Cost Breakdown of Jeep Wrangler Key Replacement

There are many reasons why you may lose the key to your favorite Jeep Wrangler. Then you must consider replacing the key in that situation.

Replacement Jeep Wrangler Keys cost between $150 and $500. Furthermore, Jeep has updated the Jeep Wrangler’s keys throughout the years. Consequently, receiving the key depends on how well the Wrangler is configured.

Replacing a key may be expensive, but it is an essential item that must be acquired at a particular time. In this article, we’re going to explain how to change the Jeep Wrangler key.

Cost of Jeep Wrangler Key Replacement

Replacing jeep key

Before replacing the old Wrangler key, you should establish the budget. We will quickly discuss all the important details with you so that you can replace them on your own.

Typically, the budget range falls around $150 and $500. The cost of replacing the Jeep Wrangler key can differ due to the many factors that must be considered. Another issue is the location of the key replacement.

The type of the Wrangler sets the value of the key, which varies between years. Therefore, you will have several options if the budget is around $1,000. So, don’t wait without replacing the key, or you won’t be able to drive your Wrangler.

How Should You Replace the Jeep Wrangler Key?

White Jeep Wrangler

When you misplace the key of a Jeep Wrangler and do not have a backup, you must seek for a replacement. Thus, you must rely on:

  • The type of key you will need
  • The automobile’s manufacturing year
  • Your location/address
  • Where and how to obtain a spare key
  • Provision of code for key removing
  • Whether the combustion system is fresh

Generally, the kind of key you use and the year the vehicle was manufactured are the most critical factors in deciding if you need a chip. Or even a transmitter, ‘press button’ controller, or regular ‘non-transponder’ keys.

The key security features increase as the Jeep’s age increases. Consequently, you can consider paying more than $350 for a new key for later editions.

It’s also important to note that the pricing might vary depending on where you have the key replaced. Typically, the dealers will charge you 15 to 20 percent less for a new key than just any locksmith would. 

You likely would have to transport the vehicle to the location to install a new key or transmitter. Therefore, the overall price is usually higher.

In addition, one item of facts should be included here. If you have already had the combustion cylinders replaced, which is common for older jeeps, the key code will be worthless.

In such cases, the locksmiths must forge the key, or the ignition must be changed again. Then the dealer is unable to help.

Can a Jeep Wrangler Key Be Replaced Using the Jeep’s License Plate?

Car keys

It varies on the year the vehicle was manufactured and the kind of key you used. Also, the VIN helps retailers or an automobile locksmith to get the key code on record. It enables them to make you a new key by code, which would be a fast and simple process. 

Therefore, there are two factors to consider here:

  • If the jeep is older than 10 years, Jeep suppliers will no longer have the key card information. Then you will need to depend on automobile locksmiths to get a new key.
  • Automobiles have a microchip system or a keyless entry that should give the codes. You must tow the automobile to the dealer or hire any locksmiths to make you a key.

Key Programming for a Jeep Wrangler

There are several Jeep keys, including some that need programming while others do not. All transmitter microchip keys or the smart key fobs must be programmed. This method requires the use of specialized programming technologies that can be obtained only from automated dealers. Non-transponder keys don’t entail programming.

All Jeep Keys are Split Into 2 Categories:

  • The Non-transponder key requires no coding.
  • For Transponder keys, you need to code these keys. These keys need the help of the dealers or an automobile locksmith.

Non-Transponder Jeep Keys That Don’t Require Programming:

The Jeep non-transponder keys P1585/Y256, P1849/Y175, P1379/Y146, and P1897/Y158 don’t need to be programmed. Since they’re not made out of metal and don’t include a microchip.

In fact, Jeep transponder keys that require programming will necessitate the assistance of the dealers or car locksmith.

These controller keys, programmed keys or keyless entry, and transponder keys have a security microchip. Programming is an essential task for coding any remote key.

Particularly, it’s basic programming the usage of a specialist key. A jeep locksmith or dealer should perform it.


How Can I Replace My Jeep’s Missing Key?

A locksmith can create you a new key if you lose your old one. In rare circumstances, a locksmith may not be able to assist with an uncommon or older jeep. You may need to purchase the new ignition switch cylinders and keys from the dealership or a separate service company.

Can I Duplicate My Jeep’s Key?

The dealers can do it. A local locksmith may be able to do it for less. When you have three keys, you can make duplicates and code them manually, but you need at least one working key to do so.

How Can I Change the Key Fob for My Jeep?

Insert a thin flat driver into the gap of the jeep key at the location of the keyring attachment. Just use a wrench to pull apart the key fob’s joint. Change the battery and replace it with a fresh CM2323 battery.

What Is the Cost of Reprogramming a Jeep Key Fob?

Reprogramming often costs around $75 to $350, while it’s difficult to provide an estimated budget. Here are several elements that might influence the pricing. Fob Type: Programming smart keys with a microchip (PRID), remote activation, or other additional features is often more costly.

Does Insurance cover Jeep Key Replacement?

Notify the insurance provider or firm within 15 days of the key’s damage or loss. Replacement keys can only be sent for damaged or lost keys. If the keys are taken, the whole set of locking locksets of the jeep should be replaced.

Final Note

You may be likely to lose the key. Or you may lose it while driving or off-tracking and enjoying life when the backup set of jeep keys goes missing. Regardless of the cause, many drivers find themselves in a position in which they have misplaced the key to their Jeep. 

As it is among the most important components of the jeep, it can’t be overlooked if you lose the key or if you need a replacement. Thus, you must stick to the methods outlined here in this article for the problems.

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