How-To Spotlight: Jack Up Your Jeep

There are going to be times when you have to jack up your Jeep to change a tire, change the oil, or check something. Knowing how to do this safely can save you or your vehicle from damage.

What you Need

  • The tire jack from the rear compartment of the vehicle
  • Jack handle and extension for the jack handle
  • The lug wrench from the rear compartment of the vehicle
  • Jack stands for safety 
  • Something like a brick or piece of wood that you can use to block the tires

5 Easy Proces to Jack Up Your Jeep

Replacing the Wheel with a Jack

First Step

The first thing you do is make sure the vehicle is parked in the most level spot possible. You also want the ground to be as flat and firm as possible.

If you try to jack the vehicle up while it is parked on the soft ground the weight of the vehicle is going to compress the jack into the ground. This makes it impossible to lift the weight of the vehicle high enough to lift a tire so it can be pulled free from the vehicle.

The vehicle needs to be in the park setting while you are doing this procedure.

Engage the parking brake.

Place a block, piece of wood, rock, or brick under the tire that is opposite of where you are using the jack. If you are going to jack up the left rear of the vehicle then put the block under the right front tire to prevent the vehicle from rolling or moving forward while you work.

Second Step

Get your scissor jack, jack handle, and extension for the jack handle along with the lug wrench out of the rear storage compartment. 

You need to locate the jacking point of the vehicle so you can properly position the jack.

Look under the rocker panel of the vehicle and find the reinforced metal ribs. These are typically located just behind the front wheels or just in front of the rear wheels.

If you are unfamiliar with the position of the jacking points on your vehicle the owner’s manual should help you find them.

Third Step

Locate the slot at the upper portion of the jack that is designed to slip onto the jacking point of the vehicle.

If the jack is not lowered to its lowest setting you may have to place the jack handle into the unit and turn it to lower the jack to its lowest setting so it will fit properly under the vehicle.

Fourth Step

Once the jack is aligned with the jacking point you start to turn the jack handle and make it lift the vehicle. It is very important that the jack is positioned so it is straight up and down while you are doing this. If the jack is leaning to the left or right you are going to be in a dangerous position when weight is put on it.

Fifth Step

When the jack has lifted the vehicle you need to take a jack stand and place t under the rocker panel or under the axle of the vehicle. The jack stand will support the weight of the vehicle and take some of the load off of the jack.

The jack stand stops the vehicle from being able to fall while you are working.

Tips from the Pros

  • Always replace the jack, jack handle, and lug wrench as soon as you are through doing the work. This way you never get stranded without a jack
  • If you work on the vehicle often at home invest in a floor jack that rolls under the vehicle and makes the lift for you
  • Make sure you have jack stands and wheel blocks with you at all times
  • Keep something like an old blanket in the vehicle to sit or kneel on when you are changing a flat


Can I Change The Tire in My Driveway?

You can change the tire in your driveway unless you have a sloped driveway. It is never safe to jack a car up on a slope or incline.

Do All Cars Come Equipped With Scissor Jacks?

No vehicles can come with different jack styles. It is best if you locate the jack as soon as you buy the vehicle and look at the owner’s manual to find out the safest way to use it.

What If I Have To Jack My Car Up On A Grassy Spot?

If you have to jack the car up on a grassy area try to place a piece of plywood under the jack and the jack stands to prevent them from sinking into the ground.

Final Thoughts

There are going to be several times when you have to jack your Jeep up. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the location of the jack and how to operate the jack by reading the owner’s manual right after you purchase the vehicle. Make sure that anyone that drives the vehicle is familiar with how to use the jack in case of a flat tire.

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