onto a different vehicle.

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