Was My Jeep Built in America or Canada?

There are a large number of people that are surprised to discover that Jeeps are built in both Canada and America. I often get asked how to tell which country a Jeep was made in.

The short answer is this information is a part of the VIN number of the Jeep. A 1 04 4 denotes American and a 2 is representative of Canada.

A Few Jeep Facts about Canadian and American Manufactured Autos

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Let’s take a look at the Jeeps made in both countries and see if there are discernable differences in craftsmanship or quality. 

Made in Canada

Jeeps began to be manufactured at the Brampton Assembly in Ontario, Canada in 1986.

  • The number one difference between the Jeep from Canada and the Jeep from the US is the maple leaf sticker inside the driver’s door beside the vehicle’s VIN number.

There is really not a lot of structural differences between the automobiles that come off of an assembly line in Canada and the ones that come off of an assembly line in the United States.

If the first three numbers of the Vin include a 2 then the auto is most likely Canadian built. The American Jeeps normally have a 1 or a 4 in their first three VIN numbers.

Made in America

Jeep got its start in the US. The Ohio plant got a contract to build the vehicles for the government during World War II. 

Jeeps are manufactured at several locations in the United States. 

  • The Jeep Wrangler and the Gladiator models are crafted in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is also the home to the Jeep headquarters.
  • The Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Patriot is manufactured in Belvidere, Illinois.
  • The Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Commander both hail from plants in Detroit, Michigan

The Facts About Jeeps From Each Country

Looking at the hard cold facts about the vehicles from both Canada and America we discovered that:

  • The warranties issued on the vehicles may be different from one country to another. If you buy a Jeep made in Canada there is a chance that you will not have a warranty on it, even if the vehicle is brand new.
  • The prices may be different due to governmental regulations and policies not because of the quality of the auto. 
  • All of the components used to construct the different models of Jeep vehicles may be outsourced from different countries. Made in America or Made in Canada does not mean that every part of the vehicle was made in that country.

Other Countries That Manufacture Jeeps

America and Canada are not the only two countries where Jeeps are being manufactured. If you buy a Renegade or a compass you may discover that they were manufactured somewhere other than America. There is also a foreign version of the Cherokee that is very popular in some areas of the world.

Locations where Jeeps are being made:

  • Guangzhou, China
  • Goiana, Brazil
  • Melfi, Italy is the production home of some Jeep Renegades and Jeep Compass.
  • India creates the only right-hand-drive Jeeps around the globe
  • Mexico

The reason for the plants being located in different countries around the world is the Jeep’s reputation. Jeep is a highly prized automobile on the international market. Jeep decided to spread their wings and make manufacturing centers in other countries to support and encourage their international reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my Jeep is Canadian?

The first three numbers of your Vin indicate where it was manufactured, a 2 is a Canadian Jeep.

Are Jeeps Made in Canada?

Yes, they are manufactured out of Brampton Assembly in Ontario.

Is The Quality of A Jeep Made in Canada Good?

Yes, the quality of the vehicles is just as good.

Final Thoughts

The warranty issues are the only thing that should concern you about whether your Jeep was made in Canada or the United States. Many of the warranties on Canadian vehicles are not honored if the vehicle is moved across the border. If you are buying from a dealer then make the dealer explain the warranty your vehicle has and what countries that warranty will be good in.

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